Top 10 Best Music Schools In The World 2023

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Best Music Schools

Music has interestingly become an appealing career to those who seek to develop their talents and abilities. It is no surprise that most institutions in the world are specifically designed to serve the purpose of creating musical genius by offering some of the best training and programs. As someone who seeks to pursue a career in music, I’m sure enrolling in a good music school is a topmost priority.   This article has a list of the best music schools in the world to help you make a nice choice. Let us consider what music school is all about.

What Is A Music School?

In simple words, a music school is an educational institution whose main objective is to teach music. Furthermore, a good music school specializes on the study, training and research of music in all its aspect.

10 Best Music Schools In The World

Below are some of the best music schools around the world that would help you achieve a desired music career:

1. The Julliard school

The Julliard School in New York City is highly appreciated for its world class educational standard and musical programs it offers students. It ranks the best music school in the world which remains the most prestigious performing art school.

 The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in music, dance, and theatre. The music school further offers quality programs in Vocal Arts, Jazz Studies, Historical Performance, Composition and Conducting taught by a leading faculty. Here, students are taught how to produce music of their own and to develop their unique creative skill or ability in the competitive landscape of music performance. One of the most valuable aspects of the school includes live performance opportunities in music (opera, jazz, contemporary, chamber, etc) which are sponsored yearly by over 700 Julliard sponsors. Julliard has produced world-famous graduates in the field of performing arts and remains a top destination to most music students.

2. Berklee College of Music

 Berklee College of Music situated in Boston, MA actually is a private and independent college of modern music that is the largest in the world. Berklee’s music programs are uniquely designed to promote students abilities in pop, rock, as well as other modern music styles. It offers undergraduate & graduate degrees, online degrees and certificates, summer programs and much more. Here, Students can have the opportunity of specializing in areas such as Music Business, Electronic Production, and Design, Music Production, and much more. It is ideal place to go to if you are desire to be a top musician.

3. Royal Academy of Music

 The Royal Academy of Music in London is the world’s oldest music school and a great place to study music with established performers and scholars. Being among best music schools in the world on our list, RCM offers degree programs in western classical music for undergraduate and graduate students. The academy encourages strong research activities, cultivates a practice-based research culture and enhances all areas of teaching. RCM is as well a home to one of the most outstanding collections of musical instruments and artefacts in world.

4. Moscow Imperial Conservatory

The Moscow Conservatory located in Moscow is one of Russia’s oldest conservatories and among the best music schools in the world. The school offers undergraduate & graduates degrees in musical performance, music journalism, composition, and music research, among other courses to suit individual interests. The school emphasizes classical performance and research, with emerging departments in music technology and contemporary music. The Moscow Conservatory is well known for usually producing prominent pianists, cellists, violinists, conductors, and composers around the globe.

 5. Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music in London is another prestigious music conservatory which offers one of the worlds’ best fine arts programs from undergraduate to research levels. Other available programs includes: Master of Education, Master of Science in Performance Science, Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Master of Performance, etc. The institute also provides study abroad exchange programs with top colleges in Europe, Australia, the United States and Japan, that allows students gain opportunity to learn about other cultures and work in new settings.

 6. The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna is an Austrian university situated in Vienna, and one of the largest institutions of music, theatre, and film in the world. This school’s location makes it highly internationally recognized for professional music education. The university trains over 3000 students in Music and Performing Arts. Some course and specialties available here include; Music and Instrumental Training, Music Therapy, Films and Television, Computer Music and Electronic Media, Respiratory, Vocal, and Physical Education, and many other. The university also offers Ph.D. degrees for students interested in cultural and artistic studies.

7. Conservatoire de Paris (Paris Conservatory)

Conservatoire de Paris is one of the world-renowned music and dance College in Paris. The Conservatoire de Paris is a world-renowned music and dance school which is why it stands amidst the best music schools in the world. Dance, Music, Sound Engineering, and Pedagogy are the primary areas of study at the Conservatoire. Some popular programs here include Musicology and Analysis, Early Music, Vocal Disciplines, Jazz and Improvised Music, and others. Furthermore, this school offers two study areas such as sound engineering and musical acoustics for those interested in Sound Engineering.

8. Yale School of Music

Another top music school is the Yale School of Music in New Haven, Connecticut. It is the only music school in the Ivy League which provides exceptional access to high-tech computer programs, traditional instruments and vast scholarly resources. The school in conjunction with Yale college offers a joint Bachelor of Arts—Master of Music program, a certificate program in Performance, Artist Diploma and two masters studies – Master of Music, Master of Musical Arts and Doctor of Musical Arts. Being one of the 12 professional schools of Yale, this school is well known for producing several accomplished musicians and film composers up till now.

9. New England Conservatory of Music (NEC)

 New England Conservatory of Music (NEC), Boston is the oldest independent music school in the United States, as well as the only one to be enumerated as a National Historic Landmark in the country. NEC is popular for its piano, strings, brass, and woodwinds sections. It offers undergraduate diplomas and degrees, Masters Programs, Graduate Diploma, and Artist Diploma.  It also offers several summer programs for all ages and levels, as well as offering Joint double degrees with Harvard University and Tufts University.

10. Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia:

The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia is the 10th best music school in the world on this list and is focused on training exceptional young musicians to the highest levels of mastery. The school provides undergraduate and postgraduate performance programs in Music, Music in Opera, Post-Baccalaureate Diploma and Professional Studies Certificate. While Specializations in many areas such as Strings, Brass, Organ, Vocal Studies and more are offered to suit specific needs.


The best music schools in the world will provide you with the best coaching required to become a musical genius. Though choosing one the best music school might be a bit competitive, it is best to go for the one that suits your intended career path.

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