Best Places To Live And Work In Singapore

Last Updated on August 20, 2022

Have you considered relocating to Singapore? Singapore is quite a small country with unique personalities and characteristics. It is a super modern city with the safe and best places one could consider living in. It is no doubt that many expats choose to travel to one of the best places in Singapore.

Best Places To Live In Singapore

What Makes Singapore A Good Place To Live In?

Singapore is an island City state in Southeast Asia. It is famous for its densely populated cities, high-quality living, and stable income economy which boasts a business-friendly environment for entrepreneurs. Singapore has an excellent education system with a high teaching and learning standard. It as well provides modern health care facilities and transport systems that are often clean, efficient, affordable, and safe. Singapore is ranked the first in Asia for an amazing family life experience, and one of the safest countries to live in.

How Safe Is Singapore?

Singapore is rated one of the safest countries in the world with records of low crime rates, a transparent legal system, and excellent or reliable security sectors. It is a very safe place to call home due to the friendly locals and rich culture. Wandering around most neighborhoods in Singapore feels very peaceful and safe.

Best Places To Live In Singapore

Singapore has some best cities and neighborhoods which include;

1. Jurong East

Jurong East is a beautiful city based in the western region of Singapore. It is a commercial center in Singapore that offers great career opportunities and businesses for employment. Here, you’ll enjoy easy access to world-class amenities and well-equipped modern facilities. Jurong East boasts multiple parks, reservoirs, clubs, restaurants, bars, malls, and cinemas at your disposal. This city is one of the most visited and the best places in Singapore.

2. Yishun

Yishun is a residential area located in the Northern region of Singapore. This city is known for its beautiful neighborhoods, good amenities, and community facilities. Yishun is a peaceful and comfortable place, especially for families. It is as well a nice place to work.

3. Butik Batok

Butik Batok is a city in Singapore that lies along the boundary of the Western part of the country. It is a densely populated city with self-sufficient places to live in which are beautiful, safe, and serene. Butik Batok is home to most hotels and recreational centers/ facilities.

4. Tampines

Tampines is known to be the third like largest residential city in Singapore. It homes commercial and industrial parks for businesses and tourism which is why it is mostly visited. This city has a smooth/clean transport network which allows for easy movements that link to other parts of the country.

5. Holland village

Holland village is one of the best neighborhoods and is a popular destination for young travelers. It is located in the central region of Singapore having some of the best schools and housing options for relatively affordable prices. Holland village is dominated by trendy bars, restaurants, and some specialist shops.

6. Woodlands

Woodlands is a residential neighborhood in Northern Singapore that offers a large variety of houses with green space for reasonable prices. It is a lively place well lit at night and diverse during the day. Woodlands have several educational sectors and we’ll maintain roads.

7. Thompson

Thompson is a very good and calm neighborhood in Singapore. There is a variety of shops, top-notch cafes, restaurants, and super spots for enjoyment and recreation. Thompson is mostly visited for its aromatic foods and attractive natural neighborhood. The cost of living here is affordable.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Singapore?

The living standard of Singapore is quite high. However, the cost of some basic amenities like food, clothing, public education, utilities, and transportation are relatively moderate.  Others like housing, maintaining automobiles and private education can be very expensive. The average cost of living in Singapore for a single person is $1,952 per month.

Which Skills/ Jobs Are Mostly Demanded In Singapore?

Singapore of course is a fantastic place with numerous opportunities to live and work. Although finding your dream job may be a bit difficult due to an extremely competitive market in the country. It is important that foreigners must be highly skilled to achieve an average salary in Singapore. Some jobs you could easily find in Singapore include;

  • IT staff
  • Skilled trade
  • Engineers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Drivers

Other jobs you can find but are well paid in Singapore are;

  • Chief financial officers
  • Clinical specialists
  • Logistics directors
  • Date engineers/ scientist
  • E-commerce specialists

How To Easily Find A Job In Singapore?

The following are means through which you could easily gain employment in Singapore;

  • Checking job portals
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Referrals or professional networks


Singapore offers numerous wonderful experiences, beginning from a good quality of life to countless opportunities for excellent work and social life. If you’re still considering where to stay, the list of these best places will give you a guide.

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