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Last Updated on June 4, 2022

This page contains information on how to access the Canvas Student Portal Login.

Canvas Student Portal Login

Have you been searching for the Canvas student portal or how to create a new account and log in to Canvas student portal account? This article shows you how to access the Canvas student portal to create an account and also perform other account related activities like login, forgot password, and other relevant information.

The Canvas student portal is the School-branded, internet-based platform known as “portal” owned, managed, hosted, and maintained by Canvas University.

This portal is created for the purpose of making it easy for students to easily access the school internet platform to perform some internet-based academic works.

Therefore, the Canvas portal is a personal and secured Website that gives parents, guardians, and students access to real-time academic statistics, which include; attendance, grades, assignments, schedules, etc.

Canvas online learning Network offers online courses that are taught by educators around the world. The Canvas Student Portal is powered by Canvas Network

This online platform is where students, teachers and even institutions can connect get their own online course.

How to Login to Canvas Student Portal

For any Student, Teacher, or institution to Access Canvas Portal, such must create an account first. If you have an existing account, then follow these steps to log in.

But if you don’t have an account yet, then skip to the next step to set up your own account  following the outlined steps below:

There are two easy-access links as follows

  • Go to or
  • Type in your Email in the upper space
  • Type in your password in the second space.
  • You can tick the “Stay signed in” button and you won’t have to type in your Email and password when next you want to log in.
  • Finally, Tab on “Log In” to access your portal
  • If you have missed or forgotten your password, then follow these steps to retrieve it.

Login Instructions For Students:

  • Log in with your username for example, ‘Leo’ (without and mySMCCD Portal Password.
  • If you are a new student and have not setup mySMCCD Portal Password, visit the First-time login tutorial page.
  • If you are having trouble with logging in, visit the mySMCCD Login Support page for more support contact information.

Login Instructions for Faculty and Staff:

  • Log in with your email username ‘Leo’ (without and email password.
  • If you forget your password contact your dean or contact us at You may also contact the ITS Help Desk or by submitting a Help Desk ticket at

How to Retrieve Login Password

  • Go to the Canvas student Login page.
  • Tab on “Forgot Password?”
  • Enter your Email and your the link to change your password will be sent to the email
  • Tab on “Request Password” To complete your retrieval.
  • Go to your email and tab on the password reset link to input your new password.

How to Create Canvas Student Portal Account

  • Visit
  • Tab on “Need a Canvas Account?” you will be taken to a page
  • Choose “I’M A STUDENT”
  • Fill in the form correct and tap on “Start learning” To complete your Registration.

Disclaimer: This website is not the Canvas Student Portal. But we only provide a guide to Canvas Student Portal Login so as to give students the ease of Logging into their student portal.

Thanks for reading! We hope the above information has given you the satisfaction you needed as regards Canvas Student Portal Login.

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