Top 25 Lucrative Business Ideas In Virginia To Start (2023 List)

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

This list includes lucrative businesses you can start or invest in Virginia. You can also read about small business ideas in Georgia, UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

Business Ideas In Virginia

There are lots of small business ideas and opportunities in Virginia. According to a recent survey carried out by CNBC, Virginia was named as one of the top states for business.

So if you live in Virginia or you intend to relocate with the purpose of starting a business in Virginia, then it might interest you to go through this article as you will learn about some of the most lucrative business ideas in Virginia that you can start.

25 Lucrative Business Ideas In Virginia

1. Home Security Systems & Private Security Services

The demand for security services today in Virginia, as well as in the United States, is higher than ever. The most important business ideas in this area are: bodyguard security services, home alarms sale and installation, special event security services, firearms training and disaster planning and consulting.

2. Wedding & Event Venue

Many people preparing for a wedding or an important ceremony are looking for the most beautiful venue to organize their celebration there. There are already many wedding venues in Virginia, but few of them are really special. If you are able to create a wedding venue that looks like a fairy tale place, or is extremely elegant, or has a unique style (e.g. Italian style, Victorian style, ancient Greek style, etc.) then such a unique place will attract customers and be very profitable.

3. Virtual Assistant Agency

Virtual assistant agency is a great business idea if you don’t have a large initial capital. The whole business comes down to providing assistance and support services for the company’s customers. Such a business can be addressed to small or large companies but also to individuals who need an assistant. Examples of such an assistant’s work can be, for example, taking care of things like online shopping, collecting information for the customer and research, searching for products for the customer, making summaries and market analyses, etc.

4. Online Grocery Shop & Delivery

This type of business has gained in popularity especially in recent years. People for various reasons increasingly prefer to pay a few more dollars and get shopping straight home. This idea is especially profitable in big cities, but it also makes sense in smaller towns and villages.

5. 3d Printing Shop & 3d Printing Services

3D printing is becoming an increasingly important part of human life and has more and more applications. Therefore, more and more people want to use the services of 3D printers and also want to buy them and 3D printer accessories. The idea for the 3D business is also to print custom 3D designs, help design 3D objects, and create and sell 3D print designs online.

6. Online Tech Support

Candidates with technical skills are in huge demand. Companies need part-time tech professionals who can help their customers and in-office staff in case of any technical shutoff. You can offer these technical services remotely, where you will need to stay active for a fixed time to sort out the technical problems.

7. Pet Grooming

Pet-related services have a sizeable demand in the state of Virginia. If you are an avid animal lover or some sort of enthusiast, this business can be your favorite pastime. You can offer grooming services which will include other services via home visits or in a pet-grooming facility.

8. Outdoor Activity Equipment Renting

Virginia is popular for a wide range of outdoor recreational activities like skiing, whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. While visitors often are without any proper gear, you can rent out the equipment. Check this article for more renting business ideas.

9. E-commerce Business

Instead of investing in a retail store or pop-up shop, starting to sell something via a marketplace can be a lot better. Platforms like eBay, Amazon, Depop offer you an opportunity to sell products online with a huge potential market. You can either choose to dropship or outsource products to sell them via your own e-commerce store with Shopify or Woocommerce.

10. Start A Blog

If you love something, you can start a blog and write about it. Like how to invest money in hedge funds, or how to have a successful business from home. You can help others do something. Choose a niche topic, buy a domain and start writing. With post regular blogs for a few months, you can start to earn money with AdSense and affiliates.

11. T-Shirt Printing Business

T-shirt manufacturing is a major industry in Virginia. You can get your t-shirts manufactured at a cheap price and then offers customizable prints to start your own company with your own designs. You can have different designs for a set of categories.

12. Yoga Studio

People in the state of Virginia are now choosing yoga over the gym. Yoga is a popular alternative to gym and sports, Yoga lately has gained a lot of popularity among health enthusiasts. You can offer yoga services either by hiring an instructor or you can do a yoga course on your own to become a licensed trainer. Do work for a few days before starting your own studio.

13. Pest Control Services

You can also start a pest control service to help people get rid of rats, bugs and home different kind of pets from their homes.

14. Mobile dog grooming

Dog grooming is very important for maintaining a dog’s health but most people can barely spare the required time to meet up with dog grooming appointments. Apart from the time factor, some pet owners prefer to have their pets groomed at home so that they can personally monitor the process. This makes mobile dog grooming a very popular business.

15. Massage Therapist

You can also become a massage therapist. This is a business that you can start without a dime in your account. You only need to focus on advertising your services to as many people as possible.

16. Internet Researcher

Internet researching is also a trending business. It involves helping people search for information on the internet. Starting an internet researching business is very easy as long as you possess the required skills and knowledge.

17. Dog training services

Another business you can start in Virginia is a dog training business. Dogs need a lot of patience and skills to be properly trained and so many dog owners lack this skill. If you are someone who likes working with pets, you can start a dog training business.

18. Catering Service

You can also start your own catering business in Virginia. One good thing about catering business is that the profit margin is always very high as long as you know how to manage your resources efficiently.

19. Tax Consultant

You can also help individuals and business owners reduce their tax burden by becoming a tax consultant.

20. TV and Home Theater Installation

Television is like the cheapest form of entertainment that can be enjoyed without leaving the home. This is why almost everyone has a TV in their homes. You can start helping people install their televisions and home theatres for a fee.

21. Online Travel Agency

You can also start an online based travel agency that will cater to the travelling needs of residents of Virginia and other states.

22. Language Translation Services

If you can speak and write more than one language, you can make money from helping people translate documents or write speeches in other languages.

23. IT Security Consulting

Information technology has made life easier for us but there are some inherent risks that have to be guarded against. You can start an IT security consulting business to give advice and help people with securing their systems and IT procedures.

24. CV writing services

There are so many unemployed people in Virginia but most people do not realize the power of well written curriculum vitae. A good CV may get you more interview opportunities. If you are good with writing and presentation of information, you can start a CV writing business to help people write their CV’s in a professional way.

25. Recruitment Consultant

Another good business idea for residents of Virginia is starting a recruitment consultancy firm to help companies fill vacant positions with competent candidates.

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