How to Apply for an Algerian Passport Application Form Online

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Algerian Passport Application Form Online

If you are an Algerian citizen and planning on traveling to another country, you will need an Algerian passport.

A passport is a document issued by a national government for international travel and it certifies the identity and nationality of the holder.

There are different types of passports, with different application requirements, fees, and processes.

You must have an Algerian identity document to apply for an Algerian Passport, or if you are a child, a birth certificate.

If you are traveling on official government business, you may apply for an official passport. Diplomats get a diplomatic passport.

Did you know you can apply for your passport online?

How to Apply for an Algerian Passport Application Form Online

You can apply for an Algerian passport online. The application process is simple and easy to use with online application guidelines.

Applicants are required to visit the State Department website and fill out the form.

Guidelines for Applying for an Algerian Passport

All that you need to know about the biometric passport:

Every citizen applying for a biometric passport must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Applying for a passport for the first time at the Embassy is subject to prior consular registration*;
  • The applicant, except children under 12 years, must be present at the Embassy when submitting the application and collecting the passport;

Be in possession of the special extract of his/her birth certificate ’12s’;

File content:

  1. The expired passport;
  2. The valid consular registration card;
  3. The passport application form duly filled and signed by the applicant or by the legal guardian for minors;
  4. The original applicant’s special extract of birth certificate ’12s’*;
  5. Original and a copy of proof of legal residence in South Africa, Botswana or Lesotho (work permit, study permit, business permit…);
  6. A copy of the blood type card;
  7. Four (04) photos comply with required standards (please write the name and surname at the back);
  8. The work certificate or certificate of enrolment for students or school children;
  9. A copy of a proof of address;

Payment of the passport fees (1200 Rand payable by cash only when applying for the passport).

Passport for kids:

Minor is entitled to an individual passport at any age.

In addition to the documents listed above, the issuing of a passport to a minor (under 19 years) is subject to written parental permission by the father or by the legal guardian who must be present at the consulate to sign the document in the presence of the officer in charge.

Please, be advised that children’s birth must be registered on the civil status records of the Embassy prior to the issuance of the passport. Furthermore, the Embassy recalls that Algerian law imposes that the birth of a child must be declared to and registered within 10 days

Note: the presence of children under 12 years at the Embassy is not required either when submitting the application or when collecting the passport. These two operations can be performed by the child’s legal guardian. However, the photographs provided must meet the required standards (The application will be rejected if the photographs do not meet these requirements).

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