Best Architecture Universities In USA For Admission 2023

Last Updated on September 15, 2022

Architecture Universities In USA

There is no doubt that the United States is one of the most populous destinations for studying architecture in the world.

 As an international student, studying architecture in one of the best architecture universities In the USA might just be the key to navigating your career to attaining success as an architect.

 Nevertheless, studying architecture in the United States comes with many challenges and one biggest challenge is getting the right information.

In this article, we shall consider the best architecture schools in the USA, but before then let’s briefly discuss what architecture is, why we study architecture, and their responsibilities. Keep reading to discover more information!

What Is Architecture?

Architecture deals with the science and art of sketching, convincing, planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other structures. It’s a profession that deals with complex and careful designs of buildings, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments that usually have some touch and regard for aesthetic effect.

It also involves the designing and selection of furnishing, decorating, and supervision of construction works, with the examination and restoration, or remodeling of existing buildings.

Why We Study Architecture?

There are several reasons why we study architecture part of which includes;

Exposure: Studying in America as either an American or an international student has a lot to benefit as the country offers numerous opportunities for learning, from the classroom to the excursions one can take, from architecture conventions to renowned sites of architecture. America has it all plus some of the top institutions in architecture.

Expertise and Professionalism: Studying architecture in America will equip you for a career that involves the application of your expertise in construction, designing, and in the implementation of plans that will impact the environment of the individuals that come in contact with your project.

Top-notch Quality Education: America has architecture schools that provide quality and outstanding education to students, grooming them in theoretical and most especially practical knowledge.

Experience: You are bound to have a lifetime experience in the US due to the god-awful structures and designs you will be introduced to. You will be required to make critical thinking and come up with sophisticated designs that will catch the attraction of anyone who comes in contact with your work.

Responsibilities of Architectures

Architects are responsible for designing buildings and creating outstanding as well as well-organized structures.

  • The roles and responsibilities of Architectures include the following:
  • Meeting with clients to discuss their vision.
  • Drawing up building plans.
  • Modifying their designs throughout the building process to maximize structural integrity.
  • Making bids on potential building projects.
  • Working with clients to determine requirements for building projects.
  • Developing initial estimates on structure costs, building time, and special requirements.
  • Preparing a comprehensive drawing that shows both the appearance and interior structure of a building project.
  • Directing staff in the development of project drawings, studies, and budgets.
  • Preparing work contracts for building subcontractors.
  • Visiting building worksites to ensure the work is being done according to the architectural plans.
  • Developing and giving presentations to enlighten the public about an upcoming public building project.

Having gotten an insight on what architecture is, why we study architecture, and the responsibilities attach or required let’s now dive into what we have been waiting for which is the best architecture universities in the USA. Keep reading to acquire more information to help you make your choice.

Best Architecture Universities In USA

 1. The University of California-Berkeley

The University of California is a public research institute in Berkeley which was established in 1868. It is one of the best architectural schools in the United States that is well-known among American schools.

It has curriculums that combine obligatory environmental designs and architectural courses with diverse opportunities in a wide range of independent studies, which also provide a rigorous introduction to the profession of architecture through fundamental courses and studies in several areas.

 These areas include; Architectural design and representation, architectural technology and building performance, architectural history, and society and culture are all areas where architectural students might prepare for specialization in the discipline.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In MIKT the department of architecture has a large compilation of research activities that runs across its various fields. Also, the departments at MIT provide a greater background in fields such as computers, new modes of design and production, materials, structure, and energy, as well as the arts and humanities. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a place that allows, promotes, and grooms individual creativity within the spheres of humanism, society, and also in the environmental framework of ideas.

3. Harvard University

Harvard University upholds a routine of architectural studies within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences History of Art and Architecture emphasis, of which the history of Arts and Architecture and the Graduate School of Design unite to deliver the course.

 Architecture involves not just the actual structures of human occupation but more so the dynamic processes that explain human actions and experiences, and it stands at the crossroad of creative insight, practical application, and social use.

4. Cornell University

This is also one of the best architecture universities in the US. The architectural department’s Cornell University has developed a highly structured and more comprehensive program that’s centered on design, history, technology, representation, structures, and as well as philosophy.

Every student in the first three years of their education follows a fundamental curriculum that is focused in creating a strong basis for architectural education and beyond.

While in the final four semesters, students are encouraged to work across fields to focus on an academic demanding, and speculative path of study which includes: Architecture, Culture, and Society; Architectural Science and Technology; History of Architecture; Architectural Analysis; and Visual Representation in Architecture are all available as specializations in architecture.

5. Columbia University

A cutting-edge tool, comprehensive curriculum, and a wide range of projects and events which promotes design discovery, visual inquiry, and vital conversation are what the architectural major at Columbia University is built on.

 It has a curriculum that prepares students in areas specializations such as; Architectural design and representation, architectural technology and building performance, architectural history, and society and culture.

 In addition, architecture at Columbia University merges technical and humanistic techniques of inquiry with textual and visual modes of expression in a normal classroom setting and also in studios created specifically for this specialization.

6. Princeton University

Princeton University is noted for its rigorous and interdisciplinary approach to pre-professional education for its undergraduate curriculum at the school of Architecture.

 Undergraduates in this institute study a variety of disciplines that contribute to the vision and knowledge of an architects’ including architectural analysis, computing, representation, and construction technologies, adding to the architectural design, the history and theory of architecture, and urbanization.

A broad academic program like this can also help students prepare for graduate school in architecture and in related fields which include landscape architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, art history, and the visual arts.

7. Rice University

William Marsh Rice University, which sometimes is called “Rice University,” is also one of the best architecture universities in the US with a higher echelon of educational institutions.

Rice University has an organized architectural program that handles architectural challenges through research and uniting with departments such as environmental studies, business, and engineering.

It’s a multidisciplinary institution that allows students to part-take in internships in some of the greatest companies so as to get the fundamental background on a promising career.

In addition, students in this institution receive the best assistance and attentiveness as a result of the program.

8. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University has an objective which is to provide an extensive level of participation across each of its architectural disciplines. Its bedrock was built on creativity and invention which oversees the desire for curiosity.

Architectural students of Carnegie Mellon University can concentrate on sub-disciplines such as sustainable or computational design, or merge their studies with CMU’s other reputed disciplines like the humanities, sciences, business, or robotics.

9. Yale University

Yale University is also one of the best Architecture universities in the US. The architectural major at Yale University encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, cutting-edge resources, and a variety of programs and activities that foster design discovery, visual inquiry, and critical conversation. Their curriculum covers areas such as Architectural history and philosophy, urbanization and landscape, materials and technology, and structures and computing through design studios and labs, as well as lectures and seminars.

10. University of Pennsylvania

In 2000 the University of Pennsylvania’s undergraduate program in architecture was established to provide hope for undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students at Pennsylvania University study architecture in several aspects of engagement, ranging from freshmen seminar to a minor in Architecture and then a major in Architecture. Students concentrate on three different aspects which involve: Design, History & Theory, and Intensive Design.


Architecture is a profession that demands intensive and rigorous experience, specifically in terms of execution and how well you are able to implement theoretical concepts, securing a career in Architecture in the US provides you an edge in your profession due to the numerous advantages attached. While you are considering making a choice among the list of best architectural universities in the US, it is, therefore, necessary to look out for different aspects which may include; the kind of facilities (libraries, laboratories, etc.) that are available at your disposal, how good the architecture school is and if it has some famous alumni, the location, tuition fees, and living costs.

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