2022 List Of Best Cars With Self Driving Features

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Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Best Self Driving Cars

The world today is highly globalized and there are lots of inventions that emerge due to innovations and vast technologies of which self driving cars are part of this wave. In years back, the concept of inventing cars with self-driving features appears to be unimaginable. But with the aid of adoption of technology, nowadays we have completely autonomous vehicles that are readily available at our disposal.

If you’re interested in get a self-driving car or perhaps you’re fascinated about cars and you don’t have any idea about the brand or type of self-driving car you may want to buy. Worry no more for you’re in the right place.

 In this article we shall be looking at the best cars with self driving features you might desire to purchase. But before then let’s briefly dive into characteristics features of self-driving cars. Stick around to have a better insight.

Characteristic Features Of Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are autonomous and robotic vehicles with technology that allows them to move safely with less human effort. Through the utilization of several types of sensors that aids these cars to be environmental conscious. Self-driving cars have divers’ sophisticated features which includes the following:

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication

This is a feature o by which information about the speed, position and also the distance of the surrounding vehicles, is communicated through wireless means. The technology supporting V2v communication allows vehicles the ability to send and receive Omnidirectional messages and develop an all-round consciousness of other vehicles in proximity.

Lane-Keeping Assist

Part of the features you can get from the best self-driving cars is lane-keeping assistance. This feature which works best on dry and clear roads helps to keep vehicles in their appropriate lanes through the use of marking and lines on the side of the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is also known as Dynamic Cruise Control. It is a high form of cruise control that works to slow down the speed of the vehicle and automatically keep a steady pace with the vehicle in front of it. This feature works to prevent collision.

Hands-Free Capability

Hands-Free Capacity allows users of the best cars with self-driving features to operate these cars without any human effort.

Traffic Jam Assist

This feature which is generally a low-speed version of Adaptive Cruise Control can be seen as an extension of the Adaptive Cruise Control that tries to maintain the set of speed while considering other vehicles.

Blindspot detection

Blindspot detection which is categorized into the passive and active blindspot, is one of the essential technologies that provides an all-round electronic coverage around a vehicle regardless of its speed. It tracks traffic behind and alongside the vehicle.

Rear Cross-Traffic Assist

This system just like every other system that features in a self-driving car, helps drivers in reversing out of a perpendicular parking spot when there is an interference with their rear view. This system generally uses two mid-range radar sensors in the rear of the vehicle that measure and interpret the distance, speed and the expected driving path of vehicles that were detected in cross-traffic.

Reverse Park Assist

Reverse park assist system helps a driver of one of the best cars with self-driving features to detect when an object is in blindspot of the vehicle. The system also works to prevent accident during reverse packing.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

This is an automatic feature that operates under an automatic computers controlled braking of individual wheels that help in providing control in critical driving situations. This feature becomes effective when the driver loses control over the vehicle.

Automatic Braking

Similar to the technology in existing automatic emergency breaking sensors, self-driving cars also utilize same technology to protect the vehicle from colliding with other vehicles, animals, or pedestrian and in cases where the impact in inevitable, the system slows the speed thereby reducing the severity of the impact.

With that being said and with no further ado let’s now dive into the list of best cars with self-driving features.

10 Best Cars With Self Driving Features

1. Tesla Model S

Ranking top on our list of cars with self-driving features is the Tesla Model S. Tesla is a car company that that specializes in putting self-driving technology on the map. This car is an excellent choice when it comes to luxury hybrid and electric cars depending on what you seem it to be. Tesla Model S also has almost an instantaneous acceleration with a superb handling, including an outstanding driving range of up to 400 miles.

2. Cadillac CT6

If you’re looking for cars with self-driving features, Cadillac CT6 is also one of the best cars with self-driving features you can buy as luxury. The car has a well-insulated interior system that prevents road noise from seeping into cabin. The car while in motion has the ability to maintain its speed, distance with other surrounding cars, and sticking to its intended lane of travel.

3. Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue is suitable for relieving daily driving stress. This car which has a simpler approach in self-driving features has a self-driving technology of Nissan that is called ProPilot Assist. In this type of self-driving car, the driver is required to have a hands-on steering wheel. The autopilot drives in corners but on a sharp bend, the care returns back to default drivers control mode.

4. BMW X7

This German largest SUV automaker’s, which falls under one of the several models with a hands-free parallel packing support, including traffic jam assist is also one of the best cars with self-driving features. This feature works at speed below 40 mph and it’s aimed to minimize the stress of heavy traffic. BMW X7 has the ability to maintain its lane position and come to a halt if the traffic ahead comes to a stop.

5. Infiniti QX50

If you desire a self-driving car with Nissan’s ProPilot Assist system in fancy packing, the Infiniti QX50 is the perfect choice to consider. The car has several safety features such as automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, rear cross-traffic alert, forward and rear collision alert, and lot more. In other to use ProPilot Assist efficiently as the system controls speed, breaking, and lane guidance, the drivers are required to keep their hands on the wheel.

6. Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 is another car brand with self-driving features that has reputation when you want to consider safety. It has a hands-on system which operates at speeds up to 80 mph.

It also has the ability to maintain speed, distance with other cars ahead, as well as sticking to its intended lane of travel. it reflects a warning alert if the driver’s hands are not on the steering wheel, which makes it one of the best cars with drivers assist.

 Volvo XC60, which has a 250-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine as a plug-in hybrid for those who prefer a jolt of acceleration is considered to be superbly designed and very comfortable.

7. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a technical powerhouse amongst the best cars with self-driving features. It has features such as reclining second-row seats, steering assist and automatic speed limit assist, night vision that assist in spotting objects and animals that the normal headlights might not capture to prevent accident, a 26-speaker Burmester stereo massaging seats, and quad-zone climate control, a self-driving technology called Car-to-X system, which enables vehicles to communicate to each other and send warning about any potential road hazards or slippery road conditions.

8. 2022 Toyota RAV4

If you are looking for an affordable car with self-driving features that has a surprising number of safety features such as standard equipment the Toyota RAV4 is the perfect choice to consider. The car is designed with automatic emergency braking, forward collision signal, lane departure alert, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, lane tracking assist, recognition of traffic signals rearview camera and automatic high-beam headlights.

9. Subaru Outback

This vehicle has exceptional features that make it a top-notch when it comes to the best cars with self-driving features. Subaru Outback offers exciting features such as smooth transition, driver distraction monitoring, adaptive headlights, reverse automatic emergency braking, and a front-view camera.

10. Ford Fusion

An affordable car with self-driving features that has a smart cruise control and a forward collision warning detecting system and self packing system is the Ford Fusion. The car also has lane and brake assist that allows the car to maintain its lane on the highway and gentle curves without the driver’s assistance.


Although, some of these cars may still require your hands on the wheel while a few others allows you hands off the wheel in certain circumstances. There are lots of cars with self-driving features aside the list of best cares with self-driving feature considered above. In as much as other self-driving cars are being added, we picked the best cars in terms of adaptive cruise control, lane maintenance and cars that has the ability to come to a halt from a high speed. We hope the list guide you in making the perfect choice of luxury of your dream car.

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