Top 10 Best Places To Live In Hungary

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Last Updated on October 3, 2022

If you long for a famous city with a golden nightlife, full of luxury and attractive culture. Hungary has always been a popular destination for everyone. In this article, we will look at the best places to live in Hungary. But before that, let’s consider some interesting facts about Hungary. Keep reading for more information!

Interesting Facts about Hungary

These are some of the interesting facts to know about Hungary. They include:

  • Hungary has won more than 465 Olympic medals
  • The oldest country in Europe is Hungary, and was found in 895.
  • One of the oldest universities in Hungary is the University of Pecs and was founded in 1367.
  • August 20 is the Hungary national day join with St. Stephen’s Day. The National day is to commemorate when Hungary was founded.
  • In Hungary it is considered rude to clink your beer glasses
  • Hungarian language is truly unique
  • The first foreign fast food restaurant Hungary was won by Mcdonald’s
  • In Hungary you can’t name your child unless it’s approved by the government
  • Hungarian alphabet has 44 letters
  • Hungary’s highest mountain is the ‘Kekes’ with 1,014 m/ 3,326 ft.

Basic Requirements To Live In Hungary

The basic requirements are;

1. Visa.

2. Application form.

3. Copy of national identification card.

 4. Copy of Passport.

5. School reference {education purposes}.

6. Marriage certificate, with notary approval.

7. Work and bank reference.

8. Accommodation.

9. Medical certificate.

10 Best Places To Live In Hungary

Here are the 10 best places to live in Hungary, they include;

1. Budapest

Budapest ranks as the first most famous city in the world, also one of the best places to live in Hungary. Being the capital city of Hungary it has a lot of offers, it richness in history, culture, and architectures. It is a vibrant city that has everything one can expect from a modern capital.

 Budapest is an affordable city to live in and provides a bustling nightlife with loads of culinary delights. Transportation is easy and quite convenient. The most populous among the Hungarian cities, Budapest is an attracting economic hub of the country, the most populous among the Hungarian cities, With leading world-ranked universities, Budapest provides good opportunities in terms of Jobs, education and their cost of living is quite low.

2. Keszthely

Keszthely is located in the northwestern corner of Lake Balaton, on the shore of one of the largest lakes in Central Europe. The city is surrounded by forests and hills in the north, plains in the southeast and a lake. South of the city is Kis-Balaton (Little Balaton), a wetland that is part of the Zala River delta and acts as a natural water purifier for Lake Balaton. The swamp is especially known as a habitat for waterfowl and enjoys international recognition and protection as a nature reserve.

Keszthely is a small town with a lot of features from historic architecture and delicious cuisine. The city also offers beautiful historic buildings and great townhomes.

Some of the most notable attractions there are the Festetics palace and the Balaton Museum. It is the second largest city by the lake and one of the more important educational cultural and economic hubs. Due to its favorable location and accessibility by road and rail ways, Keszthely and the surrounding area is a preferred holiday destination.

3. Debrecen

Debrecen is the capital of Hungary’s Northern Great Plain region. And the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest, with a distinguished cultural center in the country, the economy of Debrecen is mainly health, financed by agriculture, and educational enterprises.

The University of Debrecen and Debrecen Reformed Theological University are among the top in the country, it offers old religious sites and is home to some classical museums. And provides vibrant lifestyle filled with good food and beautiful views. English is one of the common langue uses internationally and the city has a buzzing nightlife. It offers old religious sites and is home to some classical museums.

4. Eger

Eger is a country of history castles and extravagant buildings, located in the Northern Hungary. It’s a beautiful small town, full of things to do and places to visit. Above the city is the Eger Castle and the city itself is full of small markets, calming Turkish Baths, and beautiful vineyards that make some high quality wines and food, with a cheap cost of living, with Bukk National Park nearby, anyone would enjoy living in this city.

 Eger is one of the most reasonable towns to live in Hungary. The city is a major tourist destination with many shades of entertainment. Being a popular tourist capital, the business in Eger is dominated by the tourism industry.

5. Szeged

Szeged is commonly known as a sunshine country, with a pleasant weather. And also one of the best places to live in, it’s the third largest city of the empire; located in the center of the Southern Great Plain region of Hungary, Szeged is the most affordable and perfect place to live in Hungary.

The educational system is quite cool, free primary and secondary education, with the standard, University of Szeged being one of the most distinguished universities in Hungary and a growing worldwide reputation. A country with charming and buzzing nightlife; streets are full with lively cafes bars and restaurants. Once here, make sure to pop into the; Votive Church, the Bridge of Sighs, see the stunning Szeged Synagogue and explore Szechenyi Square.

6. Pecs

Pecs is located in the southwest of the country is one of the gorgeous cities in Hungary. This country has the most convenient transportation routes in the country, which is also an important element of doing business there. City is famous for its numerous drawing in hordes of tourists each year, and archaeological sites. The University of Pecs, the oldest in Hungary is among the first universities in Europe

The town is pretty lively with Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art, Király Street and Pécs cathedral are three must-see spots when strolling around the city.

7. Gyor

Gyor is one of the main regional centers in the country, the sixth-largest city in Hungary. The city is among the best places to live in Hungary. Located in northwest of Hungary, A country with an excellent business environment, numerous multinational companies well established.

 Gyor also accounts for major educational hub with a rich choice of sports and extracurricular activities. The city is constantly experiencing development which works perfectly next to the ancient monuments across the city.

8. Sopron

Another pleasant country with so much luxury, Sopron is located near the Austrian border at the northwest region of Hungary. Sopron is one of the cities in Hungary, a great city to explore. Besides its beauty, Sopron is a wine producing country. The city is grounded with ancient Renaissance and Baroque architecture that makes the city unique space to live in; Hungary has low level of crime, making it a safe city for solo travel.

9. Esztergom

Esztergom is the heart of all things with wealth of historical landmarks across the town not only that, Esztergom is also the historic capital of Hungary. It has an old picturesque town and a Museum of Christian Art, Museum with lunch at Koriander.

 Esztergom was the birthplace of the first ever Hungarian King, meaning it holds a very special history to Hungarians. Afterwards, make sure to pop over to see the Statue of King Saint Stephen. Being popular with tourists, it still has a bit of a buzz, but it is a quiet and pleasant place to live most of the year.

10. Szentendre

Szentendre is a calm place to live in while in Hungary. It’s also known for its baroque architecture, colorful houses churches and narrow, cobbled streets. For those who love cycling, this is the perfect place for you as the Danube also serves as a long cycling road that goes all the way to Budapest and beyond.


Hungary is an exciting country that homes some of the best places you can live in. No matter what the reason may be for your visit, be it for vacation, honeymoon, work or other specific purpose as the case may be, the list of the 10 best places to live in Hungary will serve as a guide to assist you in making the best choice of place for exciting experience.

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