How To Write A Good Authorization Letter (With Samples)

Last Updated on August 8, 2022

Authorization Letter

Often times we are faced with unfavorable conditions or circumstances that make us unable to perform a professional or personal task and lives us with no choice but to appoint or assign someone else the explicit permission or authority to perform an action or execute a task on your behalf in your absence. Government agencies, academic sector, banks, corporate organizations, hospitals (Healthcare sector), and other financial/business institutions demand their clients provide a letter of authorization to grant the request made by their clients.

An authorization letter is needed to formalize things. The third-party (the one delivering the letter) is given full right to perform duties and responsibilities for a specific period of time(temporal period of time). For instance, if the president or someone in authority is unable to attend a function or meeting due to an urgent situation, he assigns someone permission to stand in on his/her behalf. Such an act is known as authorization.

What is an Authorization Letter?

An authorization letter is a written document attesting that an individual has the legal mandate or permission to act on behalf of either an organization, business entity, or someone, to carry out an action or execute a task. It can also be seen as a letter entrusted to an individual (the bearer of the letter) as proof or that authentic that he/she is permitted to perform an action on someone else’s behalf.

Supposing a person will not be able to attend a meeting or carry out an obligation due to certain reasons they assign a delicate of trust and worthy report to stand on their behalf, then a letter of authorization is issued to grant the third party access to carry out whatever action assigned to him/her. It allows the assigned person access to the process, collect, sign, and submit documents on behalf of who he/she is standing in for.

When do we write an Authorization Letter?

We write an authorization letter when we need someone to stand on our behalf for a specific task or action depending on the situation. It could be for; conducting financial transactions, receiving cash and other private documents such as; medical reports, certifications, checkbooks, or a passport written in your name, an authorization letter must be written and presented by the third party to perform either of the listed actions or task on your behalf. It can also be used when there’s a shift of power or appointment, or grant someone access to a particular position or resource.

How to write an Authorization Letter?

An authorization letter is expected to contain or follow the following format which includes:

  • Letter heading: Here you include your personal details and that of your recipient which includes;
    • Names: your full name and that of the recipient.
    • Address: your address and location and that of your recipient.
    • Phone number
    • Date: The date you wrote the letter.
    • The subject of the letter: What the letter is meant for (I.e the purpose the letter is meant to meet or address).
    • Salutation: You can use “Dear Victoria” when you know the person personally, or “Dear Sir/Madam or “to whom it may concern when you don’t know your recipient in person.
  • The body of your letter: Here you state the reason you’re for the authorization, the person you’re authorizing, what you want the person to do, how to do it in your absence, the date or duration of the permission and you can also add restrictions where necessary.
  • Closing: You conclude with closing and it should be professional, you can thank the recipient for their assistance you can use “sincerelyā€¯, and add your signature, your name, and date.

Sample Letter of Authorization giving permission

Sample 1:


Office of the director of sport

University of Uyo, Uyo Akwa Ibom State.

Authorization letter to collect jersey and football

Dear Sir/Madam

I Benard Moses, writing to authorize Edidiong Udofia to collect football and jerseys during my absence for their training against the forthcoming tournament. When he comes to collect the items please kindly provide him with whatever assistance he may need.

 I appreciate your understanding. The letter is valid until I provide notice otherwise.

You can reach out to me for any additional clarification.


Benard Moses


20th, June 2021

Sample 2:

Gideon Lawal

48 Eka Street

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

27th, July 2020

Authorization letter to stand in on my behalf

I Benson Solomon, hereby authorize Abel Ruth to stand in on my behalf as my representative as the project supervisor for PHY203 for two months which will be effective from August to September. I’d be going on a special course. Abel Ruth will keep and office running and see to ll affairs concerning PHY203.

I appreciate the management for their support and understanding of my situation.

You can contact me on 08154624332 or via email on for any clarification.

Yours Truly,

Benson Solomon


In writing an authorization letter it is essential and expected that you state every vital details an information correctly, such as the reason you are making an authorization request, who is to be authorized, and to what are they authorized to handle or perform the task assigned, how to discharge the duties and responsibilities for clarity and to validate the request for record purpose.

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