How To Write A Happy Birthday Letter (with sample)

Last Updated on August 11, 2022

Birthday Letter

Birthday’s are anniversary celebrations of the day on which an individual comes into existence or the day he/she is been created. It exhibits the remembrance of one’s creation day and also serves as a reminder of how far one has gone on the journey of life and enhances a reason to be thankful to our creator for the bestowment of life. Due to that effect, it’s of no doubt a special time of celebration as it doesn’t happen every day but once every year. Writing a birthday letter is an exceptional way of letting the celebrant know how special they are and how much value you attach to them. A Birthday Letter allows you to be more personal and allow you to express exactly how you feel. It is a tool for expressing our heartfelt expression to the celebrant.

What is a Birthday Letter?

It is a note written by an individual to someone or a loved one who is celebrating their birthday. The tone we use when writing a birthday Letter depends on the natural relationship we share with the recipient. They could be family members, close relatives, colleagues or workmates, clients or customers, a friend, and siblings. Irrespective of whom we are writing to, a birthday letter conveys a positive and joyous message to the recipient.

How to write a Birthday Letter

  • Give your warmest congratulation: This involves congratulating the celebrant on the special event in this unforetold life, which isn’t assured or guaranteed. Nevertheless, the celebrant has made it into seeing yet another birthday call for celebration of such achievement. You could include some humor if you both share a close relationship.
  • Share your birthday wishes: Expressing your wish to the celebrant is the next thing in your letter. The letter has to be genuine and truthful, as such avoid overdoing it with excessive insincere praise or accolades. Rather, write a sincere and genuine birthday message to share your heartfelt wishes.
  • Share your history with the celebrant: This section involves you highlighting the history between you and the celebrant. It involves stating what they mean to you or how much you value them and everything you have been through together to create the bond between you and the celebrant.
  • Closing: Ensure to be friendly when writing a birthday letter, avoid being too serious, and instead make use of a more friendly tone. It’s a birthday wish which calls for celebration, so avoid souring their mood on such a special day. You can close your letter using an informal remark such as “Can’t wait to see you” or “can’t wait to party with you”.

Why is writing a Birthday Letter important?

Birthday letters are important because:

  • It allows room to express our care and love to the recipient.
  • It allows us to express how much we value and respect the recipient of the letter.
  • It creates a sense of belonging and affection in the receiver.
  • It helps to create and build a relationship of mutual trust, respect, and connection with the individual. For instance, for a business owner dealing with numerous clients, sending them birthday wishes can help in building and strengthening their business relationship as it creates a sense of feeling loved.

Sample of Birthday Letter to a friend or loved one


Duke Simon

12 Clifton Road


July 10, 2022



Dear Friend,

I want to take the time out to express how I value and cherish your commitment and selfless dedication to our friendship to where it is today. Despite me not being the easiest of friends to deal with, you stick around and condone all my excesses.

All these have been possible because you’re always on the lookout and want the best for me. It’s really adorable and remarkable to have such a wonderful personality as you in my world for you’re such a rare gym.

You have made me a better version of myself through your constant and relentless motivation.

As we celebrate you today on this special day I wish all your heart desires come through, and many more years to come in sound health and prosperity.

Yours Truly,

Duke Simon

Sample of Birthday Letter to clients


Bola Ege


Delight Bakery

34 De Wet Road               

Bantry Bay

September 27, 2021


Joseph Precious

10 De Wet Road

Bantry Bay

Dear Precious,

From the Manager at Delight Bakery, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday!

May this day be a day and days ahead be filled with joy, happiness, hope, peace, prosperity, great health, and uncommon breakthrough in every aspect of your life. As a prestigious customer of our product line, we are also including a complementary pack of our tasty and delicious pastry specially baked for you on the occasion of your birthday!

Please accept it as a token of love and appreciation to you as our reputed customer!

Bola Ege


In writing a birthday letter, ensure that the letter is written in a manner that touches the heart of the reader. To make it memorable, you could include a personal tone when necessary, add humor and show your excitement for the event. Be conscious of the tone you use and be aware of the relationship you share with the recipient, this serves as a guide on what to write and not to write in a given situation. Use nice words and avoid being formal with close family or loved ones (you could include memories and stories you share with them). But, when it involves colleagues or business clients using a formal tone is more appropriate.

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