Best Places To Live And Work In Switzerland: Top 7 List

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Best Places To Live And Work In Switzerland

Planning a trip to Switzerland? If yes, it is actually an excellent choice for Travelers and expats. Switzerland is one of the best and safest countries in the world with numerous cities and lots of opportunities to explore.

What Makes Switzerland A Good Place To Stay?

Switzerland which is officially called the “Swiss Federation” is a central European country, and is naturally beautiful with numerous lakes, glacier-carved Alps, and valleys. Being one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Switzerland homes some of the world highest profile organizations with others including; top industries, standard educational and health sectors, development transport networks, classic entertainment center, amazing towers and historic buildings. Switzerland progressive high-tech economy provides lots of opportunities for employments and stable living to meet up a desired life. It is one of the least corrupt countries in the world, and a perfect place with numerous cities for a work- life balance.

Best Places In Switzerland

1. Geneva

Geneva lies in the sourheast of Switzerland, and is second most populous city in the country which is beautifully preserved. The city is a host of some of the world’s highest profile organizations like the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization), International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. Genava being popular and diplomatic, has a large number of expats. It provides many of Europe’s best ski resort with other offers including standard education, world class entertainments, easy transport networks and lots more. Utilities like water and electricity are provided by the service industry or providers. The cost of living in this part of the country is quite expensive.

2. Zurich

Zurich is the largest and financial city of Switzerland. This city lies in the Northern part of the country. It is the center for banking and finance in the country with most financial institutions, banking companies, Swiss national museum and theatres likes Schauspielhaus Zurich which is regarded as the best German speaking theaters in the world. Zurich is one of the safest places in Switzerland, and it’s known for it’s lively entertainment, and luxurious shopping and famous ares for Night life. It is considered an ideal place for employments and the most expensive Swiss city.

3. Winterthur

Winterthur is Switzerland sixth largest city with a population of 110,000 inhabitants.This part of Switzerland has a lots facinating culture/ events.

 Winterthur is a High tech and industrial satellite city known for its high technological manufacturing sector. Due to the significant industries in this city, it offers great jobs. Rental cost and prices are noticably cheaper and affordable here.

4. Bern

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland with a population of about 144,000 in 2020, is located slightly west of the center of the country. It is a very cozy city with glaciers formed around the country side during most recent ice age. It is one of the safest city in Switzerland. It homes the Swiss parliament, federal buildings and the medieval clock tour.

5. Lugano

Located in southern Switzerland, lugano is a breath taking city providing exciting out door activities, including sports and sight seeing. Lugano has a stunning architecture and vibration cafe culture.

6. Zug

The quality of life in zug is really appreciated by expats due to the technology opportunities it. Zug is well known as a hockey town. It happens to be the city with a large number of crypto currency which includes Ethereum, Polkadot and Bitcoin Suisse. The city has a high security standard, educational and transport system. The cost of living in zug is minimal.

7. Basel

Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland with a very large population of students. Basel is know for it’s universities, developed industries like the pharmaceutical companies, and museums for tourism. It has thriving night life scene. It is one of the safest places with very low crime rates.

Some Qualities About Switzerland Cities

The qualities of a city are the most important thing a Traveler looks out for in determining where is best to base. Below are some of the qualities;

  • Safest city: The city of Zurich, Basel and Bern are the safest cities in Switzerland.
  • Most beautiful/ scenic city: The city of Lucerne is the most beautiful city in Switzerland
  • Warmest city: The city of Locarno is the warmest city in Switzerland.
  • Coldest city:  The Jungfraujoch is the coldest city in Switzerland.
  • Most expensive city: The city of Zurich is most expensive city in Switzerland with an average daily cost of $201 per person.
  • Cheapest city: The Canton of Uri is regard as the cheapest city in Switzerland with cheap accommodations and standard of living.
  • Most technological city: The city of zug is the current most technological city in Switzerland.
  • City with a higher level of employment or job offers: The city of Zurich is known to be the economic power house of Switzerland. (Banking and finance are the best industries in Switzerland).
  • Best speaking English city: The city of Geneva has the highest proportion of English speaking inhabitants and a large number of expats.


Switzerland is one of the safest, richest and most beautiful countries in the world to have an amazing and comfortable life, and this quality of life is determined by the right choices on where to base.

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