Barranquilla Young Leaders Scholarship 2022 to Attend the One Young World Summit (Fully-funded to Manchester, UK)

Last Updated on July 18, 2022

Barranquilla Young Leaders Scholarship

The city of Barranquilla will be partnering with One Young World to launch the Barranquilla Young Civic Leaders Scholarship.

The Scholarship will sponsor three impactful young civic leaders from Barranquilla to attend the One Young World Summit 2022 in Manchester, United Kingdom and become part of One Young World’s Global Community. The civic leaders will commit to participate in the development of Barranquilla’s new Civic Culture Volunteering program.

The Civic Culture Volunteering program, launched by Mayor Jaime Pumarejo as a strategy to promote youth empowerment in Barranquilla, is an initiative for young people who promote civic culture in their neighborhoods. The program seeks to promote civic values among youth through training activities and a civic service, allowing them to lead transformations within their own neighborhoods and motivate more youth to participate in the program.

Through the civic volunteering experience, young people strengthen personal and work skills by being protagonists of civic culture in their own neighborhoods, taking part in leadership capacity-building workshops, artistic interventions, activities geared towards the enhancement of public spaces, and campaigns that promote civic duties and rights, including climate change awareness, social innovation and entrepreneurship, among others.

The program allows not only the participation of young people, but also, it encourages the participation of the whole community promoting citizen engagement through the interventions in neighborhoods.


  • Access to the One Young World Summit 2022 in Manchester
  • Lifetime membership to the OYW community
  • Hotel accommodation between 5 – 8 (inclusive) September 2022 for the Summit
  • One night of hotel accommodation (if required) for the visa application process
  • Additional night on the 4th of September pre-summit
  • The cost of travel to and from Manchester (flights in economy)
  • Domestic travel costs to the airport to take the international flight (flight in economy)
  • Travel to the visa application process (if required)
  • Visa costs, if applicable (including visa costs and required travel for visa appointment)
  • Catering which includes breakfast at the hotel accommodation and, lunch and dinner at the Summit
  • Transport between the Summit accommodation and the Summit venue
  • 7 days of daily expenses (£20 per day)
  • Travel Insurance between 5 – 8 September 2022
  • Translation services for the Opening Ceremony, Plenary Sessions and Closing Ceremony


You should apply for this program if you:

  • Live in Barranquilla.
  • Are aged 18 – 28.
  • Take part or have been part of the programs developed by the District of Barranquilla for the benefit of the youth population, be an active member of volunteer programs, or work with a focus on youth. For example: “Voluntariado cívico”, “Consejeros de Juventud”, “Inglés para el trabajo”, “Universidad al barrio”, among others.
  • Have a proven track record in social leadership.
  • Have a track record of creating positive impact in Barranquilla.
  • Are willing to commit to work for the causes of Barranquilla’s Civic Culture Volunteering program (“Voluntariado cívico”) and OYW goals after the summit.
  • Have basic English level.


Send a motivational video, not longer than 2 minute, answering the following: Why do you wish to attend the One Young World Summit 2022, specifically through the Barranquilla Young Leaders Scholarship? How do you think the experience will help you to advance your work?

Click here to apply

For more information, visit One Young World.

Deadline: July 20, 2022

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