The Best Marketable Courses In The UK 2023

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Marketable Courses In UK

With the current labor market, students who wish to study degree courses in the UK need appropriate advice before they stumble into courses that will make them jobless for years.

Aside from our personal motivation, at some point, we have to choose a degree that promises us a brighter future in terms of financial gain. In some specific areas, competition is stronger than in others.

Consequently, in some of them, the economic benefits will be greater than in others. Given this, you may prefer a degree that offers countless job opportunities and high incomes.

The trends in the job market are complex and every attempted precise prediction will remain a probability measurement. However, to a certain degree, it can give us an idea of what university degree to choose which is among the most important decision in our lives.

Best Marketable Courses In the UK


The graduates of economics subjects are highly sought after in the job market. Every type of enterprise needs a professional economist who will maintain the financial stability of the company. Thus, if you get such a degree there will be numerous job available to you once you step out of the university.

As per the income, the economists are some of the highest paid employees because their contribution is invaluable to a company. According to the official statistics data from the UK government, Economics graduates along those from medicine and maths earn around 30% more other graduates. Statistically speaking, you can expect to earn around £40,000 per year with an Economics degree.

Computer Science

Today, we complete almost every task through a screen and so do companies. This has caused a surge in the need for computer science experts who will maintain and secure network systems from virtual attacks. A computer science degree in UK will offer you unlimited job opportunities in different sectors.

The job market is in short supply of these professionals and this shortage will surely be present in the future. This guarantees that Computer Science graduates will enjoy a high rate of employability. Apart from this, your earnings will satisfy your financial goals. The official statistics from 2017 show that Computer Science employees earn around £30,000 per year.


The UK’s law degrees are reputed beyond national borders so no matter where you’ll end up after university your chances of finding an attractive job are high.

Law graduates in UK have a wide variety of jobs to choose between, to mention a few

  • Barrister
  • Advocate
  • Solicitor
  • Patent attorney
  • Legislative Analyst

Moreover, law graduates are highly suitable for other jobs which are not directly related to law.

Law degrees are not just employable but highly rewarding. It is estimated that within 5 years after graduation a law graduate earns around £35,000.


Studying mathematics is challenging, but if you’re a talented student then you’re fortunate to have chosen one of the most beneficial degrees. The discrepancy between the high need of mathematicians and the short-supply in the job market are the main indicators that count for the employability rate of this degree.

The UK prides some of the best Math Schools and employers all around the globe are eager to hire their graduates. Based on the official statistics from 2017, math graduates in UK earn around £40,000 per year five years after graduation.


The ability to construct, design and manufacture a machine is an exciting feeling for sure. But there are more benefits from studying Engineering.  Graduate Engineers in UK are among the most employable candidates and some of the highest paid at the same time.

The following are just some of the sectors where Engineering graduates can seek a job after university

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Among all of the above, Software Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering make into the list of the most employable Engineering degrees in UK.

In contrast to previous degrees, the competition in the job market is fierce and your financial gains won’t increase at the same rate. Five years after graduation, the annual earning of graduate engineers is around £33,000 per year on average. Note that this amount changes depending on what engineering discipline you study for.

Medicine and Dentistry

The UK is praised about a world-class medical system and top quality medicine schools. A major feature of these universities is that they offer innovative courses where practice and theory are combined in a perfect educational approach.

During your medical studies in the UK, most of the time you’ll be working in a real hospital environment dealing with common patient’s needs. Beside professional mentorship, young doctors get a full set of personal skills highly required in this study area.

As a final result of this outstanding education and strong links with the National Health Service medicine graduates in UK enjoy high employability in the market, despite that have limited options. Among all medical disciplines, dentistry is the most in-demand and most rewarding qualification. On average, a medical practitioner earns around £45,000 five years after graduation.


The times when the construction and the design of objects were of minor importance are long gone. The industry is changing rapidly and professionals with a highly regarded academic competence are in-demand in the job market.

Today, investors are aiming for objects that are above optimal standards, that are environment-friendly, that use the space at maximum and are unique in their display. To tackle these modern needs, professional architects are much needed.

In addition to many job opportunities, architecture graduates are also highly paid for their job. Statistics from 2017, show that an architect earns around £30,000 per year, five years following the graduation.


The education sector in the UK is given a major interest. The government is committed to constantly improving the quality of education and the infrastructure of their universities to enable candidates to become excellent future educators.

Following the completion of your degree in education, you’ll have the required knowledge and the practical skills to teach youngsters in schools. There are many public and private schools hunting for education graduates, but homeschooling is also becoming a popular way of getting primary stages of education. That said the employability rate is relatively high and you’ll have plenty of options outside the university.

Compared to the above, the education graduates earn less. On average, an individual holding an education degree earns around £27,000.

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