Best Places To Live And Work In Sweden

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

Best Places To Live And Work In Sweden

Have you ever thought of exploring or relocating to Sweden? The thought of moving to Sweden is quite interesting, but knowing the best places to start up a new life, business or career is what makes it satisfying. Here is what you may want to know before your visit.

What Makes Sweden An Interesting Place To Live?

In terms of industrialization, Sweden is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Being the fifth biggest countries in the world, Sweden has beautiful cities with good infrastructural buildings, great job opportunities, excellent health care sectors, modernized educational systems, good transport systems, and wonderful natural attractions for tourism. It is no surprise that one may choose to relocate to Sweden because of the people’s civilized culture and good public services which promotes a good work- life balance.

Best Places To Live And Work In Sweden

1. Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden situated in the southeast of the country, and was founded in the 13th century. It is the most populated city is Sweden with a populations of about 1,679,000 people, having over 30% as foreigners. Stockholm is ranked one of the most beautiful, rich, and fastest growing city in Europe, because of it’s high ranking museums, universities, banquet hall,art gallery, and industries. The city is environmentally friendly and is open to innovations. Stockholm is he most expensive city to live in Sweden which makes the cost living there quite high.

2. Gothenburg

Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s city which is smaller than Stockholm. The city houses the largest botanical garden in Sweden and has major industries like  Volvo. It has an improved educational sector having notable schools and universities, good transport systems, quality restaurant, markets  and beautiful carnals. Based on the cost of living in Sweden, Gothenburg is 11% cheaper than Stockholm and provides numerous job.

3. Malmö

Malmö is the third largest city of Sweden situated on the southern tip of Sweden. It has a good architectural sector which is highly developed, historical buildings and packs. Malmö is a  business free city with good housing and health care services. Based on the American model of group violence intervention, Malmö became the first city in Sweden to implement an anti-violence strategy in 2018.

4. Solna

According to swedish news magazine Fokes, it was published that solna was ranked the best place one would like to live in Sweden. The cost of living in this city is suitable and affordable with an estimated monthly cost of 3,183$ (32,540kr) without rent for a family. Solna provide thriving job opportunities, sites of attractions like the Haga Park Museum, Ulriksdal Palace, Filmstaden and lots more for it’s citizens and visitors.

5. Gotland

Gotland is one of Sweden’s city and largest island  surrounded by the Baltic Sea has a population of 58,595. The city is well known for it’s good agricultural activities with improved food processing industries and wonderful natural attractions which encourages tourism.


Sweden provides a lot of opportunities for having a better life, family, business or career. With its developed cities having numerous job opportunities, sites of attraction, and a quality standard of living, one could likely make a right choice on where to live in Sweden.

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