CMA Kenya Salary Structure 2022 | How Much CMA Kenya Pay Staff

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CMA Kenya Salary

Are you looking at the CMA Kenya Salary Structure 2022? The Capital Markets Authority of Kenya, CMA is an independent government financial regulatory agency responsible for supervising, licensing and monitoring the activities of market intermediaries, including the stock exchange, and the central depository and settlement system and all the other persons licensed under the Capital Markets Act of Kenya.

Maybe you know very well about the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya, CMA but what do you know about the CMA Kenya salary structure? You don’t? Would you like to know about it? If yes, then you really need to read this article.

CMA Kenya Salary Structure 2022

Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is a government institution which is responsible for regulating the capital market in Kenya.The institution is among the highest paying government corporations and here are the salaries they pay employees.

We start with Front office positions.If you are lucky to get a job here,as Administrative Officer/Secretary, you will earn between Ksh 45,000-Ksh75,000 per month. The highest being someone who has stayed at the company for at least five years.

Another position which is common at the institution is graduate trainee. This position goes to fresh graduates who undergo training before they are absorbed into the system. The starting salary of a fresh graduate at the institution ranges between Ksh 75,000-Ksh120,000.

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CMA also employs actuaries, financial analysts, statisticians, auditors and forensic investigators. If you possess less than 3 years’ experience and you are employed for aforementioned titles,your starting salary will be Ksh120,000-Ksh180,000.

Junior managers at Capital Markets Authority earn between Ksh180,000-Ksh 250,000 while Managers earn up to Ksh 350,000.Directors and heads of departments earn upwards of Ksh450,000.

The most required skills include a degree in actuarial science, criminology and forensic science, bachelor of commerce, law, engineering, statistics, accounting, procurement and CFA.

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