How To Write An Acknowledgement Letter (Sample)

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

Acknowledgement Letter

In every organization or business setting, acknowledgement is considered very necessary and important as the business itself, because it’s regarded as a way or means of expressing gratitude for something done for an individual or received by an individual. It could be in business projects, where you acknowledge the support and efforts of your team members in making the project a huge success, it could be a customer; you could acknowledge their patronage or service rendered, and also on research or project work; you acknowledge those that helped you in one way or the other to see it a success. Acknowledgement letters can also be referred to as letters of receipt, they are usually brief (concise) and written formally. Most times they have a legal purpose behind them.

Every acknowledgement letter is aimed at maintaining business relationships. It makes the other party (the recipient) involved believe that their opinion is valued and appreciated as such it enhances Goodwill’s built and trust is created.

What Is An Acknowledgement Letter?

An Acknowledgement letter is a printed, electronic formal letter (depending on the choice of the sender and professionalism). They are concise (brief) and mainly serve the intended purpose, which is for the confirmation of receiving goods or documents previously requested. Acknowledgement letter can be of various forms, depending on the situation it is meant for, e.g CV/application letter, business acknowledgement letter (it may be for partnership, sponsorship etc), resignation or even deliveries.

When to write an acknowledgement letter?

Generally, acknowledgement letters are written when we receive something either goods or documents, help, or offers. Other includes; when we want to express gratitude when we want to show value for time and the opinion of others, it can also be written in a business transaction.

How to write an acknowledgement letter?

The following steps are to be bear in mind when writing an acknowledgement letter:

  • Letter header: When you’re writing on behalf of your company or organization, it’s very important to use paper or electronic letterhead. The letterhead gives a description of the company and recipient, (name and address of both the company and recipient respectively). It also includes the date the letter was sent or written.
  • Subject: This gives information about what you are acknowledging. Also, it contains the reference number of the application or order.
  • Acknowledgement Statement (body): Here is where the recipient gives confirmation with the exact date they received the package. A clear and brief statement of acknowledgement or confirmation by the receiver must be included so they provide information about the goods or documents if they were received in good condition.
  • Explain the next step: This includes further instructions or guidelines on any required actions, such as a signature from the other party, legal review and any additional items.
  • Closing: In your close remark, include gratitude and express how the firm or organization desires to continue doing business with the recipient. Also, include any statement that would promote Goodwill. You can also include your signature, company seal and any form to be contacted if the need arises it could be via; email or phone numbers.

Why is writing an acknowledgement letter important?

Acknowledgement letters are written to serve different purposes as to what situation it is meant for. Some reasons are;

  • It serves as proof of completion of an obligation or task.
  • It serves as record keeping.
  • It helps build cooperation, trust and Goodwill among business partners or organizations and clients.
  • They serve as proof of delivery.

Samples of acknowledgement letter

Resume acknowledgement letter

July 27, 20××


      Mark Donald,

      473 Ring Road,

      Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

                    Receipt of Resume for the position of Assistant Manager

    Dear John,

  The Board and Management team of ROJUADE GROUP of COMPANIES would like to honour you by writing this letter.

We wish to acknowledge the receipt of your resume for the position of Assistant Manager. I am certain that you recall sending your resume as part of the credentials for the subject position.

Other than acknowledging the receipt of your resume, we would also like to seize this opportunity to inform you that we are highly impressed with your academic achievements, experience, and extra-curricular activities.

We will be pleased to notify you concerning the recruitment procedure for the position.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Signature and company seal.

Business documents acknowledgement letter

January 19, 20XX

Okon Mfoniso

32 Atiku Way, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Dear sir/madam,

We acknowledge the receipt of business document B13. We are currently exploring the document for any issues to be addressed. The signed and verified documents will be returned to you within the next 3 business days.

We highly appreciate and value your trust in our company. We look forward to more business with you.


Abasiofon Enterprise.


When writing an acknowledgement letter, one of the key things to keep in mind is that the letter should be very brief as possible and specific. Also note that an acknowledgement letter is a formal letter and you should always use a letter head when writing for an organization. It should address the situation that mandates the writing of the letter. Important details such as; name, date, events transaction amount and location should be accurately inputed.

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