How To Write An Appointment Letter (With Samples)

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Last Updated on August 5, 2022

Appointment Letter Samples

Whenever a job opportunity or vacancy is brought to the notice of the public, it’s expected that an application letter is submitted by aspirants for the job to the company or organizations hiring Manager and an interview will be fixed or schedule, which is a tool to pick the most qualified candidates. The shortlisted candidates are handed over or issued an official mandatory document Called appointment letter. This process is called appointment which serves as a means or evidence that the respective candidate was offered a job. An appointment letter therefore is an integral official document that is handed over to an eligible candidate (s) or person(s) as a proof of being selected among the multiple for a specific post.

What is an appointment letter?

An appointment letter or employment letter is a formal letter provided in writing to a candidate joining for employment basically on the first day of resumption for work into the organization or company after being offered a job or position. In other words, it’s a formal letter of entrustment stipulated to a candidate I written format asking him/her to join the organization for employment issued by the HR Manager of the company. It bridges the gap between the two parties and guarantees the future aspects as a contract. An appointment letter is handed over to designated official viz. For Managers, professionals, executives and sometimes for internship also. All details about the company’s facilities, perks, terms and conditions are communicated to the employee which the company wants him/her to know, the salary to be paid and what the company expects the Candidate to know as day to day work or duty are mentioned in the appointment letter.

When to write an appointment letter?

An appointment letter is written or issued whenever a job or employment opportunity is awarded to a candidate that meets the requirements or qualifications, usually after an interview.

How to write an appointment letter?

  • Include a Header: On the left corner of the appointment letter, include all necessary contacts information of your candidate as required such as; full name, address, and phone number, you can also include the date you sent the letter and subject explain the content of your document.
  • Begin with greeting: It’s important to write a friendly, professional greeting even before writing the content of your letter. Begin with salutation and address the candidate you’re writing to by name. Express gratitude to your candidate for their time and participation in the hiring process, and also you could convey your excitement in proffering them a position. Ensure to maintain a professional tone and be brief.
  • Offer the position: Here you formerly offer the candidate the position or job for which they applied for and listing the conditions of the employment. Ensure you carefully use the accurate job title when listing the conditions.
  • Include the job description: This stage involves a brief description of the job (i.e. the clear detail of the nature of the job), the task involved, expectations of the position, carefully ensure that the candidate accurately comprehend the functions of the assigned roll.
  • Mention a start date: Including the start date of the job is very important in an appointment letter. In determining your start time allows your candidate time to make necessary preparation and evaluation of the offer.
  • Discuss working hours: The expected working duration for the position is to be included in the appointment letter. As this may include daily, weekly or monthly hours depending on the type of organization or company. Also bring to the employees knowledge if the hours are flexible or firm, full-time or part-time are to be mentioned and any other included schedule for paid and unpaid breaks.
  • Define the salary: One of the important and prominent factor to be well spelt out in an appointment letter is a clearly defined salary or wage. State the amount to be paid and how it would be paid ,it could be per year ,or hourly and if there’s a compensation for the position on salary or hourly basis production. Any other additional bonuses, incentives, commission or overtime pay that’s associated with the position.
  • Describe benefits: designated benefits for the position are to be listed, it could be a free car, accommodation, health insurance, paid time off, and vacation allowance (paid holiday),are to be listed separately using bullet points to define details of each.
  • State additional conditions; Any other conditions applied to the employment can be stated here. This could include probationary periods, dress code, rules and regulations, company policy, as this helps your candidate to fundamentally understand the expectations of the position.
  • Provide next steps: Consider including a set of clear instructions for your candidate to progress in the process. Steps to be followed to either accept or decline the offer should be included. Method of submission of either acceptance or declination, contact information of the individual or the department to which they should send their reply and the deadline by which you hope to receive a response.


An appointment letter on job opportunity

Chris Morgan

123 Abak Road

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State


June 23, 2022


Dear Mr. Morgan

Thank you for your application and for taking the time to be interview with our hiring team. I’m writing to notify you the team has made a collective decision to extend the offer of production manager with Bonaventure’s stitches on the following terms and conditions:

Position: Production Manager

Job description: Lead production team by providing guidance, supervision, training and mentorship. Set production goals,target and allocations for your department. Maintain client relationships and manage a portfolio of up to 80 clients at any given time.Direct and supervise weekly production meetings. Strategize with production and marketing teams to devise and plan or organize promotional campaigns. Create production plans, analyze data and contribute to the excellence of Bonaventure’s stitches.

Start date: 8/1/2022

Position hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4p.m. with two paid

Twenty breaks and one unpaid twenty five-minute lunch break.

Salary: Salaried position of #450,000 per year plus commission.

Benefits: Fully covered medical, dental and vocation insurance available after 80 days probationary period. 120 hours of accrued paid vacation time at a rate of five hours per month. Paid major holidays.

Additional conditions: Benefits and commission only available after a 80-day probationary period. Business casual dress code on-premises, with the exception of Fridays where employees can wear jeans, native wears and casual clothing. No smoking nor drinking on office property. Must provide two weeks’ notice of time-off requests totaling three or more days.

We kindly ask you to review these conditions and reply with your acceptance or declination within two weeks of receiving this letter. Please send your reply to our human resources department, which you can contact at the following email address:

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for your time and correspondence with Bonaventures stitches.


Bonaventure Demeji

Hiring manager, Bonaventure’s Stitches

Internship Appointment Letter


Abas Abel

43 Ekpo obot street

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State


Dear Mr Abel,

In respect to our conversation through recommendation, we are very humbly glad and excited to offer you, this internship for the course of Animal Nutrition and feed formulation with our organisation,” Abasiofong feeds limited “,We would like to share with you the following terms and conditions of our organisation.

Commencement of Internship: The term of your joining will be effective, as of 8/1/2023

Internship Position: Internship Appointment Letter.

Internship Position: You are designated for the post of intern Full-time and your reporting authority will be Frank Gidion.

HOURS of Work: You have been assigned to work as Full-time employee with a minimum of 10hours each day.

Posting/ Site location: Your internship will be held at Uyo, Nwaniba and it will be later coordinated by the company as per your feasibility.

Stipend:  You will receive the monthly stipend of #20,000 as per the conversation.

Abas Abel                                                                                Frank Gidion

(Signature).                                                                               (signature) .                 


Whenever a job is been offered to a candidate, an appointment letter which is a tools of confirmation of the employment is being issued. Therefore in writing an appointment letter stick to details, be specific and pass the intended message across to your candidate. Important informations such as contact details, position offered, the task, commitment, benefits, company working policies e.t.c should reflect on the letter, as this gives a guide and explain the rudiments and etiquette of the job to the candidate and as such ,it should be brief simple and understandable.

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