Top 15 Lucrative Automobile Business Ideas To Start 2023

Last Updated on September 13, 2022

Automobile Business Ideas

Automobile companies are building innovative structures and thus creating simple job opportunities for some youths in the country. To this end, car businesses will always have a safe landing space all over the globe.

If you’re a youth or an entrepreneur looking out for a lucrative automobile business idea for 2023, you’re on the right track. We have a list of automobile business ideas you could try your hands on in 2023.

15 Lucrative Automobile Business Ideas

1. Mobile Car Wash Business

This business has been happening from the moment I was born, I mean I’m getting older but it keeps growing and the good thing is no matter how many people venture into it, there will always be cars to wash.

However, this type of automobile business idea is better at safe yet busy areas plus you do not need a large capital investment to start nor a retail outlet. You can start anywhere safe.

2. Mobile Oil Change Service Business

This is a relatively cheap automobile business idea to start up if you’re passionate about the automotives, mobile oil change business demands a very low capital investment to begin.

3. Tire Store Retail Business

To start up on this track, you need to be vested with the knowledge is the different types and sizes of tyres that exist and their distinctive numbers, however, this business can be launched anywhere you are sure to run into helpless cat drivers and owners.

4. Driving School

If you think you can do the job of an instructor, then you could begin a driving school. Driving school like every other institution of learning demands intensive education, consider yourself a teacher to some pack of amateurs if you have can handle it, them this automobile business idea is for you.

5. Automobile Service Station

Automotives are machines, made by man, so it’s inevitable to develop a fault and you can step in to save the day. You can begin this business anywhere but do not forget to have stocks of spare parts at your disposal.

6. Spare Parts Distribution

The spare part distribution is a cheap automobile business idea anyone could start with a small capital  then grow big but be sure to buy original spare parts.

7. Car Accessories Store

You can find these stores on streets in town but not one of them leaves a day without making massive sales that’s how lucrative this automobile business idea can be. You can stuck your store with various cat accessories but be sure to find a good location for this business.

8. Battery Reconditioning Business

This automobile business idea is concerned with restoring energy lost batteries to their full potential. If you’re good at mixing chemicals and playing some simple voodoo then you can try your hands at battery reconditioning.

9. Automobile magazine

It might interest you to know that lost of folks are still read magazines and of all niches, automobile niche. There are people who love to read about the latest automobile innovative and you could satisfy their hunger by writing about what they want to read.

10. Auto body store

An auto body store provides spare parts, automobile accessories, auto-body repairs and new body building. You need a rented store filled with stocks of auto spare parts, accessories and you the auto body repairer.

11. Vehicle Registration Agency

The number is vehicle manufactured yearly is increasing by the year, the procedure for getting vehicles registered is a thorn in the flesh for most car owners and motorists. You can save them the stress and try to serve aside doing just that.

12. Start a transport business

Transportation business is not such a bad automobile business idea to start up in 2023, whether you’ll be driving school kids to and fro or you’ll making deliveries or working as a commercial motorist, it’s an honest means of earning and it makes so much sense .

13. Used car dealers

A lot of people kind of prefer going for used cars because of the high cost of purchasing brand new cars, you could step in as a used car dealer, as the middleman buying and reselling. You can do this in a small retail outlet, start small then increase as time goes on..

14. Mobile Windshield Repairing

The mobile windshield repairing might sound like a cheap automobile business idea but the good thing about is you can start up anywhere strategic with low capital as long as you have the knowledge or windshield repair.

15. Window Tinting Business

Going by the way folks had better hide behind tinted glasses, you are sure to make mad money if you start up with this automobile business idea.

Final thoughts

It’s cool if you’re scared, you’re uncertain if the business will grow or if you’ll fail, everyone starts afraid so you do not need to be an exception but start something and if this is the niche you are carving out for yourself, give it your all.

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