How To Check BECE Results In 2023

Last Updated on February 15, 2023

Looking for ways to check BECE Results? You’re in the right place. WAEC is set to release the 2022 BECE results on January 19th, 2023. You can dial *800*055# to get a BECE Results Checker and know if the results have been released.

Check BECE Results

Many students and guardians are asking themselves this question, but the answer is not yet clear.

The Ministry of Education has previously stated that the results of the BECE 2022 were written on October 2022 and will be released by January 2023, but so far, no further information on this topic has been released.

In this article, we are going to talk about when the 2022 BECE results will be released and some other tips.

Per WAEC rules, BECE results are released 90 days after the last paper. In this case, the 2022 BECE ended on 21st October 2022 so, WAEC is set to release the 2022 BECE results on January 19th, 2023. WAEC will release a statement a few days before the results are released or immediately after the results come out.

WAEC works from Monday to Friday which omits weekends so if they are to omit weekends from the 90 days as well as the Christmas holidays, then it means it can go further than January 19th.

But given that the time for SHS 1 students to go to school has come out, it is very likely WAEC will stick to the 90-day convention.

So, therefore, what candidates and guardians have to do is wait patiently for a released statement from WAEC on when exactly they will want to release the results.

In this Article:

  • How to know if the BECE results have been released
  • What to do when the results are released
  • How to check your BECE 2022 Results
  • What to do after checking your BECE results
  • What is the pass mark for BECE?

How to know if the BECE results have been released

When the results are released several news outlets will announce it. Also, if you are a regular social media user, you will also get to see the release statement from WAEC.

You can also follow the Ministry of Education’s social media accounts so that you get notifications on any announcement they make. Hopefully, when the results are released, you will be notified.

What to do when the results are released

When the BECE 2022 results are released, its now time to find your index number, buy your WAEC Voucher which includes the SERIAL NUMBER and PIN from any sales outlet, most internet CAFÉ or any WAEC office nearby and check your results online.

How to check your BECE 2022 Results

To check your BECE results, you first need your e-voucher which can be bought at any authorized outlet. You can also buy your voucher with your MoMo via SMS by dialing *800*055#. Now that you have your voucher, let us get to check your results.

  • Visit the WAEC results checker online portal:
  • When the portal opens, enter the index number which you used when writing your exams.
  • Select the type of examination (BECE).
  • Select your examination year (2022), Enter your date of birth (The one you used for your BECE registration.
  • Enter the SERIAL NUMBER and PIN on your voucher where it is needed.
  • Now, go through to make sure all information you have given is correct.
  • Click on submit and wait to see your results pop up in the next window.
  • Print out your results.

What to do after checking your BECE results

Now is the time to prepare for your Senior High School journey. With your results, you now know your fate and what to expect, whether you will be placed or not.

In Ghana, placement can come to you regardless of your results due to a poor system, therefore, don’t give up if your result is not good. You may not get the choice you desire but hopefully, you will get a placement.

What is the pass mark for BECE?

Previously, when free SHS was not yet in session, the cut-off point for BECE was aggregate 25. But with the new implementation, there is no exact cut-off point.

Although the results released each year are graded from 1 to 9 per subject, getting to be enrolled in an SHS is done using the candidate’s raw score.


We hope this article has helped by giving you an insight into when to expect the release of the 2022 BECE, how to check your BECE results, and what must be done after the release.

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