Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Durables: Top 10 List

Last Updated on August 2, 2022

Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Durables

What are the best paying jobs in consumer durables? There are many different types of consumer durable jobs. However, today, we are going to look at some of the highest paying jobs in the industry.

What are Consumer Durables?

Consumer durables means durables or durable products. That is to say, products that don’t have to be purchased every now and then.

Usually, once these items are purchased, they last for at least three years before there’s a need for replacement.

Items like Television, washers, refrigerators, dryers, air conditioners, in that order are perfect examples of consumer durable products.

In addition, appliances like computers, televisions, truck, jewelry, wardrobe, vehicles, home, office furniture, hot plate, etc., fall in consumer durable categories.

10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

As earlier discussed, consumer durables could, therefore, means consumer item or products that does not wear out or need replacement for a very long time. For this sole reason, economists have developed keen interest in consumer durables spending. After all, it depicts the economy’s strength.

That said, below are listed 10 of the best paying jobs in consumer durables you might want to consider:

1. Senior Executive

One of the top-paying jobs in consumer durables is Senior executive. As lucrative as this position is, it requires expertise and a lot of dedication.

As a senior executive officer, you will be seen and regarded as an authority or a prominent figure within the company.

The senior executive doesn’t only make decisions for the growth and benefits of the organization. He equally implements them.

You must note that the fact that senior executive in an organization is one of the high paying jobs in consumer durables doesn’t mean luxury.

It comes with tedious roles and responsibilities. Part of them is developing strategies for product marketing, advertising as well as launch planning.

It’s the duty of a senior executive to evaluate projects via feedback and relevant KPIs from new and existing customers.

These among others are what a senior executive is expected to be doing in consumer durables. If you have the requirements, you can take your shot.

Mind you, having the requisite requirements without the ability to present the company’s products or brand to boost sales is nothing.

You must possess the three. Certificate, expertise, and the enthusiasm to market products and boost sale matters in this job.

2. Product Manager

Another top paying consumer durables job is the product manager. Often, working with the key personnel in the stores isn’t easy.

Essentially, it’s the duty of the product managers to design knowledge, link corporate strategy, and consumer demands to develop a viable, relevant and valued product.

Just imagine yourself being a project manager for Samsung or LG, as much as you’ll be paying high wages, you’ll definitely work yourself out.

Be that as it may, it’s also the duty of a product manager to enhance a product to satisfy both corporate objectives and target audience requirements.

While this job is lucrative and money-oriented, the task that comes with it is enormous and jaw-dropping.

As a matter of fact, a project manager also focuses on how to maximize returns on investment.

These among many others are what make the project manager of the best paying job in consumer durables.

3. Strategy Consultant

If you have the requisite requirements, a strategy consultant is another consumer durables job opportunity you should grab.

In most of the top organizations, the strategy consultant’s job is to examine the company’s goals and business processes. In the end, give recommendations on how to meet the company’s target.

Other than that, it’s also their duty to provide business growth strategies like cost-cutting, revenue generation, making important choices, identifying profitable trends, etc.

According to research, strategy consultants earn nothing less than $70,000 per month — at entry level — in the consumer durables industry.

4. Marketing manager

Before you jump into this job in the consumer durables industry, it’s important you understand what the job entails.

The easiest thing a marketing manager will ever do is to prepare and estimates budgets — regardless of the size — for marketing campaigns.

Plus, it’s part of their duty to submit the prepared campaigns for approval, work with ads agencies, participate in negotiations etc.

In fact, as beneficial as marketing management is money-wise, the occupier of this office does a lot of work.

Just imagine yourself preparing sales and ads contracts, reviewing TV commercials or online adverts materials. Strenuous, right?

However, as demanding and tiring as this work is, marketing managers receive an average median salary of $142,470 in consumer durables.

5. Business Analysts

Similarly, the Business analyst is another consumer durable high paying job opportunity you might want to consider.

Here, your work is to analyze and discover the aspect of the organization’s business that needs improvement through data analysis so as to strengthen business processes.

Company analyst usually collaborates with every member of the organization at all level to discuss what they found about their work.

At this juncture, it’s important to state that you can’t become a company analyst without any prior experience in some areas. Yes, you can take some crash courses on data analysis and you are good to go.

Your level of expertise in handling office works and organization situations will determine if you can actually assist in executing improvements.

That being said, if you are confident that you can develop financial models to enhance corporate choices, objectives, needs, and business plans, then go for it.

At least, on average Business Analysts in top organizations like LG, Apple, Microsoft, Haier, or Samsung, earn $77,218 annually.

With this, you’ll agree that Business analysis is — without a doubt — one of the best paying jobs in consumer durables.

6. Account Manager

One of the most sought-after jobs in the ever-growing consumer durable industry is account manager.

Why? Many people have credible credentials and qualified experience as an accountant.

Hence, everybody seems interested in working in a consumer durables firm to earn a decent amount of money.

Like any other high paying job in consumer durables, there is no big deal if you see an account manager performing too many functions.

After all, it’s part of their work to shift their attention to the customer’s concern in respect to their account status.

That is to say, there would be a time when you’ll have to act as a salesperson, financial counselor, technical specialist etc.

7. Sales Representative

Being a sales representative for any of the giant companies in consumer durables could be fun.

If you have a degree in business or marketing coupled with strong interpersonal relation and communication skills, your chances of working in consumer durables as a sales rep is high.

Compare to other job opportunities in this industry, sales representatives’ main work is to pitch the company’s products to its target customers to increase sales.

In this professional, you’ll operate as the middle man between the company and its prospective clients.

It is also the duty of a sales rep to discover and educate potential consumers, provide relevant information, and present new products to them.

All in all, a sales representative is an impressive job opportunity in the consumer durable sector, top organizations pay them an estimated salary of $86,250 annually.

8. Media Planner

Findings suggest that Media Planner’s annual salary in the consumer durable field as hit $79,748. Making it one of the best paying jobs in the sector.

Thus, when it comes to brand or product adverts, it’s the duty of a media planner to determine the best and most suitable media outlets for that purpose.

Their station is in advert agencies or huge media firms to optimize the effect of advertising campaigns.

On this note, a media planner must understand the variety of media platforms available, their differences, characteristics, and the kind of audiences they garnered.

As such, they employ mathematical expressions to examine demographic data to determine which advertising style will be suitable for their objectives.

On this note, you should be able to understand the kind of products that goes well with radio jingles, TV advertising, Internet ads, billboards, etc.

9. Human Resource Manager

The list of the best paying jobs in consumer durables will be incomplete without mentioning human resource managers.

This job is highly lucrative and commands a lot of respect in the industry.

Part of the duty of the human resources managers is to plan, organize, and control the firm’s administrative operations in a meaningful way.

The holder of this office interview, recruit and employ new staff. They also consult with the senior executives for idea implementations.

10. Administrative Assistant

In an organization, an administrative assistant major function is to play a supporting role to the top employees.

Administrative assistants in the incredible consumer durables sector also earn handsome salaries.

Prospective applicants into this office should possess efficient verbal and communication skills.

Because of the nature of the job; administrative assistants disseminate information to their co-workers, they answer phone calls, create a report, organize meetings, etc.

So if you’ll be vying for this job, it’s a condition precedent that you have good communication skills and your interpersonal relation must be strong, too.

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