Top 15 Best Careers and Salaries in South Africa

Last Updated on September 28, 2022

Careers and Salaries in South Africa

Knowing the best careers and salaries in South Africa is essential to planning your future. Not only will you be told about the lucrative job market, but these career clips will help you understand what these jobs entail.

The following details about this list of careers and salaries in South Africa filter the top 15 highest paying jobs. The wages might differ depending on a candidate’s work experience. It is obvious that entry-level positions have a significantly lower income than the middle and expertise level.

Which career has the most job opportunities in SA? Most job opportunities are in IT, business management and finance. Others like engineering, architecture, sales, admin, office and sport are also sought-after fields.

Which career has the most job opportunities in South Africa?

The information technology, business, management, and finance sectors are currently South Africa’s most sought-after sectors. Sales, admin, office and sport and architecture and engineering are also sought-after fields.

In most cases, the media pays so much attention to the lowest-paying jobs in South Africa, while highlighting the country’s economic status and social injustice. Nonetheless, it is time to shift the focus by delving into details about the other side of the sphere.

List of Careers and Salaries in South Africa

This list of careers and salaries and descriptions pinpoints the jobs to venture into if you want to make a dime.

1. Judges – R2,500,000

Which career pays the most in South Africa? Being a judge in South Africa is one of the top earning jobs. The average judge in South Africa bags an annual salary of R2.5 million.

The chief justice of South Africa earns approximately R3 million annually, while the deputy chief justice earns R2.6 million. A constitutional court judge earns R2.3 million, while a high court judge fetches R1.9 million.

What is the best career choice in South Africa? Apart from law, you could consider a career in engineering, medicine or accounts. Alternatively, you could pursue a career in information technology.

2. Specialist doctor- R1,600,000

What is the best career to study in South Africa? Medicine is one of the most lucrative fields to venture into. It is more marketable if you specialize and become a medical specialist like a dermatologist or neurosurgeon.

Being a specialist doctor is one of the jobs that pay millions a month in South Africa. For instance, a neurosurgeon with 1 to 4 years of experience fetches an average income of R730,000 per annum. One with 5-9 years of experience earns R780,000, while one with more than ten years of experience fetches R2 million per annum.

3. Chartered accountant – R1,200,000

Being a chartered accountant is another one of the highest-paid careers in South Africa. The average annual salary of a chartered accountant with a working experience of 4-7 years is between R800,000 and R1.2 million.

A chartered accountant with entry-level experience earns between R550,000.00 and R750,000.00 annually, while one with mid-level experience earns between R800,000 and R1.2 million per year. A Chartered Accountant with ten or more years of experience earns between R1.6 million and R2.2 million.

4. Actuarial scientist – R1,100,000

Being an actuarial scientist is another job that pays the most in South Africa. On average, an actuarial scientist earns up to R1 million. However, going up the ladder to make this much requires more than academic excellence.

An entry-level position of up to 2 years fetches between R350,000.00 and R450,000.00 annually, while 4-7 years of experience earn between R500,000.00 and R800,000 annually. More than ten years of experience make between R1,200,000.00 and R1,700,000 annually.

5. Pilot – R950,000

It is a no-brainer that being a pilot is one of the top highest paying careers in South Africa. An entry-level position of up to 2 years of experience fetches you between R350,000 and R450,000 annually, and 4-5 years earn you between R500,000 and R800,000.

More than ten years of experience earn you between R1,200,000 and R1,700,000 per year. An experienced commercial pilot fetches an average annual salary of R950,000.

6. Lawyer – R850,000

Being a lawyer is another one of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa. The career’s relevance has stood the test of time despite the economic changes that have impacted most careers. Lawyers’ salaries depend on their level of experience and their speciality.

Attorneys are the highest-paid lawyers. On average, a well-paid lawyer earns R850,000 per year.

7. Management consultant – R800,000

The average salary of an entry-level management consultant ranges from R250,000 to R350,000. Experience of 4 to 7 years earns you between R550,000 and R800,000 per year.

8. Biomedical engineer – R730,000

Biomedical engineers have been instrumental in creating better and more advanced medical machinery that has made complicated surgeries easier. Their level of work means they deserve as much. On average, a biomedical engineer in South Africa fetches R730,000 per year.

9. Sales manager – R727,000

An early career in sales management earns an average annual income of R155,000, while a mid-level position with 5 to 9 years of experience fetches R317,000 per year. An experienced sales manager earns an average income of R727,000 per year.

10. Architect – R715,000

Being an architect is another high-paying job in South Africa. An entry-level architect with 1 to 4 years of experience fetches an annual salary of R277,000, while one with 5 to 9 years of experience makes R715,000 annually.

11. Petroleum engineer – R694,700

Petroleum engineers are responsible for designing and developing methods of extracting oil and gas from below the earth’s surface. This technical career would only mean one thing, a hefty paycheque. A South African petroleum engineer fetches R694,700 per year.

12. IT manager – R663,539

IT managers oversee computer and information systems. They are also responsible for planning, coordinating and directing activities within the organization. The average annual salary of an IT manager is R663,539.

13. Industrial engineer – R663,347

Industrial engineers play a significant role in the manufacturing industry. They work to ensure there are no inefficiencies in production processes. The average salary of an industrial engineer in South Africa is R663,347.

14. Financial manager – R619,240

Financial managers are instrumental in determining the financial health of organizations. They are instrumental in evaluating organizations’ growth. On average, a financial manager in South Africa fetches R619,240 per annum.

15. Plant manager – R510,348

A plant manager is in charge of production and manufacturing facilities. A plant manager’s annual salary in South Africa is approximately R510,348.

This is the list of the best careers and salaries in South Africa. However, it doesn’t include all jobs. We have selected the top 15 highest paying jobs in South Africa, but you can search for other places to work and enjoy earning good pay.

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