Top 10 Apps That Pay In Kenya Through Mpesa 2023

Last Updated on March 6, 2023

Looking for the best apps for making money online in Kenya? Apps that allow you to use your mobile phone to earn extra cash are becoming increasingly popular. Here are ten apps that will let you make Money for free in Kenya that pay through Mpesa.

Apps That Pay In Kenya Through Mpesa

The M-Pesa system is Kenya’s mobile money transfer service, which allows customers to send and receive Money using their phones. It was launched in 2007 and now has over 40 million users. It works like a debit card, except that you transfer money between accounts on your phone instead of paying out cash. This makes it easy to use because there’s no need to carry large amounts of money around.

The best part about Mpesa is that several applications allow you to earn extra amounts of Money using Mpesa. So if you are looking for ways to earn extra income, this article has all the applications you may need. These apps allow users to make money by completing surveys, taking quizzes, playing games, watching videos, and downloading apps. The app will send you Money on your Mpesa immediately once you complete all that it wants you to do.

Users can earn between Kshs 500 and Kshs 5000 daily, depending on the app and your input.

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Pakumi is an online game that encourages social interaction and provides entertainment and financial gain. It’s a fair game that has been played for a while, and many Kenyans are already involved. Pakumi readily accepts Mpesa payments, and thus it is the best option for you to consider. Playing online games is the primary source of income for Pakakumi. Alternatively, you can earn more money by participating in the affiliate program.


 You may get paid for completing surveys or sharing your ideas on SuperPay, a reputable and trustworthy market research site. Most polls take 6 minutes to complete and pay $1 to $1.50 per hour. As a bonus, watching videos can earn you $1.5. You can ask to withdraw Money via Mpesa after you hit the $1 minimum withdrawal requirement. SuperPay is for people who wish to earn extra money by participating in online surveys and giving their opinions. Additionally, it is for businesses and brands who want to recognize fresh market trends to enhance their goods and services.


A paid survey site called Surveytime purports to offer rapid rewards for completing internet surveys. You will receive $1 for each survey that you complete. You may be provided a $0.50 study if no $1 surveys are available. However, you will always be informed before beginning the study. As a general rule, you will receive $1 for each survey. As long as surveys are accessible, there is theoretically no restriction on the number of surveys you can complete on Survey time. You can also pay via Paypal and have it on your Mpesa immediately.


Rakuten offers users up to 40% cash back on purchases made at well-known eateries, stores, and food delivery services. Additionally, customers can receive money back on other services like gift cards and vacations. However, how do you approach the procedure? You must first register for an account, choose the retailer you wish to shop at in the app and use the gateway to make payments. You can use a check or PayPal to pay for the services you need in the app.


More than 200 different gig categories can be found on the freelancing website Fiverr. Animation, video, and programming are among the services offered on Fiverr. You must register for a Fiverr account and utilize your profile to advertise your area of expertise as a “seller” to join the community. Post your services after that, along with their cost and description. Payments from Fiverr can be made via PayPal, wire transfer to a bank account, or credit to a Fiverr Revenue Card.


Ibotta allows you to earn extra money for both offline and online purchases. To make Money with this app, just like other applications, you download it and create a free account. You have three choices for getting cash back after downloading the app: uploading the receipt to the app after buying qualifying items, purchasing qualifying items via the app or website, or connecting a store loyalty card ahead of time to get promotional deals. After purchasing gift cards or promoting family and friends to the program, you can also get back some of your money.

Olymp trade

 Popular online trading platform OlympTrade has been helping customers since 2014. Several features that Olymp Trade offers could be advantageous to you. The functionality and features provided address customer needs, and most of these features will typically appeal to new investors. Olymp Trade offers free registration compared to other well-known platforms on the market, and all new investors and members receive 10,000 credits. The new member can test the system and investing platform using the complimentary credits.

Foap app

 Foap is a photo-selling app. Photographers post images using the Android or iOS mobile app; they receive payment when someone purchases their work. Foap prices are straightforward. Customers shell up $10 for a license and an image. Foap does not automatically compensate you; you only receive half ($5 per image). You must either “cash out” (for Android) or “withdraw money” (IOS). You then enter your PayPal credentials. It would help if you used PayPal to use Foap. PayPal fees are also included.


The Android, Windows, and iOS versions of the smartphone app Sweatcoin can all be downloaded for free. Like any other track-stepping app you can download, the program keeps track of how many steps you take each day. One Sweatcoin costs one thousand steps to earn. If you exercise frequently, you might make ten Sweatcoin or more each day and a few hundred Sweatcoin each month. An auction area and a marketplace are available in the app. You can also donate your Sweatcoin to one of a predetermined number of charities. One Sweatcoin is now worth about $0.05, but this amount is liable to change. Sweatcoin also provides Amazon and PayPal gift cards, enabling you to purchase any good at a discounted price.


 Kenya’s top B2C eCommerce site for electronics, clothing, household goods, and other items is Jumia. As long as you have a physical location and offer tangible, brand-new things, you may sign up as a site vendor. Register on the seller’s page to begin selling on the site. Then, among other things, you will supply personal and business information. Your products will be listed on the marketplace and have access to over 4 million buyers in Kenya once the data have been confirmed. The Jumia app is also available on the Apple Store and Google Playstore.

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