Best Places To Live And Work In Japan

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

Best Places To Live In Japan

Do you intend to move to Japan for a better life experience or for some reasons? Then you might want to consider some best places in Japan to live. Japan is a well-established country with a unique culture and modern technological cities offering vast opportunities that attract lots of travelers from other countries. There are other numerous things you might want to know about this country and its best places.

What Makes Japan A Good Place To Live In?

Japan is an island country in East Asia that lies in the Northwest Pacific Ocean. It is naturally characterized by numerous islands, huge mountains, bamboo forests, beaches, and fertile lowlands. Japan is one of the most populated countries in the world and is famous for its high advance technologies and amenities. Japan is mostly visited because of its beautiful clean cities, good economy, attractive culture, and incredible opportunities when it comes to entertainment and job offers. It is a well-functioning and safe country to live in.

How Safe Is Japan?

Japan is globally ranked the ninth safest country to live in. It is remarkable for having very low crime rates and conflicts which is partly dues to its cultural belief. It is generally a safe country to visit or live in, particularly in some of its cities.

Best Places To Live In Japan

Here are the 7 best places in Japan you might want to live in.

1. Tokyo

Tokyo is the largest and capital city of Japan. It is an international vibrant and modern city in the country and is obviously one of the best places to live in Japan. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Tokyo is rated a very safe city to live in. It homes international firms and lots of attraction sites. Tokyo is mostly loved by expats because of job growth / high-paying jobs, city life, and excellent public amenities. The cost of living in this city is relatively high.

2. Kyoto

Kyoto is known to be an island City that was once the capital of Japan. It is a famous cultural town that features numerous temples, palaces, shrines, and gardens. This city is a travel destination for many foreign tourists. It as well homes the Kyoto institute of technology which is one of the best universities in Japan in terms of architecture and design. Kyoto is uniquely beautiful and has a serene environment.

3. Osaka

Osaka is a port-based city and a major financial center in Japan. It is one of the leading Asian cities in international businesses. Osaka has a conducive environment for businesses and innovations. It is an ideal place for exciting nightlife and has some of the best street foods in Japan. Osaka is an excellent alternative city for most foreigners who can’t afford the cost of living in the capital city.

4. Nara

Nara is one of the best cities in Japan with interesting city life. It has a population of about 367,353 people. Nara is home to the Nara park, which is greatly treasured and visited by most wildlife tourists. It has a well-structured transportation system and other public facilities one could enjoy. The cost of living here is more affordable than in Tokyo.

5. Yokohama

This city is the second most populous city in Japan with a population of about 3.7 million people. Yokohama is a major business hub in Japan and a great place for foreigners interested in technological jobs. It is a good city to live, work and enjoy due to its affordability and healthy work-life balance. This city has a lively and welcoming culture making it incredibly safe for visitors.

6. Sappora

Sappora is a major city in Japan, popularly known for its culture, job opportunities, and amazing outdoor experiences in the winter. Residents of this city enjoy good public service/ amenities and secure environments.

7. Fukuoka

Fukuoka is the sixth largest city in Japan, and potentially one of the safest cities to live in. It is the perfect place for those seeking a relaxed and less affordable lifestyle. Fukuoka has a modern city structure and top-notch amenities for a comfortable life.

What Is The Average Wage/ Salary In Japan?

The minimum wage in Japan currently is 763.60 JPY per hour, while the average salary for an employee is approximately 130,000 JPY (19,963 USD). Changes in wages and salary depend on the field of career, qualification, and the city you choose to live in.

What Are The Best Jobs In Japan?

Japan is a great place to work. It has a well-developed market-oriented economy and a low unemployment level. Major industries in Japan with lots of working opportunities include;

  • Agricultural industries
  • Service industries – like telecommunication, banking, etc.
  • Petroleum/ mining industries
  • Manufacturing industries

What Is The Cost Of Getting An Accommodation In Japan?

The cost of getting accommodation in this country varies, depending on the city you choose to settle in. The monthly accommodation cost in a major city is $854.66 for 1 bedroom apartment and $1,959 for a 3-bed room apartment. However, the cost of getting accommodation is cheaper in smaller cities.


Japan is one of the most preferred places to live in the world. It provides a conducive environment of a comfortable life, family, business, or career. Make a choice now to enjoy a better residence in one of the best cities in Japan.

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