Best Airlines To Work For As A Flight Attendant (2023 List)

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Last Updated on September 27, 2022

Are you interested in working as a flight attendant and you want to know the best airlines to work for? You may be interested in reading this article as we carefully look at the best airlines to work as a flight attendant in 2023.

There are so many companies to choose from when starting your career as a flight attendant. In a world where seniority takes the lead, it’s imperative that you take the time to think about which one is right for you.

Do you want long layovers, productive trips where you can do your job, have short layovers, and head home?

Do you want a company that pays the highest in the industry?

Do you want to move, or are you determined to stay where you are located; does the airline you want to apply for have a base where you live?

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself before applying for the position you are hoping for. Be diligent. It could affect your life for many years. With that said, we will now move on to our list of the best airlines to work for as a flight attendant.

Best Airlines To Work For As A Flight Attendant

1. Alaska Airlines

The Alaska Airlines comes first in our list of best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant. You will be expected to attend five weeks of free training if Alaska Airlines hires you as a flight attendant. They start hiring flight attendants around age 21.

When compared to other airlines, Alaska Airlines takes longer to pay its highest-paid staff. Flight attendants at Alaska Airlines begin their careers at $27.78 per hour and earn $67.14 at the end of 16 years.

Similar to Southwest in one way, Alaska is one of the best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant. Additionally, they provide TFP, or trips for payment, and all of their flights include extra compensation, which is a great advantage.

Alaska Airlines uses a linear reserve system, thus as a prospective flight attendant, you will be on reserve until you have accrued sufficient experience to no longer be on account.

2. American Airlines

Second in our list of best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant, is the American Airlines. If you are hired by American Airlines to work as an airline attendant, you will start 6.5 weeks of unpaid schooling. When they turn 20, American accepts flight attendants.

The activity is funded with a stipend of $ 40 for each day spent in class; the training is not accessible.

Given that they are one of the largest airlines, American Airlines is one of the best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant. They also have amazing domestic and foreign destinations.

The pay for flight attendants working for American Airlines is very high quality and incredibly competitive. An American Airlines flight attendant’s starting salary is $30.35; their greatest compensation, over a 13-year period, is $68.25.

Reserve Flight Attendant for American Airlines. You will spend your first year as an American Airlines flight attendant on straight reserve. Until you are mature enough to be able to have a bar and not move, you will rotate additionally for one month followed by one month of holding the line.

So With these said about the American Airlines, it is well believed that the Airline is indeed of of the best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant.

3. Delta Airlines

The Delta Airlines is another great choice when it comes to the best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant. Passengers on Delta Carriers flights love traveling all over the world. Delta Airlines is one of the “big three” legacy airlines.

ADAYS, the reserve program offered by Delta, is available. Even brand-new flight attendants only need to be in reserve for six days every month, not an entire month.

The lack of a union at Delta, which means that the same safeguards do not apply to employment that the partnership gives employees, is a drawback.

To get ready for a position as a flight attendant with Delta Airlines, there are six weeks of paid training. (This is the minimum wage; it is not your normal starting salary.) The starting pay for a flight attendant at Delta Airlines is $30.96, and the maximum pay is $69.59 after 13 years of service.

So if you are looking forth for any to apply for, the Delta Airline merits one of the top best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant.

4. Southwest Airlines

The SouthWest Airlines appears fourth in our list of best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant. The mission of Southwest Airlines is to be the most admired, effective, and profitable airline in the world. The organization has the most amazing culture. Southwest Airlines inspires awe in its staff, who extols its virtues.

You must finish four weeks of training in order to work as a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines. Although training is free, you’ll get a $1200 first boost in training money within five days of finishing. You will benefit from a pre-paid $425 Visa card to use for meals while you’re in training.

Southwest Airlines Offers Excellent Pay

The most well-known hourly flight attendant pay scale is offered by Southwest.

However, because Southwest gives its flight attendants TFP, it is impossible to determine the amount paid to them each block of hours (Trips for Pay).

The number of flight hours reserved for each journey is referred to as block time. There is also credit time, which is awesome since it means that every journey you do gets you extra time to be used in credits.

Other airlines typically only pay flight attendants for block time, with some credit time on specific flights. This additional charge is applicable to all of your travels when using Southwest (including Alaska, as was previously noted).

Additionally, as a Southwest airplane attendant, you are paid time and a half on the last day and the three first days of every month.

It may take years to reach the top 35 percent if you fly with Southwest Airlines since you will be in reserve until you are among the top 35 percent of the base. When you’re off of probation, you can schedule appointments as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines every two months.

With all these information about the Southwest Airline, it is believed that the company is one of the best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant.

5. United Airlines

Wrapping up our list of best Airlines to work for as a Flight attendant, is the United Airline. United Airlines completes the list of airlines that offer the most prestigious flight attendant employment, having more destinations and locations than other airlines throughout the world. To work as a flight attendant with United Airlines, you must be at least 21 years old.

For the training of flight attendants, United pays $140 a week per day, including two lunches per day. One of the finest trading strategies for line holders is United Airlines, which has a straight reserve. You may find out your flight attendant’s schedule after you’ve closed your account with United. For United Airlines, the initial salary is $28.88, and the highest salary is $67.11 after 13 years. The distinction is that United Reserves charges a $2/hour override rate. As a result, when you add $28.88, you get $30.88.

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