Best Places To Live And Work In Belgium

Last Updated on August 15, 2022

Best Places To Live In Belgium

Have you planned on visiting Belgium, but are not certain where to live? Belgium has numerous cities with unique features and opportunities for a suitable life, business, and career. The choice of moving to Belgium is an excellent one for expats. The following are what you might want to know about Belgium.

What Makes Belgium A Good Place To Live In?

Belgium is generally a low-lying country situated in the Northwestern part of Europe, known for its conservative cities, creative minds, and multicultural working environment. It is also famous for being the headquarters of the EU and NATO. Belgium has a welcoming atmosphere and is exceptionally safe and secure. It has an oceanic climate with usually mild winters and cool summers. It is a developed country with a high standard of living and provides quality housing systems, high income, and employment rates, good public facilities, standard education, and health care services. Belgium is rated excellent in the global peace, human development, and health care index. The country has the best places to live offering variety of entertainment and leisure activities.

Best Places In Belgium To Live In Belgium

Here are 7 best places to live in Belgium;

1. Brussel

Brussel is known to be the capital city of Belgium and is currently the best city to live in Belgium. It is the largest economic city in the country which in turn attracts lots of expats looking for jobs or business environments. It is famous for hosting international organizations like NATO, the EU commission, and parliament. Less than a quarter of the city’s population constitutes students which are because of its standard and a host of international universities. It’s an extremely family-friendly town and provides various facilities for a quality standard of living.

2. Antwerp

Antwerp is the second most populated city in Belgium and is one of the most vibrant cities in Belgium with an increasing population of young adults. Most young travelers are attracted to the city due to an increasing level of job opportunities, prominent universities, and exciting life experiences. It is famous for being the world’s diamond city and a perfect destination for luxury traders and lovers.

3. Ghent

Ghent is Belgium’s most beautiful city with numerous attractions like museums, parks, beautiful architectural buildings, and lots of things to see and explore. It is a very cozy city and a home to many travelers. Located in the Northwest of Belgium, Ghent homes the third port in the country. The city is known and most visited for its good cultural, educational, and health care facilities. The cost of living in this place is noticeably lower than in other cities.

4. Leuven

Leuven is a very dynamic and thriving city that homes the biggest brewery in the country resulting in a lot of opportunities. The advantage of living in this city is that it offers a cheaper and more affordable cost of living than other major cities. Leuven is open to various academic innovations as it hubs the largest and oldest Belgian university which offers quality tertiary education. Leuven is best known for being a student city.

5. Liege

Liege located in the Eastern part of Belgium is rated one of the best places to visit or stay. It is an important economic and commercial center in Belgium. Liege is most visited and enjoyed due to the welcoming culture of locals to foreigners. This city has relatively low costs of living, safe roads, and amazing nightlife activities. It is also quite easier to find accommodation here.

6. Bruges

Bruges is a beautiful Belgian city built on carnals and has a population of about 116,000 people. It is a perfect place for those looking for lucrative job offers with a reasonable salary. It is a great and safe place to live, work and do business. Outside working hours, one could enjoy various leisure activities in this town.

7. Waterloo

Waterloo is a French-speaking city in Belgium applauded for its standard educational system. Life in this city is very peaceful, safe, and easygoing. Waterloo is usually a good travel destination for foreigners planning to start a family.

What Is The Average Monthly Income Rate In Belgium?

In 2019, the average monthly income of a Belgian employee was 3,758 EUR. But as of 2021, a person working in Belgium typically earns 6,150 EUR per month which had increased to level up with the country’s high standards of living including transport, housing, etc. Salaries differ from 1,890 EUR (lowest average income) to 25,900 EUR (highest average income) per month depending on your type of work or qualification.

What Are The Highest Paid Job In Belgium?

The following are the highest paying jobs in Belgium;

The petrochemical industry is the highest paying industry with an average salary of 5,282 Euro which is 50% higher than other jobs. Also, the management consultancy sector in Belgium offers high salaries to its workers which are 4,864 euros. Other well-paid Jobs in Belgium include; computer programming, financial services, the pharmaceutical industry, the media, and the broadcasting industry all of which offer an average salary of 4,218 to their workers.

Available expats jobs in Belgium include;

  • Senior HR & payroll consultant
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Management Assistant
  • Expats CEO Nigeria- Oil and Gas industry & logistics
  • Sales Engineer
  • Field Consultant
  • Expat Automation Engineer


Belgium is a good place to live, work, do business, and study depending on the city you choose to live in. Belgium has major beautiful cities which offer the quality of life one could ever desire. If you’re wondering where best to base or visit, the list of the best places in Belgium should give you a guide in making the right choice.

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