2023 Bronx Cultural Visions Fund (Total grant of $30,000)

Last Updated on July 20, 2022

Bronx Cultural Visions Fund

The BCVF was created to support the live performing arts scene in the Bronx, by funding the development of new concepts and the production of new work.

It is open to Bronx-based individual artists, collectives, and nonprofit arts organizations working in theater, music, dance, or multidisciplinary forms. Grants are project-based, and will focus support on artists at emerging and mid-career levels.

Their definition of performing arts is work that happens live, in front of an audience. BCVF seeks to make significant investments in the borough’s performing arts community. Grants will provide a full spectrum of support, and Bronx Council of Arts (BCA) will develop long-term relationships with all grantees. Grantees will be required to participate in at least three BCVF cohort meetings during the one-year grant period. Applicants must be conceiving, generating, and/or producing the proposed work themselves; BCVF does not support curators, festival organizers, or presenters.


Two types of support are available:

  • Concept Development Grants will award up to $10,000 for developing live performance ideas or projects in their earliest stages.
  • Production Grants will award up to $20,000 for the realization of a new project.

Grantees on both tracks will be eligible for a $2,500 supplemental Professional Enhancement Fund grant, which can be used for skill-building, learning opportunities, or capacity-strengthening initiatives. For example, an organization might work with a marketing or fundraising consultant; an artist might work with an instrumental or dialect coach.


Individuals, Ensembles, And Collectives can apply if:

  • You identify as an emerging or mid-career performing arts practitioner;
  • You/the lead ensemble member is a Bronx County resident;
  • You/all ensemble members are 18+ years old;
  • You have generated/will be developing the concept or idea yourself.

Organizations can apply if:

  • You have been incorporated as a nonprofit for at least one year;
  • Your most recent annual budget is $250,000 or less;
  • You are located in The Bronx, with a Bronx mailing address;
  • You are the entity producing/developing the performance.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Is the project stewarding cultural heritage, innovating, sharing a new perspective, or probing/pushing boundaries? Is there a compelling vision or original voice?
  • Is technical expertise, skill, and/or ingenuity evident in the work samples?
  • Are the outcomes achievable? Are the plans realistic?
  • Does the project represent a new direction or growth for the applicant?


The BCVF application process consists of two stages: submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI), and then if invited, submitting a full proposal. You can submit your LOI in written or video format.

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For more information, see guidelines and visit BCVF.

Deadline: August 1, 2022

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