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Last Updated on May 28, 2022

This article provides detailed information on the African Bank online login. It also contains information on the official website, benefits of using the African Bank online, and steps on how to access African Bank login.

African Bank Login

Online banking has grown at a faster pace. Most South African banks have launched their internet banking and mobile banking websites to facilitate the customers with online availability of almost all banking products. Internet banking is now a common mode of secure and convenient banking services. Let us understand the concept of Internet banking.

What Is Online Banking?

Online Banking, also known as internet banking, is an electronic payment system that enables the customer of a bank or a financial institution to make financial or non-financial transactions online via the internet. This service gives online access to almost every banking service, traditionally available through a local branch including fund transfers, deposits, and online bill payments to the customers.

Internet banking can be accessed by any individual who has registered for online banking at the bank, having an active bank account or any financial institution. After registering for online banking facilities, a customer need not visit the bank every time he/she wants to avail a banking service. It is not just convenient but also a secure method of banking. Online banking portals are secured by unique User/Customer IDs and passwords.

Special Features of Online Banking

Here are some of the best features of internet banking:

  • Provides access to financial as well as non-financial banking services
  • Facility to  check bank balance any time
  • Make bill payments and fund transfer to other accounts
  • Keep a check on mortgages, loans, savings a/c linked to the bank account
  • Safe and secure mode of banking
  • Protected with unique ID and password
  • Customers can apply for the issuance of a chequebook
  • Buy general insurance
  • Set-up or cancel automatic recurring payments and standing orders
  • Keep a check on investments linked to the bank account.

Advantages of Internet Banking

Given below are some advantages/benefits of Internet Banking available for all the users-

  • 24×7 Availability: Internet banking, unlike usual banking hours, is not time-bound. It is available 24×7 throughout the year. Most of the services available online are not time-restricted. Users can check their bank balance, account statements and make fund transfers anytime instantly.
  • Convenience of initiating financial transactions: Internet banking is largely preferred because of the convenience that it provides while fund transfer and bill payments. Registered users can use almost all the banking services without having to visit the bank and standing in queues. Financial transactions such as paying bills and transferring funds between accounts can easily be performed anytime as per the convenience of the user.
  • Proper Track of Transactions: Acknowledgement slips are provided by the bank after transactions which have a high possibility of getting misplaced. However, with internet banking, it becomes very easy to track the history of all the transactions initiated by the user. Transactions and fund transfers made online are organised in the ‘Transaction History’ section along with other details such as payee’s name, bank account number, the amount paid, the date and time of payment, and remarks.
  • Quick and Secure: Net banking users can transfer funds between accounts instantly, especially if the two accounts are held at the same bank. Funds can be transferred via NEFT, RTGS or IMPS as per the user’s convenience. One can also make bill payments, EMI payments, loan and tax payments easily. Moreover, the transactions, as well as the account, are secured with a password and unique User-ID.
  • Non-financial Transactions: Besides fund transfer, internet banking allows the users to avail non-financial services such as balance check, account statement check, application for issuance of cheque book, etc.

African Bank Login

Note: In order to start using African Bank online you have to register an account on the African Bank portal. In case you have registered already, log in and apply for services.

Steps to Login to African Bank

  • Open your internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Go to
  • Kindly log in with your details

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African Bank Official Website:

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