Call Center Salary in UK 2022 | How Much Call Center Workers Earn in UK

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How much do call Centre workers earn in UK? Are you interested in knowing how much call center workers earn in the UK? Then, you have come to the right place. This article highlights call center salaries in the UK 2022.

Call Center Salary in UK

Are you thinking about what kind of career you will pursue? You may want to consider working in a call center. Call centers companies in the United Kingdom offer flexible working hours and often have remote work options.

Learning about the different telecommunications employers throughout the country can help you decide where you might want to work. In this article, we list the top 10 call center companies in the UK.

Call Center Salary in UK 2022

The average call center salary in the United Kingdom is £25,000 per year or £12.82 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £21,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to £38,740 per year.

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