How To Write A Good Cancellation Letter (with sample)

Last Updated on August 15, 2022

Cancellation Letter

Cancellation letters are written for a variety of reasons which includes; cancelling of cable subscription, an insurance policy, a magazine subscription or peradventure you might want to cancel a business contract with a company, a loan or to cancel membership. You could also be in a tight spot or situation where you have to cancel or terminate a major event, such as dinner night, engagement party, wedding or large ceremonies. In writing a cancellation letter, using the right, firm and friendly tone, you can set a tone for achieving your aim of writing the letter regardless of the reason for the letter. A cancellation letter, as it’s popularly known as business correspondence, is required to be concise and very specific in stating the case and including action we expect to be taken for the purpose of the letter, and as such avoid any room for misunderstanding.

What is a Cancellation Letter?

A cancellation letter is a written document or note provided by one party in an agreement or arrangement to inform the other party of their decision to cancel either the entire or part of the arrangement they previously agreed upon. This document is kept as evidence and presented supposing any denial of the cancellation occurs in the future. Cancellation letters are of different types depending on the situation or event it comes to play, they include; cancellation letters for membership or subscription, for orders, for booking or reservation, for events such as wedding ceremonies, birthday or large parties, and contract cancellation letter.

When to write a Cancellation Letter?

Cancellation letters are for diverse reasons depending on the situation that warrants the cancellation, and they can be written after we make a purchase of an item or place an order, when there is dissatisfaction in any business transactions or agreement we previously consent to or it could be the cancellation of membership, a deal or a contract depending on the reason that necessitates it.

How to write a Letter of Cancellation?

The steps involved in writing a cancellation letter are:

  • Use formal business format: In writing a cancellation letter using a formal business standard or format is ideal for a cancellation letter. As it would enhance the professionalism of your letter. It comprises specific headings which include; your name, address, the date you composed the letter, and the recipient address.
  • Salutation: Use appropriate salutation for the recipient. It could be to a company, a family member or whosoever you are sending the letter to. You can say “Dear (include the recipient’s name).
  • Specify what you are cancelling: Here you state specifically the purpose of the letter, what you intend to cancel or what the letter is meant to cancel. Provide all important information and details on what the letter stands to cancel.
  • Apologize for any inconveniences: Ensure to apologize correctly when necessary to avoid misunderstanding, show concern and mean it. For instance, you may have planned an event and invited guests and dignitaries from far and near, who have gone out of their way in making necessary preparation prior to the event. Tendering an apology is necessary for such a scenario.
  • Include any final payment for the service: If there are any outstanding payments with respect to the services provided by the company or fees for the cancellation incurred, it should be included in the form of a check with the letter.
  • Request confirmation of the cancellation: In this section of your letter you could request the recipient of a confirmation letter on the cancellation. This is to verify if the cancellation has been effected. You could also request a refund if they owe you prior to the cancellation of the service before the intended time.
  • End on a friendly note: Ensure to end your letter in a friendly tone by expressing your gratitude and appreciation for the service rendered. The letter may have caused the reader to be upset so ending with a friendly tone and expressing warmth and positivity to sustain a rapport with your recipient, just in case you may need their service again in the future. You can end your letter by saying “Sincerely” or “Best wishes” and then sign.

A Sample Service Cancellation Letter

Joseph Smith

42 Udo Ette

Uyo Akwa Ibom State

July 22, 2022

Branson’s Restaurant’s

34 Nwaniba Road

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Dear Branson’s Restaurants,

I am writing to confirm that from next month August 1, 2022, I will no longer need the service provided by Branson’s Restaurants.

I have been happy with our business relationship and transactions, your swift response, dedication to service, and the tasty delicacies I always get each time I place an order and I would like us to part on good terms. I will be leaving town as I’d be relocating to another state to start a new job and a new life I would really miss all your delicious delicacies.

I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused, as I am aware of your dedication and willingness to meet your client’s desires and expectations when it comes to rendering service.

I have enclosed a check for #200,000 for the final payment of our contract which is to end on July 31, 2022. Please confirm the cancellation of my patronage by the return of mail.

Feel free to contact me via mail: or phone (09000000000) if you have any questions or concerns regarding my cancellation.

“Best wishes”

Joseph Smith.


Whenever we are cancelling a previous agreement or arrangement, be it a contract, subscription, or party, always ensure it is done peacefully, and avoid any form of misunderstanding in other to strengthen and sustain a good business relationship with your recipient hopefully in future whenever the need for one call. Ensure the letter is written according to specific and appropriate details and information. And also ensure to give the notification on time and express gratitude for the previous service rendered.

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