Canada Fund for Local Initiatives 2023 Application Form

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Last Updated on April 26, 2023

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives 2023

The CFLI is a program designed to support small-scale, high-impact projects in developing countries, which align with Global Affairs Canada’s thematic priority areas for engagement.

The program is directed at projects conceived and designed predominantly by local partners. Projects are selected and approved by the relevant Canadian embassy or high commission. The CFLI also serves to support positive bilateral relations between Canada and recipient countries and their civil societies, by deepening contacts and supporting local endeavours.

Thematic Priorities

All projects must have a strong advocacy component and align with at least one of the following CFLI thematic priorities:

  • Environment and climate action, potential areas include: climate change adaptation and mitigation, coastal biodiversity protection, environmental conservation, and supporting sustainable practices of indigenous peoples.
  • Inclusive governance, including LGBTQ2 rights, democracy, human rights, and media freedom.
  • Gender equality, with a focus on supporting women’s political participation and combatting gender-based violence.
  • Peace & security, including upholding the rule of law at sea, and engaging women and youth in peacebuilding; and
  • Human dignity with a focus on combatting child sexual abuse and exploitation.


  • The average CFLI contribution is $30,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD$100,000 is the maximum allocation amount for a project eligible under CFLI).


Eligible recipients include:

  • Local non-governmental, community and not-for-profit organizations,
  • Local academic institutions working on local projects,
  • International non-governmental organizations working on local development activities, and
  • Municipal, regional or national government institutions or agencies of the recipient country working on local projects.

Selection Criteria

The Embassy’s CFLI Committee will select projects for approval based on an assessment of the following merit criteria. Proposals must be:

  • Relevant: The application should clearly describe how the proposed project activities are aligned identified CFLI thematic priorities, and how it will contribute to relevant advocacy and policy-making.
  • Effective: The application should clearly and precisely define the problem to be solved and how the project activities will help to address that problem. 
  • Realistic: The budget should be coherent and demonstrate clearly that the funds being requested will be used efficiently.
  • Sustainable: The products, services, benefits and/or impacts generated by the project should last beyond the period being financed by the CFLI.


  • Only those proposals using the designated application form will be considered.
  • The deadline for submission is April 28, 2023 at 23:59 (GMT+8).
    • Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered.
    • Proposals should be submitted electronically to the following email:
  • Proposals must be completed in English or French.
  • The CFLI application for funding form is only compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader: [Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) Project Application for Funding Form — Help: Opening PDFs on your computer].
  • Project proposals must explicitly answer all questions in the CFLI project application form, including the required gender-based analysis. The proposed project budget should summarize the proposed activities and associated costs.
  • Applications will be assessed for approval on their merits by a selection committee.
  • Due to the large number of applicants, only the successful candidates will be contacted.
  • Project applications are kept on file at missions in accordance with Global Affairs Canada’s information management policies.
  • All projects are normally expected to be completed between the date of signature of the Contribution Agreement and February 28, 2024. However, projects concluding on February 28, 2025, may also be considered, depending on the project objectives and the complexity of activities.

For more information, visit CFLI Philippines.

Deadline: April 28, 2023

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