Top 8 Lucrative Craft Business Ideas To Start 2023

Last Updated on September 15, 2022

Craft Business Ideas

Craft businesses have been for ages, and are one of the trades that are weaved into every culture. It kind of bears the uniqueness and tells the story of different people, cultures, and heritage. I know people who only make crafts for leisure but if you’re skilled at any crafts, then, you can harness and monetize your skill if you want.

Crafting is buying its way into civility, people now design crafts to suit occasions, individuals, and places, and if you are gifted with crafting you can make a living with any of these craft business ideas that will be listed below to earn cool income using your hands.

Craft Business Ideas

1. Knitting

Knitting is a craft business idea that involves turning threads into pieces of fabric by forming loops that are pulled through each other. This can be done by hand, with needles, or by machine. Starting a knitting business could be one of the lowest investment businesses to start especially if you’ll be focusing on creating simple and smaller items like mats, hats, and potholders, you could sell those quicker and earn lots of profits before moving on to larger budget items.

As you knit, you could advertise what you do via social media, or your friends and family could spread it by word of mouth. You could knit on demand with different patterns and designs or you could design your own knitting patterns and sell them along with an instruction manual.

2. Printmaking

Printmaking involves printing designs on blankets, apparel, tapestries, laptops, phone cases, yoga mats, stickers, mugs, pillows, etc. People are constantly trying to decorate their accessories and this is where you could come in, you might consider this craft business idea if it’s what you do. You may decide to go traditional, by that I mean to employ the designs that interpret your culture or any other culture or stick to framed wall art.

3. Jewelry Making

No one can deny the fact that jewelries have a way of enhancing people’s beauty and appearance, which is why it is one of the most sought-after items. You may decide to make yours using beads, precious and semi-precious stones, charms, metals, or leather and resin, try it out with family and friends, and ask them for feedback to know where to improve. From there, you can worry about branding, designing, and marketing your creations.

4. Revamp old furniture

Revamping is a way of turning old and frail items into almost new-looking items. This is a craft business idea anyone with the ability to give life to lifeless accessories like hair, chairs, tables, etc can start up.

The materials to purchase for each work will depend on what you are trying to revamp, you may need to purchase a few sprayers, paints, brushes, and other accessories and to up your skills, you may have to watch a few YouTube tutorials while you improve with each job offer you get.

5. Gift baskets

Since individuals, companies, and new set-up businesses are continuously in search of gift baskets for their customers, you can make this your business if you are skilled at making gift baskets. This craft business idea might require a little more income and creativity, say, you could theme each gift basket job according to the occasion, for example, baby shower, back to school, wedding, birthday, bachelor and bachelorette party, graduation, induction, etc.

This business also demands that you think outside the box so you could design baskets for certain food or beverages, like a fruit basket, an all-chocolate basket, or a basket that is sourced from local businesses.

6. Floral designs

Floral designers don’t only create flowers vast and bouquets, they may also be responsible for adding a touch of green to scenes and events, stores, restaurants, exhibitions, and homes. If you’re already a popular Floral designer then you could just upload your work on social media, however, if you are only starting, it wouldn’t hurt to start out at a friend’s party or family reunion and let them do the broadcast for you.

You might consider taking up floral design classes to learn how to display and blend different types of plants and flowers to suit that occasion.

7. Ceramic

This craft business idea has been in vogue for ages and in some countries, it is not only a source of revenue but also an exhibition in their museums. You can begin your ceramic business in your house, that is by turning your house into a studio with a sink, clay, kiln, and glazes, and you may need or may not need a pottery wheel. However, if you are skilled at making ceramics, why not try your hands at it? You can’t tell how beautiful your work could turn out.

8. Greeting card design

I was always looking forward to greeting cards for Christmas and New year celebrations, then it all disappeared as it went into extinction but what if you were meant to bring back lost designs? You could create greeting cards plus if you’re a pro with words, you could print your designs with the message using an inkjet printer and then have it printed out at any local printing press. This craft business idea is sure to make massive returns because a lot of people are looking forward to greeting cards again.


Crafting is an amazing skill anyone would love to learn but if you’re already skilled in crafting, it’s no use hiding your gifts covered in a bushel, let it shine. You could make money doing what you love to do best, from your hobby.

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