Best Places To Live And Work In Norway 2022

Last Updated on August 1, 2022

Best Places To Live And Work In Norway

Is your next big plan traveling to Norway? If yes, you might want to know the best places to settle or visit in Norway, or further know if the cost of living is affordable. Norway of course is a beautiful place to experience a better life. It is quite important that relocating to Norway requires a suitable place to settle for easy and faster adaptability. The cost of living in Norway is determined by its cities and lifestyle portrayed.

What Makes Norway A Suitable Place To Live?

It would interest you to know that Norway is one of the richest countries in northern Europe with a beautiful landscapes, mountains, ice glaciers, lakes, deep forested valley, rivers, Fjords, and  islands for tourism. Being rated as one of the fastest developing countries in Europe, Norway has an improved economical system which favours the people’s standard of living. It provides quality security standard with minimal crime rate, which makes  it one of the safest place to live in the world. Norway’s development has brought lots of opportunities for a great life providing good job opportunities, qualitative education, high security standard, perfect health care services, smooth transportation systems, and high class facilities for recreation or relaxation.

Best Places To Live And Work In Norway

Norway is divided into 11 regions with amazing cities one can ever think of settling in. Down listed are some of the cities;

1. Osolo

Osolo is the capital city of Norway situated in the southern part of the country. It is the largest and most populous city in Norway with a population of about 702,543 in 2022. Osolo is a highly economical city making it is the base of trading, industry and shipping in Norway providing so many job offers. The city is rated one of the safest and beautiful cities in Norway with amazing photographic /cultural tours, top class museums and innovative architecture, attractive coastal sceneries and over 20 theater. It has  developed transport systems passing through down towns and road tunnels, improved health care and educational systems. An estimated cost of living in Osolo for an individual per month is 4,427$ (43080 kr) which is quite affordable.

2. Bergen

Bergen is a Norwegian city with a population of about 285,900 people which is the second largest city of the country. The city of Bergen is located in the Southwestern of Norway and is surrounded by mountains and Fjords which makes it an attractive place for tourism and hiking. Bergen is said to have the largest sea port in Norway, and famous universities and museums. Bergen provides lots desirable amenities which includes standard educational syestems, good health care sectors, smooth transport systems, and job offers for a standard living. The cost of living in this city is lesser than osolo which is estimated to be 1183$ per month for a single person.

3. Trondheim

This city has a high level of technology and is regarded as the technological city of Norway. Trodheim is the third largest city in Norway which lies in central Norway on the Trondheim fjord. The Norwegian university of science and technology is situated in this city. It a developed and pleasant place to live which provides an excellent educational system / employment opportunities.

4. Stravenger

Stravenger is located in Southwestern Norway having a stunning nature and cozy atmosphere. It is the oil capital city in Norway with offshore petroleum industries. It also has other industral sector which includes agricultural and food processing industries. The availability of this industries provides lots of opportunities for employment. Stravenger has several parks, beach,music center, trendy restaurant for relaxation and excitements.

5. Tromso

Tromso  located in northern Norway, is the largest city in northern Norway. Economically, Tromso has the largest fishing port in Norway and one of the biggest area with beautiful historic wooden houses. It is amazing place to base in the winter and summer seasons because if it’s magical nature. Tromso ranked one of  the best places in the world to experience the northern lights for nature lovers. Tromso provides job opportunities which varies from special jobs to craftsmanship. The cost of living in this city is less expensive.

6. Kristiansand

Kristiansand is the fifth biggest city in Norway. The city houses the biggest zoo in Norway which is the Kristiansand zoo and amusement park. It is one of the safest cities to live in. Kristiansand also provides recreational centers for a perfect outdoor life. It is a very little lovely place for tourism in the summer period.

7. Fredrikstad

Fredrikstad  lies in Southeastern part of Norway, and is one of Norway’s most attractive and fortified City. It consists of seasides and agricultural areas. To having family friendly environment, this city is rated as one. The cost of living in city is relatively moderate.

What Is The Best Time To Travel To Norway?

Due to the climatic conditions and activities in Norway, it is best to know when to travel or settle in Norway. The best time to travel can be determined by traveller’s intension or activity. However, the best time to travel to Norway is in the month of june, July and August due to its favourable and temperate weather which is usually a great time for hicking, cycling and recreational or tourist activities.

Also, based on the historical flight research 2022, October is said to be the cheapest month to travel to Norway.

Norway is an amazing place for a good life and a beautiful country to explore due to its fascinating nature.

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