Top 10 Best Flying Schools In The World

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Best Flying Schools

Is your desire and passion to explore the skies as either a professional or commercial pilot, or you love engines, and you want to develop and maintain sophisticated aircrafts? The aviation business is a great industry with diverse work prospects, and you can never go wrong by studying in one of the reputable flying schools in the world to secure a career that can navigate you in this field.

In this article we shall look into the top 10 best flying schools in the world.

Before we dive into the list, let’s briefly consider some of the reasons why you should enroll in top flight schools.

Why you should enroll in one of the best flying schools in the world

There are several reasons why people enroll in the best flight schools around the globe. These reasons may include the following:

Professional Advancement

 Enrolling in one of the best flight schools in the world will help you in accomplishing professional flight training, which is a very important aspect in this career path. A degree in one of the best flight school will help to propel you to professional advancement in this field.

Specialized Skills

Curriculum in aviation helps to groom you for a career as a pilot by training you on the required technical skills and expertise you will require to succeed in this career. Students acquire insight on aircraft operation, aviation legislation, and also climatic parameters.

Higher Salary Potential

A degree in aviation offers you advanced abilities which allow you as a graduate to secure a broad range of occupations with attractive salary prospects. An advanced degree will attract higher salaries.

Networking Opportunities

Several aviation programmes merge with major airlines and several other businesses in the industry. Enrolling in one of the best flight schools in the world can offer a student an edge in securing a bigger professional network and more job opportunities after graduation.

Licensure & Certification

Aviation progremmes assist to train students for variety of licenses and certifications that are essential for flight professionals. An advanced certification could also assist you in getting a better job.

Having considered why you should enroll in one of the best flying schools in the world. Let’s look at the list of the best flight schools.

10 Best Flying Schools In The World

Below is a list of the top 10 best flying schools in the world.

1. Flight Safety Academy (USA)

Flight Safety Academy since 1966 was known for producing top-class pilots. The academy is without doubt the oldest and also one of the best in business, with more than 17,000 pilots which graduated from this flying school runs flight for some 62 airlines and over 100 corporate flight departments. Facilities provided in this training institute include direct flight line access, and on-site accommodations alongside well-equipped classrooms, administrative offices, including aircraft maintenance hangers. Tuition fee at Flight Safety Academy ranges from $7,500 to $85,000 depending on the qualification.

2. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

This university has over 85 years of experience in pilot training with more than 200 aircraft and has the ability to train more than 2000 pilots annually. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy which is located in Europe also has centers at Amsterdam, Brussels, Gondia, Hong Korainibgng, Melbourne, Perth, Phoenix, and Rae Bareli. This institution undertakes training programs in ATPL, CPL and MPL training routes. The tuition fee at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy ranges from $73,000 to $85,000 depending on your qualification.

3. Singapore Flying College

This flight institution which was established in 1988 is famous for producing ab-initio and also advanced flight training to pilots for the Singapore Airlines Group. The college flying training includes five single-engines Cessna C172 in Seletar, 16 single-engine analogue and Garmin-equipped Cessna C172. It also covers three Garmin-equipped multi-engine Beech Baron Aircraft in Jandakot for the ab-initio stage and four Cessna Mustang light jet aircraft in Maroochydore which is for the Advanced Training stage. Singapore Flying College is known to have produced more than 1900 cadets for the Singapore Airlines Group.

4. Purdue University Aviation College

Purdue Aviation College is one of the best flying schools in the world. Purdue University’s aviation college, according to the U.S. News & World Report is regarded as the “Cradle of Astronauts.” this college offers programs such as Aeronautical engineering technology, aviation management, air traffic control, and professional flight technology which is open for several students in aeronautical degree programmes. Tuition Fees at Purdue Aviation College often starts at $10,000 for locals and starts at $28,000 for non-residents.

5. University Of North Dakota

This is also another top-notch flight school to consider when you want to mention the best flight schools in the world. The University of North Dakota which is owned by John D. Odegard is known for developing top-flight aero-space experts. This flight college offers degrees such as undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degree. Programmes that are available for students in this institution include airport administration, air traffic control, aviation technology management, aviation management, and other fields. Tuition Fees in the University of North Dakota for residents is $8,447 for tuition, while non-residents pay $20,047.

6. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University College Of Aviation

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical College is a well-known flight college which is often regarded as “Harvard of the Skies”, and has produced more alumni than any other aviation university. This is because it’s the oldest and biggest institution that offers aviation studies. The institution offers degree in Aeronautical science, global security and intelligence, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, air traffic control, and business administration. Tuition Fees at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University typically varies from $48,992 to $50,570 for both locals and non-residents respectively.

7. Western Michigan University Aviation College

Western Michigan University is known to be one of the best aviation colleges in the United State and also around the world. The institution having been in existence for over 75 years has projected itself as a highly famous and admired aviation college amongst other aviation institute around the world. Western Michigan College offers degree programmes which are available to students; they include aviation management, aviation flight science, and aviation maintenance. Tuition Fees ranges from $10,000 for locals to $24,000 for non-residents.

8. Pan AM International Flying Academy

Pan AM which was established in 1980, is also one of the best flying schools in the world with training centers all over the United States and the world at large. Aside flight training for pilots, the academy also offers airline crew training, aircraft maintenance training, air traffic control training, and aircraft dispatcher training. Pan AM International Flying Academy tuition fee starts from $18 to $17,000 which also depends on qualification.

9. Ohio State University Aviation College

Ohio State University is also one of the best flight schools in the world and also in USA. With an average of 45,800 undergraduate students who enrolled in Ohio State University. The aviation studies at Ohio State University are no doubt one of the best aviation colleges in the world. This flight school offers undergraduate and also graduate flight degree programmes. Tuition Fees ranges from $4,223 to $10,023 which depends on whether you are a resident or not.

10. CTC Wings (Europe)

This is one of the best renowned flight schools in the world, with training centers in New Zealand, India, Australia, and Singapore. CTC boasts of having cadets of which 97.8% of them passed all 14 ATPL subjects in their first attempt and also 99% of its graduates were placed with some of the other airlines. CTC aviation academy in 2013, graduated over 243 new pilots from its academy of which the UK largest airline, Easeyjet, hired 119 in that same year out of the 243 graduates. Tuition fee ranges from $2,000 for resident and roughly $5,400 for non-residents.


Whatever your choice of career may be in the aviation field, the list of the top 10 best flying schools in the world provided above will help you in making a perfect choice and pursue your desired career.

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