Best Places To Live And Work In New Zealand

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Best Places To Live And Work In New Zealand

Are you considering relocating to New Zealand? If yes, then you might want to know about its amazing cities and what it has to offer. Traveling to New Zealand could be an amazing lifetime experience. However, there are incredible things one could do or enjoy about this country.

What To Know About New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country with two main landforms which are the North and the south island located in southern Europe. It has a much more friendly and welcoming culture and as well ranked one of the safest countries to live in due to its high-security standard. New Zealand is famous for its unique and most diversifying landscapes, snowy mountains, islands, Alpine lakes, fjords, caves and forests, and great natural beauty, which makes it enticing for tourism and recreational activities. It is a rapidly developing country with a high standard of living, offering the best education, quality health care, standard accommodations, economic freedom, and lots more. New Zealand is a good place to live and work with an average salary of $48,000 depending on the employee’s qualifications and city lived.

7 Best Places To Live In New Zealand

1. Auckland

 Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand located on the north island. This city has a population of approximately 1.4 million people. It has a warm coastal climate. Auckland is a fantastic place to live for students and business owners. It has major and global industries providing exciting employment opportunities for a healthy work balance. It is a very busy city with various outdoor activities, incredible culture, and a very attractive location for ex-pats. The cost of living in this city is quite high.

2. Wellington

Wellington is the capital city and center of government in New Zealand. According to the Global liveability index (2021), Wellington is one of the most vibrant and liveable cities in the world. It renders numerous career opportunities for expats. It is renowned for its classic Cafés, restaurant, and adventures. Wellington is the center of the National opera company, world-class theaters, galleries, orchestra, and art foundation of the country. There are a lot of thriving industries, standard institutions, and comfortable accommodations in this area. It is a child-friendly city to raise children.

3. Christchurch

Christchurch is New Zealand’s second-largest city located on the southern island. It hubs notable institutions, parks, botanical gardens, galleries, and other recreation areas.  The city has top manufacturing and engineering industries with a great working area. During the summer and winter, people here engage in most outdoor activities like skiing and enjoying the long day on the beautiful Sandy beaches of the city, mostly outside working hours. It is a good place to live in especially for aged people. The cost of living in this city is approximately 10% lesser than in Auckland city.

4. Wanaka

Wanaka is a popular city in New Zealand located at the Northern end of lake Wanaka and is surrounded by mountains. It is an excellent resort city on the southern island of New Zealand. The city is economically based on the numerous outdoor opportunities it offers. In the summer, the city hosts lots of outdoor recreation and tourism and is as well a perfect place to experience the southern lights in the winter. Wanaka has an increasing number of cafes, trendy restaurants, and various nightlights life. The city is home to some attractions like the para disco Cinema and puzzling world. There are standard accommodations, offices, halls,s, and foyer provided by the city’s community service. Basic utilities here are easily accessible and affordable as well.

5. Dunedin

Dunedin is famous for being a student city due to its vibrant and friendly environment. It is the second largest city on the southern island of the country, with a population of about 105,000 people in 2021. The city’s economy centers on tourism, manufacturing, publishing, tertiary education, and technological industries. It is a safe place to live and work. This city of New Zealand has good and affordable public health sectors, transport systems, and the educational sector. Dunedin homes the university of Otago which is considered one of the most beautiful University campuses in the world.

6. Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui is a city in New Zealand with a mild sub-tropic climate. It has the best and most beautiful beach in the country and is rated among the top 25 beaches in the world. It has a renowned shopping mall – Bay fair center and is one of the best on the North Island of New Zealand. This city has developed industries like manufacturing and agricultural companies with working opportunities.

7. Napier

Napier located on the East coast of the Northern island is known to be the art deco capital and city in the world, which makes it an excellent tourist hub. There are lots of beautiful parks and gardens one could explore in the city.

What Are The Popular Industries In New Zealand?

New Zealand is a highly industrialized country with lots of opportunities. Down listed are some popular industries or sectors you could easily gain employment with;

  • Agricultural industries
  • Construction companies
  • Hospitality industries
  • Tourist sectors
  • IT companies


In a nutshell, New Zealand is rated one of the world’s most beautiful and accommodating nations. It is a perfect place to live and work. New Zealand’s amazing cities and beautiful culture drive every bit of boredom and expose you to express beauty of life.

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