Best Friend Quiz: Top 100 Fun Questions To Ask Your Friends

Last Updated on March 13, 2023

Best Friend Quiz

If you’re looking for questions for a best friend quiz, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re reconnecting with your best friends, chilling with the squad or even meeting someone new, it can be helpful to have a few interesting, deep questions to ask your friends when you’re bored that you can bring up in your conversations.

This fun list of friend conversation questions can help you reignite closer relationships with your friends and pals. Choose a few to ask at a gathering, a party or in a group text and see what new things you learn about the person or people you’re with. You may even have to answer a few questions yourself!

Round #1: Best Friend Quiz – Facts

  1. When is my birthday? 🎂
  2. How many brothers and sisters do I have? 👫
  3. What’s my special talent? ✨
  4. What’s my star sign? ♓
  5. What’s the main thing I do in my free time? 🏃‍♀️
  6. What’s the main thing I don’t like about myself? 😔
  7. What’s my daily routine? ⚽
  8. Who’s my celebrity crush? ❤️
  9. What’s my greatest fear? 😨
  10. Who is my worst enemy? 😡

Round #2 – Best Friend Quiz – Favourites

  1. What’s my favourite place in the world? 🌎
  2. What’s my favourite movie? 🎥
  3. What’s my Netflix series? 📺
  4. What’s my favourite food? 🍲
  5. What’s my favourite genre of music? 🎼
  6. What’s my favourite day of the week? 📅
  7. What’s my favourite animal? 🐯
  8. What’s my favourite toast topping? 🍞
  9. What’s my favourite item of clothing? 👟
  10. What’s my favourite possession? 📱

Round #3 – Best Friend Quiz – Images

(These questions work best with images)

  1. Which of these am I allergic to? 🤧
  2. Which of these is my first ever Facebook picture? 🖼️
  3. Which of these images looks like me in the morning? 🥱
  4. What kind of pet have I always wanted? 🐈
  5. Which of these do I want most in the future? 🔮
  6. What’s my favourite dog breed? 🐶
  7. What’s my worst habit? 👃
  8. Which of these is my favourite group picture? 👪
  9. Which is a still from my favourite movie? 🎞️
  10. Which of these is my dream job? 🤩

Round #4 – Best Friend Quiz – Which Do I Prefer?

  1. Tea or Coffee? ☕
  2. Chocolate or Ice Cream? 🍦
  3. Day or Night? 🌙
  4. Going out or Staying in? 💃
  5. Summer or Winter? ❄️
  6. Savoury or Sweet? 🍩
  7. Pizza or Burgers? 🍕
  8. Movies or Music? 🎵
  9. Mountains or Beach? ⛰️
  10. Early Bird or Night Owl? 🦉

Round #5 – Best Friend Quiz – Should I Move in With My Best Friends?

Want to live with them for a long time, but too afraid that living together might ruin your friendships? Let’s check out this 10 below questions for your best friend quiz!

  1. Are you and your best friend both financially stable enough to live together?
  2. Are you and your best friend compatible when it comes to living habits and cleanliness?
  3. Do you have similar schedules and lifestyles?
  4. How well do you handle conflict with your best friend?
  5. What are the potential benefits of living with your best friend?
  6. What are the potential downsides of living with your best friend?
  7. How would living together impact your relationship with your best friend?
  8. Are there any personal boundaries or preferences that you need to communicate with your best friend before moving in together?
  9. Are you both willing to compromise and make adjustments for each other’s needs?
  10. Have you talked through the logistics of sharing expenses, chores, and personal space with your best friend?

💑 Relationship Questions

The quality of a relationship is determined by the people in it. Ask these questions to find out what your friends really think about their relationships.

  1. When do you think is the right time to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  2. What do you think are the differences between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ relationships?
  3. Do you think it matters if I’ve met the person face-to-face before dating them?
  4. How do you know if your relationship is going somewhere?
  5. What kind of questions do you ask your partner?
  6. In your opinion, how can I tell if my boyfriend or girlfriend is emotionally healthy?
  7. What’s the best way to find out if someone is interested in me?
  8. How do you deal with breakups?
  9. How would you describe the ideal relationship?
  10. How many partners do you think it’s normal to have before marriage?
  11. How do you know if you’re in love?
  12. What do you do first on a first date?
  13. When do you receive your first gift from your partner?
  14. How many romantic anniversaries do you celebrate per year?
  15. What’s the best place you can take your partner for your first vacation together?
  16. Are you happy with the intimacy that you share with your partner?
  17. How much do you enjoy spending time with your partner’s family?
  18. What’s the most common way that you and your partner show love for each other?
  19. Have you or your partner ever changed anything for each other?
  20. What do you think is the best way to apologise to your partner?

🤔 Have you Ever… Questions

We all need a bit more fuel for a game of Never Would I Ever. These questions will help you learn about your friend’s past experiences.

Have you ever…

  1. Lost a job?
  2. Been fired?
  3. Been in a car accident?
  4. Taken a trip to another country?
  5. Been to an amusement park?
  6. Been to a concert?
  7. Had a really bad dream?
  8. Been in a fist fight?
  9. Seen a UFO?
  10. Been to a Renaissance Faire?
  11. Had a huge argument with your parents?
  12. Broken something on purpose?
  13. Written a love note?
  14. Had a close call with death?
  15. Had your phone stolen?
  16. Ridden a horse?
  17. Had a crush on a teacher?
  18. Seen a tornado?
  19. Tried to lose weight?
  20. Fought a bear?

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