20 Best Careers In Geography That Pay Well 2023

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Last Updated on September 21, 2022

Best Careers In Geography

Geography is an interdisciplinary field that involves the study of natural and physical sciences including mathematics. Having a good background in geography can help to prepare you for different careers paths in geography, which includes areas such Politics, Town planners, Cartographers, Business, Education, Environmental consultants, Landscapers and lot more are some of the career you can pursue in geography field.

 In this article we shall be discussing on the 20 best careers in geography. But before then let’s briefly consider what does a geography degree involve? Why Pursue a Career in Geography?  And the skills gained with a geography degree. Keep reading to discover more information about the best career opportunity that befits you in your field as a geography student or graduate as the case may be.

What Does A Geography Degree Involve?

Geography involves the scientific study of the Earth’s physical features and how human’s activities affects or influences these features. A degree in geography can assist you learn and understand the natural and physical sciences and also enhances you in both analytical and mathematical skills. Also courses in the field of geography teach students how to study, create and interpret maps. Students who are well grounded and having attained a degree in geography can be able to work in various specific fields of research, planning and consulting, and utilizing their knowledge of geography as an insight in the collection and analyzing of data.

Why Pursue A Career In Geography?

There are numerous indoors and outdoors career one can opt for with a degree in geography. Geographers, Surveyors, and mapping technicians spend time in the field collecting data and studying the land. To become a certified geographer, a geography student requires an excellent skill in analytical thinking and in paying rapt attention to details. Here are few reasons why we pursue a career in geography they include:

  • Having a deep understanding of the earth and how humans interact with it.
  • Developing a team working spirit with others in the field.
  • To be able to travel smart
  • To impact the knowledge of geography to others.
  • You passion about issues related to human and environmental justice, and sustainability.
  • You desire to work at the intersection of science, technology, and policies in information technology including businesses, nonprofits, education and also in government.
  • To gain employment out of the vast employment opportunities that’s available for geography graduates.
  • You desire to make sense of cultures.
  • Navigation skills.
  • Putting the news in context.
  • In understanding globalization.
  • In learning the course of history.

These are some of the reasons why we pursue a career in geography out of the numerous reasons. Let’s now further consider the skills you can acquire with a geography degree.

Skills That Can Be Acquired With A Geography Degree

Through the attainment of a degree in geography, a student can learn how to properly analyze human and physical data such as census reports, maps, and survey data. They can work with geographic information systems (GIS) to source for data, design maps, and in the creation of visual portrayals of data. Therefore the skills that can be acquired with a degree in geography include the following;

Analytical skills

Information about human and the physical geography, including spatial data are analyzed by geography students. They view maps, census data, and other sources to have an insight of geography. Analytical skills, with the ability to analyze data and deduce a final conclusion from the various kinds of data, can benefit geography majors after graduation.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills can be employed by a geography student when conducting a research. Such skills enable them to learn how to select the relevant data, select a method of analysis, and also design research questions. Critical thinking skill and research skills groom a geography graduates for diverse careers in business and in government agencies.

Computer Skills

Students gain familiarity with GIS technologies, database management programs, and digital image creation software during a geography degree program. Learners adapts to different geography software programs and applications to strengthen their computer skills. These skills assist geography majors to secure careers in GIS management, cartography, including surveying.


The ability to compute research projects, write persuasive papers and in the creation of written work for group projects or presentations enhance the writing skill of a geography student. Students learn to communicate their findings from their research through the preparation of reports and articles. Also some programs such as grants and proposals train geography students in writing.


A strong communication skill is improved during the degree of geography major, as they are often required to communicate findings, research and ideas on research papers. They also work with fellow students on a group projects or task and also deliver presentations in class. A communication skill therefore helps a geographer to enhance their research, work with team, and also communicate with coworkers.

Having gotten and insight on what a geography degree involves, why we study geography and skills that are acquired with geography, let’s now dive into the list of the best careers in geography.

20 Best Careers In Geography

1. Geographer

Geographers are responsible for studying the features and structures of the Earth to gather data that can be utilized for GIS and also planning purposes. They also conduct surveys and interviews, write reports and create maps. The average national salary of a geographer is$84,173 per year.

2. Park ranger

Park rangers oversee the patrol of outdoor areas like parks, campgrounds and wildlife reserves with the aim of protecting the natural environment and visitors who comes around these locations. They could also be in charge of tours, keeping the environment clean, implementing and enforcing rules and also assisting with search and rescue mission. A tour guard can earn an average national salary of $14.12 per hour.

3. Geospatial analyst

Geospatial analysts are also one of the 20 best careers in geography. They are responsible for analyzing geographical data and translating it into digital formats. Part of their responsibilities also includes the processing of information to deduce what the key features of land are and what form of changes have occurred in a given area over a specific period of time. The average national salary of a Geospatial analyst is$45,812 per year.

4. Market researcher

The collection and analyzing of data that assist companies in making informed and profitable decisions by employers or clients is done by a market researcher. They study factors such as consumer opinions, current market trend and the competition in the market to develop and insight of the market and what can be of benefit to the company they are carrying out the research for. Market research can earn a national average salary of $56,655 per year.

5. Urban planner

The evaluation of land and the creation of plans for both residential and public development is been executed by Urban planners. They are also responsible for making analysis on a community or regions requirements with the current structure and layout decide on the best use of this land is to upgrade the area’s current layouts. As an Urban planner, the national average salary you can earn is$70,126 per year.

6. Teacher

Teachers who specialize in geography teach students about the environment and the physical formations of the Earth. They can also concentrate on topics such as climate change and environmental conservation. Teachers also plan lessons, conduct classes and grade assignments. They can earn an average national salary of$14.67 per hour.

7. Computer programmer

Computer programmers are responsible for designing new software and creating this software’s through writing codes. They also update and upgrade existing software and develop cyber security for programs or companies. With a career in computer programming you can earn a national average salary of $48,075 per year.

8. GIS specialist

This is also one of the 20 best careers in geography. As a Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist you are expected to create and sustain GIS databases in specific cities, towns and other areas. GIS specialists collect field data, develop maps, and analyze geospatial data. The national average salary of a GIS specialist is $67,600 per year.

9. Surveyor

Surveyors can earn a national average salary of $18.13 per hour and they are responsible for measuring properties to determine boundaries during a building planning process. They support engineers, construction workers and map makers by providing precise measurements and data. Surveyors can also provide legal support by updating data and collating legal documents.

10. Environmental scientist

An environmental scientist carries out research to stop or eradicate dangers pose to the environment or public health, such as air and water pollution. They organize plans and work in hand with policymakers to pass laws that can help in keeping the community and environment safe. A national average salary of $72,145 per year is earned by an Environmental scientist.

11. Librarian

Librarians who can earn a national average salary of $59,122 per year are responsible for the collection and categorizing of library resources according to a structured system. They are also responsible for answering questions, locating information and issuing books and other resources to people.

12. Cartographer

Cartographers are placed with the responsibility of making maps. They oversee the research of areas and also conduct data for maps. Cartographer utilizes mathematical skills and computer programs to confirm the accuracy of their maps. As a Cartographer you can earn an average national salary of $74,400 per year.

13. Travel writer

Traveler writer is also one of the 20 best careers in geography. They are responsible creating content for blog, journals, newspapers and other publications about related travel topics. They can write about specific regions, travel to diverse continent and countries so as to write about the locations of the countries they travelled to, also they may write guides, profiles and reviews for hotels and attractions in different places. Travel writers can earn a national average salary of $26.22 per hour.

14. Landscape architect

Landscape architects utilize their knowledge of design and the natural world to make outdoor spaces like parks, playground, campuses, gardens and other public places. They also measure and analyze spaces and invent designs through the use of digital success. As a Landscape architect you can earn up to $70,039 per year as an average national salary.

15. Transportation manager

They are responsible for planning and overseeing shipments to make sure that they are executed safely, quickly and economically as possible. They supervise a team of transport workers and track shipments to know their time travel and arrival. Transportation manager earns $63,318 as the national average salary per year.

16. Economic consultant

An economic consultant who earns an average national salary of$81,746 per year, specialize in conducting research on finance, politics and on the influence of the socioeconomic to evaluate how a company can be improved. They also employ this research to prepare reports and develop plans to tackle economic problem a company may be facing at a given period of time.

17. Geopolitical analyst

Geopolitical analyst conduct researches on the political systems of various geographical regions. They travel to different locations to witness current events and political economic trends. Geopolitical analysts give reports on their findings to policymakers and give guidance for international relations with respect to their research. As a Geopolitical analyst you can earn a national average salary of$68,186 per year.

18. Emergency manager

Emergency manager are also one of the 20 best careers in geography which earns an average national salary of $70,278 per year. Part of their responsibilities include creating plans to assist regions prepare and respond to natural disasters. They also join force with the community leaders and public safety officials to ensure the safety of people during emergencies and assist people including towns after a disaster may have occurred.

19. Environmental consultant

Environmental consultants specifically work with companies to give advice on their contribution to environmental situations. They also provide assistance to companies in minimizing their influence through the development of guidelines for green manufacturing, proper disposal of waste and a sustainable energy initiative. Environmental consultants could also give advice to companies on how to tackle environmental disasters. As an Environmental consultant you can earn a national average salary of $76,878 per year.

20. Real estate appraiser

The evaluation of buildings and land through the knowledge of market and geographical factors to derive value is done by a Real estate appraiser. They also work with clients to evaluate buildings and lands that are about to be sold, leased, taxed or developed. They can earn up to $60,548 per year as the national average salary.


Geography is an interesting field with diverse career opportunities for both graduates and undergraduate students studying geography in various institution of higher learning. With an acquired knowledge in geography you can be able to secure a career among the list of the 20 best careers in geography provided above that suits your desire and aspiration in your field of specialization.

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