Top 15 Lucrative Distribution Business Ideas To Start 2023

Last Updated on September 10, 2022

Distribution Business Ideas

No manufacturing business can work in a stable state without the distributors doing their job, there’s some form of division of labor and if a part goes missing, the weighing balance drops to a side and won’t straighten till the parts are harmonized.

Distribution business is a profitable business you can start even if you’re not a manufacturer and it contains less risk and requires low capital investment to begin, in a way, you could distribute more than one commodity and that’s the variety of the business.

15 Lucrative Distribution Business Ideas

Below is a list of distribution business ideas for 2023 that will prove lucrative.

1. Auto Spare Parts Distribution

With the growth rate of automobile companies around the world, the auto spare part distribution business idea seems like the best idea to venture into, you’ll have companies, shops, and individuals reaching out to you for spare parts if you begin.

2. Bakery Products Distribution

Aside cooked foods, baked foods are the most sought after, loaves of bread in the morning, cakes for dessert, hamburgers for lunch etc you can’t run out of people to deliver goods to with  this distribution business idea.

3. Agricultural Product Distribution Business

Some countries and individuals are going full time into agriculture and it’s like the new trade that is paying at the moment. Any distribution business idea in this sphere will rank and you’ll make crazy profits from it, plus you would only need to distribute apparatus like pesticides, arm equipment, irrigation supplies, seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, growth promoters and more along this line.

4. Crockery Distribution

Crockeries include cups, jugs, coffee mugs, dinner sets, trays, bowls, etc and are used almost everywhere, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and at home. Crockery distribution business id a is not a bad choice as there are now several brands you could work for amazing pay.

5. Dairy Product Distribution

Diary products are needed everywhere, in bakeries, at home, in eateries, in industries etc and this distribution business idea is one of those that pays the most, as butter, egg, milk, yoghurt, cheese ate some of the essentials most homes can’t do without.

6. Building Material distribution

With the rate of urbanization, everywhere is slowly turning into some scene in movie and this means more money to real estate Realtors and the company and of course, to you as the building material distributor.

7. Car Accessories Distribution

Some of the items you may have to work with in this distribution business idea are: air freshener, dent remover, seat covers, mobile accessories, car lighting, etc. Good thing is this business is easy to begin and wouldn’t demand too much on your pocket.

8. Laboratory Equipment Distribution

Government and private organizations send laboratory equipment from time to time to hospitals around the country and some of these equipment you will have to distribute usually include, digital weighing machine, testers, petri dishes etc.

9. Leather Products Distribution

Men and women appreciate attractive leather items, from bags to shoes, to wallets, purses, belts, gloves, wristwatches, leather robes etc, the list is endless. So, if you’d considered this as a distribution business idea, do not drop it, it is lucrative.

10. Medicine Distribution

Aside food and clothings, medicine is a do without and is one of the most profitable distribution business idea you could ever come up with. However, pharmaceutical companies choose distributors from different zones so you will have to identify with one to do the distribution for them.

11. Lubricant Distribution

There are different types of lubricant for different engine types and lubricants can be distributed across different parts in the automobile industry from  petroleum to chemical industry, industries etc.

12. Organic Food Distribution

The demand for organic foods is slowly beating the demand for processed foods globally and some countries are endeavoring to produce more to tame the raging demand and you could walk in like the hero, saving the day..

13. Paint Distribution

The good thing about this distribution business idea is that paint companies are springing up so you can have a host of alternatives to choose from, you could decide to work as a distributor for one paint company and not the other which makes this a good idea.

14. Perfume Distribution

Perfume and deodorant production is on the rise now, this is a basic skill nearly every teenager learns these days most of whom lack the basic skills for distribution. This distribution business idea is the easiest to start, you don’t need a car, all you need is the perfume and deodorants and you could distribute them to shops and hotels, and places that need them.

15.  Gift Items Distribution

Gift items generate huge revenue and people send gift items and cards every day making it the perfect distribution business idea to venture into in 2023.

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