Top 10 Best Places To Live In Croatia 2023

Last Updated on October 10, 2022

Best Places To Live In Croatia

If you’re searching for a better place to live overseas, in terms of living conditions such as cost of living, safety, and the likes, Croatia is the best place to consider.  Croatia is filled with rich history, lots of luxury, and pleasant climate. It is also a country of survivors from foundation, with geographical and cultural amenities.

Here, in this article, we shall look into the best places to live in Croatia. Keep reading for more Information.

Fun Facts About Croatia

1. Thrones game was filmed in Croatia.

2. Croatia money is named after a rodent.

3. Croatia is the world smallest empire.

4. Croatia has beautiful beaches that change shape after the wind.

5. Croatia people enjoy 2,715 hours of sunshine a year.

6. A Croatian person holds the biggest Guinness World Record of the white truffle.

7. In island of Brac, the most beautiful and famous beach is in Croatia.

8. In Croatia the waterfront is known as the Dalmatian coast.

9. The country Croatia is ranked 127th in the world when it comes to the size of the country.                      

10. The Capital of Croatia is Zagreb.

11. The Opulent of Croatia is 4.25 million.

12. Croatia won the biggest haul of gold medals in Europe, at the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio.

13. Croatia has the highest mountain in is the Dinara peak at 1,831 metres.

Things To Consider Before Moving To Croatia


Though it’s a small Empire, Croatia is one of the safest places in world. In terms of crime and violence, it’s quite rare in the country. Croatia ranked number one by the U.S department, in safety category. Traveler’s attacks are exceedingly rare too.

Cost of Living

Croatia is a small country, but their Cost of living varies depending on location and the difference there is in living costs between the north and the south of the country. In general price of things fluctuate based on your consumption requirements and also depending in the season. The country offers low costs of living, but in a high quality way.

Transportation is reasonably cheap, their Ferries to the islands are affordable and the buses cheap, the good part is that doing shopping at the local markets is incredible affordable.


Education is mandatory in Croatia for children at age 6 to 14 and also a right that is defended by Article 66 of the Constitution which states that everyone is entitled to free compulsory education under equal conditions and in line with their aptitudes. In Croatia, the educational system begins with preschools-kindergartens and a compulsory primary school which lasts for 8 years and usually from the age of 6 or 7. And upon completion of elementary6 school student can progress with their education, which is based on their grades in elementary school. It also has a four year non-compulsory secondary schools that are divided by the curriculum into gymnasiums, vocational (industrial, technical and trade) and art (music, dance, art) schools and also higher educational institutions, which include polytechnics, colleges, faculties and academies of art of which the enrollment is determined by a student’s scores on the Matura high-school exit exam.


In Croatia the health care standard is quite satisfactory, be it publicly or privatethe Croatian citizens have the full option to obtain health services based on their financial stability.

Basic Requirement To Live In Croatia

1. Valid passport

2. Visas

3. Bank account/credit card

4. Accommodations

5. Medical Certificate

Best Places To Live In Croatia

Here are the 10 best places to live in Croatia. They include;

1. Zagreb

Zagreb is one of the best places to live in Croatia. Located at Northern part of inland Croatia on the Sava River, and also the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb empire has the largest opulent of about 800thousand people. It is a famous city with amazing history that is quite appreciated by the Romans and wasdistinguished since in 18th and 19th-century Austro-Hungarian architecture.

The cost of living in Zagreb is surprisingly low, talking about their accessibility; the city is incredible place to explore how ever by foot or by their well developed tram system which can take you around anywhere you would like to tour. In Zagreb the crime rate is low that makes their night life amazing.

2. Korcula

Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, Korcula is known for its forests dense though not popular like Hvar,Brac and island country but it is one of the most treasured islands kingdom.

The city has luxury estates, sweet beach lifestyle, lots of events which include festivals, art exhibitions, folklore evenings, singing, dancing, music, fishermen’s evenings. There are also smaller towns and villages dotted around the island for those looking for a more secluded holiday.

3. Split

Split is the third best place to live in Croatia. It’s located in the peninsula, southern part of the country, Split is a popular tourist city, many expats visit during the summer which is usually July and August. The city has everything to offer like mountains, beaches, jogging trails, and even parks.

 Split is very peaceful during winter, the season you can explore their NYC’s Central Park, Marjan Park with deal crowds. Talking of transport, split has a good transportation system that runs around the city main area. The crime rate in split is quite low.

4. Dubrovnik

Is in the southernmost part of the Croatia, the city of Games thrones, over decade Dubrovnik has become so popular because of its association with game show the country makes up part of a vibrant tapestry of history. Foreigners, learn much about the entire area by simply paying attention to Dubrovnik’s culture and history.

In this part of the country scenes are filmed, and it is preserved well by the UNESCO World Heritage site that makes life in Dubrovnik quite expensive even with the standard of western European system, so being on a tight budget eating out is not is a thing to avoid. In the other hand renting is 76% lower, which helps keep Dubrovnik’s overall cost of living down.

5. Rovinj

Among the best places to live in Croatia is Rovinj, though at past was served as a fishing port, presently it has become one of the most famous country for tourists. The old town is located headland south of Lone Bay closer to pebble beaches. If you are a beach lover, then Rovinj is for you.

In Rovij you can move from place to place in less than half an hour, the city is easier to explore than even Dubrovnik and other country. You can eat as much as you want while in Rovinj they deal with different kind’s food in Rovinj’s restaurants with tasty and healthy snacks. Life in Rovij is peaceful and their cost of living is quite low.

6. Hvar

Located in the Croatian island in the Adriatic sea, Hvar is a famous city full with ferries connecting the town to several pakleni islands nearby. The country is quite small easily you can drive from end to end of the island in less than 90 minutes.

It’s a city that offers a mild climate, picturesque seaside, during winter the city is more tranquil and the locals get to hold their festivals and traditional celebrations while, during the summer, the island is filled with tourists. In general Hvar is a popular destination for tourist, safe and peaceful.

7. Rijeka

Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia. It is the main commercial gateway, seaport to the island and also the European capital of culture. The city’s economy largely depends on shipbuilding and maritime transport. And their modern urban center is well developed with beautiful and luxury markets along the coast.

Most of their expats are Italian, Rijeka has several private medical institutions, a couple with shopping malls, and an Italian secondary school as the expat presence is small and near exclusively Italian. The country always remains vibrant all year round with plenty of business, jobs, to see and do, including the beaches, museums, and historical buildings.

8. Pula

The largest, and the most interesting city, architectonically speaking, is Pula. The city of Pula is one of the oldest Croatian cities on the coast. Inhabited ever since the prehistoric times, Pula became an important Roman colony and port on the Adriatic Sea at the time of the Roman Empire. Until this day, the historical center of Pula houses several Roman buildings, all in perfect condition. Some of those are even among the best examples of Roman architecture in the world.

The country is also the 6th largest amphitheater in the world; Pula is also known for its fishing, gastronomic traditions, winemaking, and is quite an excellent place for remote workers to enjoy life’s pleasures.

9. Zadar

Zadar is located on the Adriatic Sea, The city is often dubbed the crown jewel of the Adriatic coast and it’s the most beautiful, and also one of the best places to live in Zadar. It’s the oldest community in Croatia. Though life here is always on the low, compared to other famous destinations, Zadar has a vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and incredible islands.

This city homes lost of restaurants, shopping malls, and clubs, that allows you  get the experience of living in a proper metropolis.

10. Osijek

Being the fourth largest city in the country, Osijek is the 10th best place to live Croatia on the list. With a population of over 100 000 people, it is also the economic and cultural hub of the region of Slavonia in eastern Croatia. Due to its history as a former Habsburg military base and its Hungarian heritage, Osijek is known for its pastries and cakes which attract lots of foreigners.


Croatia is a great place for people thinking about living abroad as expats, thanks to its beautiful beaches and rich history. Of course, like everywhere, there are cities in Croatia that are better than others in terms of living conditions, such as cost of living, safety, etc. I hope that the list of the best places to live in Croatia will help you make the perfect decision for an exciting experience.

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