Boost Mobile Account Sign Up and Login Portal – Activate My Account

Last Updated on July 11, 2021

Boost Mobile Account Sign Up and Login – Are you having difficulty signing up or login into your Boost Mobile account? This article is created to show you how to use the Boost Mobile Platform to create an account and also perform other account related activities like login, forgot password, and other relevant information.

Boost Mobile Account Sign Up and Login

Boost Mobile is a wireless telecommunications system used by two distinct autonomous firms in Australia and the United States. Boost Mobile was initially established in the year 2000 by Peter Adderton in Australia.

It is operated by Boost Tel Pty Limited in In Australia, using the Telstra wireless network, where as in the United States it’s operated by Boost Worldwide, Inc., a Sprint Corporation branch.

Create Your Boost Mobile Account and Pick Your Plan

Just before starting to use a boost device, there are few things you need to do and that is, you must set up your service with Boost Mobile and this can be done using  your phone’s serial number (MEID) you can find the(MEID)  printed on a sticker inside the battery compartment. Below is the process to follow to create an account a boost mobile account;

1. From your computer, visit

2. Insert your phone’s MEID and click “start activation process”.

  • Your phone’s MEID (serial number) is printed on the sticker located on the back of your phone in the battery compartment. This number can also be found on the bottom panel of the phone’s package.

3. Follow the remaining instructions to choose your plan and select a payment method.

4. Follow the activation instructions below and you’ll be able to start using your phone.

Take note that you can also activate by phone by calling 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848) from any other phone.

Activate Your Boost Mobile Phone

Just after you’re done setting up your account on, just turn your device on. Your device is designed to activate automatically. If perhaps you’re changing from another Boost Mobile device to a new one, make sure to turn off the old device before swapping the serial number (MEID). Once the MEID swap is done, turn on the new device and the programming info will be pushed to your device automatically.

Manage Your Boost Mobile Account

To Access information about your account, You can:

  • Check your minutes.
  • ReBoost® (add money to your account).
  • Change plans.
  • And more!

From Your Phone

Access account info and other self-service tool from Boostzone

Simply dial directly for access to some other information:

  • Dial #2ABC, 2ABC, 5JKL (#BAL) to check account balance.
  • Dial #2ABC, 3DEF, 3DEF (#ADD) to make a payment.
  • Dial 6MNO, 1∞ 1∞# to launch BoostZone or call Boost Customer Care (depending on your Settings) to get answers to other questions.

From Your Computer

Log in with your wireless phone number and account PIN at

From Any Other Phone

Boost Customer Care: 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848).


Boost Mobile makes it easy to add money to your account. You decide exactly how and where you want to pay. Keep your account active by using your phone and adding money to your account.

Paying via Cash

Find an Authorized Re-Boost Retailer near you. Pick up a Re-Boost Card or recharge for as low as $10 at the register, where available.

Pay Anytime with a Credit/Debit Card

Dial (# 2 ABC, 3 DEF, 3 DFF) to add money from your phone or visit My Account at to do it online. Securely register your credit/debit card with Boost for more convenient one-time payments or to set up easy Auto Re-Boost payments.

Set Up Worry-Free Payments with Auto Re-Boost

It’s  a more easy  way to make sure your account stays on and  in working condition . Use a credit card, debit card or bank account—whichever way  best for you.

Visit to get the details on all your Re-Boost options.

Resetting your Boost mobile password

STEP 1: Request via a text message with your PIN number from the Boost Mobile website. Load the Boost Mobile My Account page and hit on the link that reads “Forgot your Account PIN?”

STEP 2: Type your ten-digit Boost Mobile phone number in the field titled “Wireless Phone Number.”

STEP 3: Sign in to the Boost Mobile My Account page using your mobile phone number and your current Boost Mobile PIN.

STEP 4: Click the “Account Security” tab on the top of the My Account screen.

STEP 5: input your new four-digit PIN in the “New PIN” field and re-enter it in the “Re-Enter PIN” field.

STEP 6: choose the account security question that you want to answer the authenticate the change. Choose the question from the drop down menu.

STEP 7: Answer the security question by typing it in the “Security Answer” field.

STEP 8: hit on “Submit” to confirm the PIN number change. The change will takes instantly.”

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