Top 10 Best Colleges With No Application Fee 2023

Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Colleges with No Application Fee

College students pay an average tuition fee of $15,022 at public colleges and $39,173 at private, non-profit universities each year. Trimming off excess expenses is essential to keep your academic dreams alive. You can begin by applying to colleges with no application fees.

Many colleges require an application fee to cover the postage, processing, and review of admissions forms. Paying for applications is similar to betting because there’s no guarantee the college will even accept you. Steering clear of hefty fees can help you apply to a wider reach of schools.

This article highlights the top 10 colleges with no application fee to simplify your admissions process. Prospective schools were narrowed down based on accreditation from one of the six regional accrediting bodies. Then, determined which accredited universities had remote programs available 100 percent online. Having at least five online programs were required to qualify. Next, we focused on schools with good reputations in the U.S. News and World Report rankings. Affordability was a major consideration, so online colleges with average graduate tuition over $20,000 on the n52 were nixed. We also factored in selectivity, flexibility, online technology, and teaching awards.

Top 10 Best Colleges with No Application Fee

1. University of Dayton

Founded in 1850, the University of Dayton is located in Ohio’s sixth largest city as an accredited, private Marianist institution of over 11,200 students. The U.S. News ranked Dayton as America’s 108th-best college with the 25th top online graduate teaching program. UD’s Online Learning Division offers small, asynchronous classes for 14 degrees. Online students apply to the M.S.E. Educational Leadership, M.S.E. Music Education, M.S. Engineering Management, and more for free.

2. Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is a private, non-profit research institution educating over 13,500 students with Jesuit values from Missouri’s second largest city. Ranked 96th nationally, SLU has the 106th best online bachelor’s programs according to the U.S. News. The School of Professional Studies grants 11 degrees and 15 certificates fully online without an application fee. Online offerings include the B.S. in Aviation Management, RN-to-BSN, M.S. in Applied Analytics, and M.A. in Organizational Development.

3. Loyola University Chicago

Accredited by the HLC-NCA, Loyola University Chicago is a private, non-profit Roman Catholic university with six campuses for serving more than 15,000. Noted for America’s 79th best online bachelor’s degrees, LUC is crowned the 99th best school by U.S. News. Since 1998, Loyola Online has expanded to seven bachelor’s completion and 21 graduate degrees. Popular programs include the B.A. in Applied Psychology, MSN in Health Systems Management, and M.S. in Information Technology.

4. Maryville University

Enrolling over 6,400 students, Maryville University is an accredited, private liberal arts institution located in St. Louis, Missouri, since 1872. According to the U.S. News, Maryville is the 161st best national university with the 110th top online graduate nursing degrees. Within the School of Adult and Online Education, 12 flexible programs are delivered 100 percent online. Applying to online programs like the B.S. Cyber Security, MBA, RN-BSN Completion and DNP is free.

5. University of Scranton

Nestled in Pennsylvania’s Lacakawanna River Valley, the University of Scranton is a private, co-educational Jesuit institution enlightening more than 6,000 learners. The U.S. News ranks Scranton as the North’s eighth top university with the 72nd best online MBA nationally. Without an application fee, Scranton offers entry into 14 online programs. Available online degrees include the Master of Accountancy, M.S. in Health Informatics, M.S. in Educational Administration, and M.S. in Human Resources.

6. Colorado Technical University

Named an NSA Center of Academic Excellence, Colorado Technical University is an accredited, for-profit polytechnic institution educating over 25,700 from Colorado Springs. The U.S. News recognized CTU for the country’s 63rd best online bachelor’s and 18th top online graduate IT programs. Online students can apply to 111 distance degrees for free. Great options include the B.S. in Healthcare Management, MBA in Global Leadership, M.S. in Cybersecurity Policy, and Doctor of Computer Science.

7. Indiana Wesleyan University

Initially the Marion Normal College, Indiana Wesleyan University is a private, non-profit Methodist liberal arts institution endowed for $107 million to serve over 15,800 students. IWU is the Midwest’s 30th best regional college and 12th top value school. Within the Adult & Graduate Division, students can select from 74 online, Christ-centered programs. Online degrees include the B.S. in Accounting, M.A. in Counseling, MBA in School Administration, and M.A. in Ministry.

8. University of St. Francis

Located in Joliet, Illinois, just 35 miles from Chicago, the University of St. Francis is a private, co-educational Roman Catholic institution serving around 3,300 faithful. Crowned the 36th best Midwestern College, USF has America’s 65th best online graduate business degrees. Students can apply to over 26 online programs and over 120 online courses for free. Accredited degree offerings include the BSBA in Entrepreneurship, RN-BSN, MSEd in Reading, and MBA in Finance.

9. Brescia University

Established by the Ursuline Sisters in 1925, Brescia University is a private, co-educational Catholic college located in Owensboro, Kentucky, to educate over 2,000 students. The U.S. News ranked Brescia the 50th-best regional college in the South. BUOnline offers distance learners access to 15 online programs without an application fee. Students could pursue the B.A. in Theology, B.A. in Political Science, M.S. in Teacher Leadership, or Master of Social Work online.

10. Chatham University

Chatham University is a private, doctoral-granting research institution located in the Shadyside district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to serve over 2,300. According to the U.S. News, Chatham is the North’s 53rd-best college with the 128th-best online bachelor’s degrees nationwide. Online applications are free to apply for Chatham’s 12 remote programs. Online learners may achieve a B.A. in Business Administration, B.A. in Psychology, MFA in Creative Writing, or M.S. in Infant Mental Health.


Many more online colleges will accept an application fee waiver request from students with limited financial means. Qualified learners typically must fall below income guidelines, participate in state welfare programs, receive reduced-price lunches, or be foster children. Your school’s guidance counselor can provide greater assistance with this waiver form to expand your college search. If you aren’t eligible, consider these top 10 colleges with no application fee.

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