Best Money Making Ideas In 2023 – Top 15 List

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There are legit ways of making real money online, and millions of people are engaging in several ways to make money online every day. In the world today the upcoming generation have become fully aware of the need and necessity of having a passive source of income and this has motivated them to make positive difference in their financial status, standard of living, their immediate environment and the world at large.

This has brought about the desire and drive by many to seek for new ways of making money and also becoming their own bosses and own their own businesses. If you’re looking for ways you make money to cover your basic needs, pay debts, boost your net worth and save for a better future, you’re in the right place. In this article, we shall be considering 15 best money making ideas in 2023.

Before we dive into the list of ideas and ways to make money, let’s consider briefly what to bear in mind before starting a business and why it’s important to make money. Keep reading to unravel more information on the best money making ideas.

What to bear in mind before you opt for the money making ideas?

There are several relevant questions you need to ask yourself before launchings out any business. These questions will serve as a guide in assisting you to know how you can make money online. They include:

The availability of potentials to scale

For those who want to establish a company this is an important factor to note as the need for scalability implies the model can be reproduced. The question you need to provide answers to is how often you can reproduce the model and continue to sell them multiple times.

Is there passive income?

This involves the ability to make money even in your sleep, either by selling affiliate products or your personal products. It’s not by just sitting and making money, some work has to be done to induce your passive earning. One sure way of earning a passive income is through working for your product or business, you have to carry out the necessary task and create awareness about what you offer before you can make some good money and your product does the rest of the work.

How consistent will your income be?

So many people going into business forget to check the long-term possibility of their earning, they often neglect to evaluate how consistent will they will be able to offer services and earn in the process. You need to consider how consistent you will be able to render services in any business you want to dive into as this will help you know what is highly demanded and you pitch on it and make money from it consistently.

 What market need does it satisfy?

The reason so many people going into business fail to succeed is because they neglect to perform market research before launching into a business. They jump into assumption of what people needs are. You must carry out market research and test the potency of your ideas to ascertain its viable. You should also listen to your audience and potential clients and gain an insight on what they need that way you will be able to satisfy their need and in turn make money from it as nobody will buy or pay for what the don’t need.

Recreation and re-sell possibility

This involves knowing how often you can re-sell a product or offering again and again after the production or creation. Examples of products you can produce and re-sell include books, courses, assets, licensing and several kinds of products.

Why it’s important to make money?

There’s no limit to the emphasis one can lay on why making money is important, both for the individual and those around their circle which could be family, friends and love one’s generally. Making money is very vital as it helps to solve almost all if not all of human problems and need. Terefore the reason why we make money may include the following:

  • Money allows you to make money.
  • Money helps to reduce financial stress.
  • Money can be used as a tool to strengthen communities.
  • Money is a means of providing help and support in the family.
  • Money can be used to pay for more life experiences e.g. holidays, vacation and the likes.
  • Money frees you from working to survive.
  • Money is linked to happiness.
  • Money can lead to better goods and services.
  • Money transformed the world.

That said; let’s look at 15 best money making ideas in 2023.

15 Best Money Making Ideas

1. Uber driving

Uber drivers are saving the world today. It’s not a difficult career to undergo. The basic responsibility of an Uber driver is to ensure people get to their destinations safely. They could also deliver food.

2. Educational blogging

If you’re an expert in anything language, eco-friendly living and travel, this is a great avenue to share your ideas with people for free. All that’s required of you is to pick a free blog template and write regular posts. By so doing it allows you to earn a living through Advertising, offering online courses, creating webinars, commencing an affiliate program and lot more.

3. Teaching online

Just like blogging, if you have any specific set of skills, you can teach others through and online class. This allows you to provide assistant to help people better themselves and in turn you earn a living while at it. Part of the aspect you can specialize on include Teach a language, Tutor college students, teach instruments, create a YouTube channel to educate people on a specific niche.

4. Writing eBooks

E-book allows you the opportunity to tutor others new skills via digital books that will cost the reader some fraction of a printed copy price while providing them with the exact level of education. It cost nothing to start e-book and it can be sold large platforms like Amazon.

5. Busk

This is also another best money making ideas in 2023 and it comes handy for the instrumentalists, and musicians. You can perform in public squares or famous transit stops.

6. Online fundraising consultant

For those with a background in finance and have experience in sales, this money making idea is for you. You can maximize your skill by running your own fundraising consultant business for charities. You will need to specify the types of charities you would like to work with and acquire networking to build a rapport with those you feel most passionate about. Your job is to prove to them you can generate and implement a well-defined and efficient fundraising programs or campaigns that can assist them to get the money they need to run their cause.

7. Photograph or play music at weddings.

For the musicians and photographers this comes very handy. You can make money by advertising your skills for wedding and other commercial events, programs or campaigns on your portfolio and offer services like Thumbtack, Gigmasters, Gigsalad, WeddingWire, and Snapknot.

8. Walk dogs

This is also one of the best money making ideas in 2023. For those with flexible schedules and have passion for pets, you could inquire from friends, neighbors and family members if they would need the service of a dog walker or you can create a site and post your services on dog walking.

9. Virtual assistant jobs

There’s always a need for little help by people. With the world being globalized, you can offer that help irrespective of your location of your client’s. As a virtual assistant you can render lots of services such as sourcing for guess post opportunities, data entry, organize clients schedules. To achieve this you can use platforms like Upwork or create your own website to locate potential clients and market your services.

10. Podcasts Editing

This comes handy for people who has master the art of basic sound editing or can create the time to learn how to use tools like Audacity. With a skill in audio editing you can earn by turning people’s audio into a polished product that is void of any form of complain by their listeners.

11. Affiliate marketing

One of the most popular ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. Over the years, its popularity has gone back and forth, yet it has proven to be a stable means to earn from the internet. An interesting fact about affiliate marketing is that it allows you to choose from a wide range of companies which you can partner with; this includes Shopify, Amazon, Uber, and FabFitFun. With affiliate marketing, you can earn a living through promoting other brands as well as earning a commission from sales through promoting retail products. To thrive in affiliate marketing, your focus should be centered on content marketing and also strategically placing affiliate links in your blogs posts or websites to drive traffic to your affiliate partner’s website.

12. Start your own blog

Blogging is also one of the best money making ideas in 2023. It’s no doubt that it has worked in the past, its working in this present day, and will continue to work in the future. Blogging allows you to blog about almost anything that’s of interest to you and also passionate about as long as it satisfies the need and curiosity of other people. To make money from blogging you can use affiliate marketing, partner with brands, through ads display and lots more. However, to earn real money from a blog requires a lot of time and effort.

13. Start a YouTube channel

When you want to consider making money with your YouTube channel, you should consider concentrating on a particular niche you would like to specialize on so as to establish a strong and loyal audience. For instance, you can venture into freelancing job tutorial, shoe making tutorials, architectural designs, software and programming tutorials depending on your interest, ability and expertise. One sure secret of making money on YouTube is to create content that’s appealing to people need. Once you attain 1000 subscribers, you can monetize your YouTube channel with YouTube ads.

14. Do translation work

Translation is considered a fairly underserved niche, as there is less competition in this field than in other niche markets. To monetize this opportunity, you need to be fluent in at least two languages. If you have a language degree, experience in translation, bilingual or you majored in a popular language this could be a great idea you can employ to making money.

15. Create an app

For those who are developers, this is one of the best ways to make money. It involves utilizing your skill of programming to build apps. In terms of making money from your app, one sure way to do this is to add it to Google play and App Store. Also having a free used app will aid you to make more money than a paid app. In as much as a free app will attract a higher volume of users you could add ads or premium features to help you boost your earning.


If you desire to step up your revenue stream, there are several ways and opportunities including businesses which are not limited to the list of the best money making ideas in 2023 discussed in this article, which you can venture into even while at home in as much as you have the basic tools and a strong internet connection to achieve your desired lifestyle and aspirations. Hope this helps you make the perfect choice of career to achieve your dream life.

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