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Looking for a way to register your company with CIPC in South Africa? The official CIPC registration portal is what you need. CIPC registration portal is a very user-friendly online portal. Here is all the information on how to access the CIPC registration portal, CIPC Registration Cost, Eligibility & Requirements.

CIPC Registration Portal

You may have heard of the Company and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa, but you know little about it. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because you are on the right platform to provide you with detailed information about the South Africa Company and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

What to Know about CIPC

The Company and Intellectual Property Commission, also known as CIPC is the government Department responsible for company registrations in South Africa. The CIPC head office is based in Sunnyside Pretoria in the opulent DTI campus.


The CIPC is responsible for the following functions:

  • Registration of Companies, Co-operatives and Intellectual Property Rights (trademarks, patents, designs and copyright) and the maintenance thereof
  • To disclose Information on its business registers
  • To promote education and awareness of Company and Intellectual Property Law
  • To promote compliance with relevant legislation
  • Efficiently and effectively enforce relevant legislation
  • Monitor compliance with, and contraventions of financial reporting standards, and make recommendations thereto to Financial Reporting Standards Council (FRSC)
  • Licensing of Business rescue practitioners
  • Report, research, and advise the Minister on matters of national policy relating to the company and intellectual property law.

What Companies Are Eligible for Registration with CIPC?

Since the introduction of the New Companies Act, no more new Close Corporations can be registered. The bulk of all new company registrations are (Pty) Ltd. This is followed by Non-Profit Companies and then Incorporations. NPO and Trust are not registered with CIPC but with the Department of Welfare and the Master of the Court respectively. Partnership and Sole Proprietors are not registered legal entities and therefore also not registered with CIPC.

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What Forms Are Required By CIPC for Company Registration?

CIPC is gradually doing away with manual applications and therefore fewer manual forms are required. In certain cases, manual application forms are still required especially if there is a similar proposed name such a franchise. The manual application form is a Cor 9.1. When CIPC approves the name the returning digital result is call a CoR 9.4. If the name is rejected then the form is called a CoR 9.5. You would then have to submit new names again in the hope of getting your names approved. The next form is Cor 15.1A also known as the Memorandum of Incorporation and the Notice of Incorporation Cor 14.1 and copies of your ID.

CIPC Registration Cost

You would first need to reserve a name. This will cost you R50 for each application made; assuming the first four names that are submitted and one is successfully approved. Once the name is approved and you have the CoR 9.4 then you can apply for the registration. The registration will cost you R125 if it is for a private company and R475 if it is for a nonprofit company. The amount will first need to be deposited into their account and reflect on your profile before you can make any submission, otherwise, the application will be kicked out and you will need to re-do it.

What Documents Are Required for Company Registration with CIPC?

The documents needed to register a company with CIPC would be identification; they only accept valid ID documents, both sides of the smart card ID or passport. No other documents are accepted, being a temporary ID or an asylum seeker document. Then, you will also need to sign the digital document provided after you submit the registration online. When you receive this digital document you will compile the Cor9.4 (name approval document), ID or passports for all directors (they also need to be certified), and the stamped and signed digital document. If someone does the registration on your behalf you will need to sign a power of attorney which allows them to do the registration. The requirements will stay the same, but they will need to attach the power of attorney, which must be certified as well as a copy of their ID, also certified. If any of these documents are missing your application will be rejected.

CIPC Registration Portal

Visit CIPC registration portal @

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