Best Places To Live And Work In The UK

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

Best Places To Live In UK

Planned on moving to the United Kingdom for business, career, or some personal reasons? Traveling to the United Kingdom usually could be a life-changing experience, especially in its best place. The quality of life gotten from these cities has rapidly made the United Kingdom a hotspot for many expats all over the world. Let’s consider some facts and the best places in the United Kingdom you might be interested in.

What Makes The UK Best Place To Live In?

The United Kingdom is an English-speaking nation located in Northwestern Europe. It is a lovely place to live in because of its quality lifestyle and courteous residence. It is arguably a very developed place and one of the safest nations in the world. It is characterized by spectacular landscapes, changing climate, a welcoming population, and beautiful cities. The United Kingdom has an excellent record when it comes to working life, environmental quality, economy, security standards, social engagements, education, health care, and employment opportunities. This country generally has a high living standard which is mostly dependent on its cities.

Best Places To Live In The UK

Down listed are 7 best places in the United Kingdom you might want to know and live in as well;

1. London

London is a thriving capital in the UK known for a great variety of lifestyles and countless professional opportunities. It is a large city and is obviously one of the best places in the UK when it comes to entertainment, art, fashion, education, health care, technological innovations, communication, transportation, and housing systems. London is one of the cores leading financial centers in the world and is remarkable for having the highest paid work sectors.

2. Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and is located in the heart of the country. The city has lots of affordable and serene places for expats to reside. This city has some enormous career opportunities and a growing business environment to have an exciting work life. Birmingham has remained one of the best choice places in the UK because of its high quality of life, education, health, and transportation around the city. It is also known to have some spectacular entertainment centers that can be explored at the weekends.

3. Manchester

Manchester is a lovely city located in Northern England filled with excellent architecture, arts, music, and performances. Being a dynamic metropolitan city, Manchester is one of the most prosperous cities with various work opportunities in areas such as finance, law, biotechnology, and digital media. The cost of living here is lesser than in other cities.

4. Oxford

Oxford is an England city that has an attractive landscape, small rivers, and scenic views. There are numerous beautiful parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and lots more for a thrilling experience. It is famous for having the most prestigious universities worldwide and being the ideal place for students who want to enjoy a quiet life while still accomplishing their academic goals. Oxford has a high employment rate due to major companies having their headquarters here.

5. Brighton

Brighton is a resort city in the UK that lies as long as the South coast of England. It is known for its gorgeous seaside and outdoor activities which give its residents the chance to explore. Brighton has major companies boasting employment opportunities for professional expats. The cost of living here is 36% cheaper than in London.

6. Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland in the UK is one of the fastest growing, and most innovative cities. Edinburgh is known to be one of the most diverse and multicultural cities. This modern city has earned recognition because of its standard educational level, flourishing economy, safety, and high level of employment.

7. Bristol

Bristol is a city located in the Southwestern part of the UK. This city has some of the best scenic views and captivating beauty. Bristol has a welcoming and eco-friendly environment safe and comfortable for visitors. There are various established businesses rendering job offers. The cost of living in this city is affordable.

What Is The Cost Of Living In The UK?

When it comes to the UK, the cost of living varies depending on the city you plan to live in. London is the most expensive city in the UK and you will need about $4700 monthly to finance a modest and comfortable standard of living. However, other cities are significantly cheaper to live in than London.

Finding A Job In The UK

The United Kingdom has a wide range of employment opportunities with numerous industries and service sectors across the country. The UK has an increasing demand for professional workers yearly.

Jobs you could easily find in the UK include;

  • Project manager
  • Delivery driver
  • Store manager
  • Customer Assistant
  • Software engineer
  • Store Assistance
  • Customer service Advisor
  • Sales Assistant

The Best Jobs in the UK include;

  • Java Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Data scientist
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Full stack engineer
  • HR manager/business partner
  • Corporate recruiter

What Is The Average Monthly Salary In the UK?

In 2020, According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the mean average salary for full-time workers across the UK was £38,600 and £13,803 for part-time workers. Currently, the average salary for an employee in the UK is £24,600.


The United Kingdom is the perfect place to live, work, and enjoy. It has beautiful cities exhibiting unique vibes and personalities for a relaxed, happy, and healthy life. It is certain you will make a great choice with the list of best places in the UK.

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