ALA Pre-University Diploma Scholarship 2023 Online Application Form

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

ALA Pre-University Diploma Scholarship 2023

African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to enroll the most outstanding young leaders, aged 15 – 18, from across Africa and around the world. Only the most passionate and brilliant young leaders can transform the future of our continent. Are you one of them?

We are on a mission to find brilliant young people. Our goal is to discover the brightest minds that possess the potential to transform the future of our continent.

We are not solely interested in students who excel academically; rather, we seek young individuals who possess the courage, initiative, and drive to make a positive impact on the world around them through their innovative ideas and forward-thinking initiatives.

Aim and Benefits of ALA Pre-University Diploma Scholarship Program

Students from disadvantaged homes are automatically awarded financial assistance (if indicated).

Requirements for ALA Pre-University Diploma Scholarship Program Qualification

For the African Leadership Academy, an ideal candidate (has):

  • Academic excellence, leadership potential, and a clear sense of purpose.
  • Is typically between the ages of 15-18 and have either completed high school or are about to complete high school.
  • Admission to ALA is both accessible and selective. Many people think of minimum grade requirements in a national or international examination as being the most important factor in an admissions decision, but it is only one of several factors considered by our admissions department. We do not have fixed minimum grades – we review academic reports over the course of the last two years of school to understand a candidate’s academic trajectory and to gauge their preparedness to thrive in a rigorous environment like ALA.
  • We also consider leadership activities, extracurricular activities, volunteerism, projects started and other such activities alongside the short essays in the application. If a student has been performing consistently well in their previous school (even if they were not top of their class), they stand a chance of being admitted to ALA.
  • The application form challenges students to reflect on how they intend to be changemakers in the future and what they have already started to do towards that. We will request for two full years of academic term results plus the completed application form.
  • Applications are open from June – December each year. ALA operates an equal admissions opportunity policy, offering 50% of places to males and 50% to females.

Interview date, Process and Venue for ALA Pre-University Diploma Scholarship Program

Application Timeline:

  • 15th October, 2023: Early Decision deadline
  • 15th January, 2024: Regular Decision deadline
  • JANUARY 2024: Early Decision results are released for the entry class of 2024
  • APRIL 2024: Regular Decision results are released for the entry class of 2024

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to African Leadership Academy on to apply.

Application Deadline October 15, 2023

For more details, visit ALA website.

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