Top 15 Lucrative Agriculture Business Ideas To Start In 2023

Last Updated on September 8, 2022

Agriculture Business Ideas

Agriculture has been the only sector preserving the means of livelihood of the people globally, without which nature would threaten starvation all over the world.

The importance of agriculture can never be fully stretched, which is why countries and states allocate plots of land to grow agricultural products on a commercial scale.

There are a lot of business ideas and opportunities in agriculture. So, if you want to start an agriculture business in 2023, you may be interested in reading this article as you will discover some of the most lucrative agriculture business ideas you can start.

15 Lucrative Agriculture Business Ideas

1. Vegetable farming

This may have cut across your mind as a possible alternative, it’s all good. The rate of consumption of veggies because it’s good, adding it’s nutritional roles in man’s health is outrageous. Many families working as farmers grow vegetable crops in small and medium scale but the produce is usually enormous such that they could sell and resell. Vegetable farming is a good way to start, all you need is a farmland, irrigation channel, fertilizer may be important depending on the type of vegetable crop you are growing.

2. Poultry farming

I can equally bet that this one also came to your mind. Poultry farming is a rich agricultural business to consider especially if you have a nice location for the poultry house, people no longer wait till Christmas to purchase fowls and you do not need to worry about the death of your chicks as long as you have the necessary things out in place..

3. Dairy Farming

There isn’t a family who doesn’t consume diary products so if you have a space, or you have cows or other diary animals that are ready for milking, you could start your own diary farms in 2023.

4. Fruit growing

You can own an orchard where you plant varieties of fruits depending on the soil, this will demand you carry out analysis of the soil type and the specie of fruit that thrives in it.

5. Florist farming

A lot of people are venturing into horticulture, because at the moment, man seems to be more vested in the beaut of nature and flowers have their way of livening the atmosphere of a place. So people use flowers for interior decor making it a much needed commodity in the market.

6. Farmer’s Market Vending

As much as you preserve foodstuffs for consumption, you could equally ske some ration for sale at the market, this is also a way of generating income from agricultural products.

7. Fish Farming

This is another lucrative agricultural business to consider for the year 2023, a fish pond is all you will need plus a nice place safe for the fingerlings and then you kick start your business.

8. Snail farming

You might consider snail farming if your idea of an agricultural business is a small scale capital investment plan. Considering he way people love escargot now, you can make quite a lot of money supplying snails to cuisines and eateries.

9. Rabbit raising

Rabbits can be used for diverse purposes so you might want to put this idea into consideration, but if you decide on it, a pen house is what you need to get rolling.

10.  Weed Killer Production

A business that produces chemicals for tackling the issue with weeds? Nice one. Weeds have become one of the major problems of farmers, you could start just in time to save the day.

11. Juice production

I know someone who produced juice at substantial levels in the past, now he has a factory and few workers working for him, business is moving well.

12. Mushroom Farming

Who doesn’t like mushroom? Scientists have discovered the health benefits of mushroom and now you can’t even find it laying on the grass anymore. You can grow mushrooms for sale, it’s a good enough business.

13. Beekeeping

From beekeeping, you could start collecting honey and selling to processors or individuals or process beewax an sealed to companies for the production of cosmetic and candles.

14. Soy Production

Soy business is one you can hope to grow rich with. You could harvest, process and sell soy to individuals and companies for various purposes.

15. Wool Production

This goes without saying, the amount of wool products used yearly would send you into a frentic state. You can by raising animals like sheep and alpaca for wool production. Agriculture is a business that never runs out of customers, you can make your a sketch of which business you wish to start and how for it.

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