16 Companies Working From Home Permanently in UK

Last Updated on January 21, 2024

Are you looking for a flexible remote job in the UK but don’t know which companies are employing? That shouldn’t be a challenge for you anymore. Here are 15 companies where you can work from home permanently in UK and earn a good income.

I have been working as a content writer for over 6 years but never stepped foot in an office. I have always worked either from home, in a café, or a co-working space. I have never met most of my clients, they have never met me either but we can exchange my services for money successfully. This is the reality of remote jobs and there are millions of people across the world working just as I do.

With the direction the world is headed, I think that the need for remote workers will continue to climb higher. So, don’t think that it is a trend that will soon pass or that you can never find one. I will be listing all the companies you can work from home permanently in the UK, doesn’t matter if you are in the UK or somewhere on the other side of the world. This article will help you find a company in the UK you can work with permanently and earn in pounds, one of the highest currencies in the world.

Working from home is becoming more and more popular. Some successful startups today launched and were successful without even having a physical location. All their products and services were built online. All meetings are held online. Contracts were signed and sealed online. And the people engaging in the success of these activities were all remote workers.

Even recently, some companies with physical locations are closing up shop and going remote which contributes to the high demand for remote workers to work full-time or part-time. Also, as more and more tech startups are launching, there is even more need for remote workers. Let’s not forget freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr too, where there are millions of remote jobs.

As remote work is quickly becoming the norm around the world with many job seekers interested in only remote roles, as a result, there are many companies started offering remote roles. Today, there are millions of companies across the world with remote roles, therefore, it can be challenging knowing where to look and narrowing down your options if you are looking for remote work opportunities especially if this is your first time.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of companies working from home permanently in UK. These companies are based in the UK and offer remote roles to those residing in the UK and outside the UK.

Companies Working From Home Permanently in UK

Here, I have rounded up companies in the UK that are regularly posting job listings advertising remote roles and have been hiring remote workers. To make your search for remote jobs in the UK easier, use this list for proper navigation.

The companies to work from home permanently in UK are:

1.     BAE Systems plc

BAE Systems is a multinational arms, security, and aerospace company based in London, England. The company also provides products and services in systems integration and electronics, engineering and manufacturing, information technology, and homeland security.

BAE offers a couple of remote positions as security testing consultants and people partners. You can also contact the company to find out which remote roles are available aside from the ones I listed.

2.     Strava

Strava is a sports performance company that prides itself in employing remote workers. The company also takes pride in diversity, which means, it ensures that its workers are from different parts of the world. So, if you are a professional data analytics specialist, you can seek for open remote positions on Strava and apply to work from home. Take a look at their open positions here.

3.     Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a giant telecoms company in the UK providing broadband, TV, landline, and mobile services. Such a company is already expected to offer remote roles and hire workers remotely and they do not fall short of that expectation. Take a look at the open remote positions at Virgin Media here.

4.     BCD Travel

If you have a qualification and/or experience in travel and tourism, there are remote jobs from BCD Travel that you can apply for. The recent available remote roles are client technology product support specialist and operation supervisor. But, of course, you will have to check the BCD Travel career website and other social media page like LinkedIn and X to stay abreast with remote roles that are popping up.

BCD Travel is a travel management company that plans cost-saving travels for individuals, groups of people, and companies.  

5.     Unilever

You can work from home permanently in UK by applying for remote job offerings open at Unilever. This is one of the most popular companies known for manufacturing consumer goods. The company has over 127,000 employees worldwide working remotely and on-site.

Common openings for remote jobs at Unilever are data science manager, customer business manager, supply chain innovation intern, and product manager.

6.     Canonical

Canonical is a company based in the UK that offers services in enterprise, engineering, and consumer services to meet the needs of its clients. The company employs more remote workers, and therefore, makes it an ideal place to search for remote job openings.

Canonical has open remote roles in product, sales, web & design, administration, project management, legal, marketing, support engineering, commercial operations, and people. Check the Canonical website here to find roles that you can apply for.

7.     Transport for London

Transport for London has been recognized for excellent remote team opportunities, offering salaries ranging from £27,000 to over £55,000 per year. Transport for London is a local government body responsible for the transport system in Greater London, England. Take a look at their open positions here.

8.     Ceros

Ceros is a tech company that offers an interactive, cloud-based content creation and publishing platform that enables designers and marketers to create engaging content without the need for developers. Due to the type of services that Ceros offers, this makes the company a remote-first employer and an ideal company to work from home.

Ceros has open remote positions in product design & management, finance & operations, customer success, Ceros talent community, and sales, marketing, and software engineering.

9.     Thomson Reuters

Although Thomson Reuters is a Canadian-based company it has many job positions for remote positions in London. The company is a multinational information conglomerate, although not fully remote, gives you the flexibility to work from home when you choose to.

Thomson Reuters offer remote and hybrid job roles in senior manager, EPM consultant, product support associate, technical business analyst, senior DevOps engineer, lead software engineer, and many more that you can find here.

10.  Deel

Deel offers a service that allows businesses to manage their teams from all around the world. The platform is built to fulfill HR tasks like hiring, firing, and paying contractors and employees across the globe. Deel has a wide range of open positions most of which are remote. These open remote roles are in the departments of communication, core business, customer success, customer support, data, engineering, finance, and expansion operations.

I recommend that you visit the Deel career site to stay abreast of open roles.

11.  Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s leading companies and they have an abundance of open remote positions for UK residents. That is, the roles are remote but tailored for residents of the UK. Amazon offers a range of jobs such as cloud computing engineer, data analytics specialist, web developer, and customer service. But of course, you can always check the website to find other open remote roles in the UK.

12.  Frontiers Media

This is a publishing company based in Lausanne, Switzerland but has other offices in the UK, Spain, and China. The company publishes peer-reviewed, open-access, scientific journals. If you are in the UK or outside the UK, there are available remote roles in the company that you can apply for. There are open roles in proofreading & editing and public relations officer.

13.  IBM

IBM is another giant tech company known for offering a variety of remote working opportunities some of which are reserved for only UK citizens. The company offers a wide range of remote jobs ranging from software engineering to marketing. Take a look at their open positions here.

14.  Vodafone Group

Vodafone is a giant telecommunications company based in England with remote workers scattered across the globe. The company offers several work-from-home positions such as PA, SCRUM master, data analyst, and marketing campaign specialist to name a few. Take a look at their open positions here

15.  Salesforce

Salesforce is a leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) software. Their services enable them to offer varieties of remote jobs and if you are in the UK looking for a permanent job you can work from home, then you may want to consider Salesforce. Click here to see their open positions.


Looking for a job, whether remote or on-site is not a walk in the park, prepare to do a lot of research. Explore the open remote positions at each of the companies listed here and apply to a role that fits your work experience. You may also contact the company via email or phone call to inquire about open positions.

Lastly, stay glued to their social media pages, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. Companies looking for remote workers always post open positions there.


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