How To Write A Good Acceptance Letter (With Samples)

Last Updated on August 9, 2022

Acceptance Letter

Whenever we receive a new job offer or opportunity, you consider sending a letter of acceptance to your potential employer, hiring manager, or recruiter. Which represents a positive response that you’re accepting the job offer. Although it is not mandatory doing so does not only help you reinforce your professionalism but also conveys a positive impression to the recipient. It allows you to outline the details of the job and position to enhance a clear knowledge of the duties and responsibilities that are assigned to you regarding the job in the company or organization you will be working with.

What is an Acceptance Letter?

An acceptance letter is a written or mailed document of acknowledgment given to an employer or hiring manager after accepting a job offer or invitation. It can also be seen as a written note, document, or mail that notifies the hiring manager you consent(agree) to the terms and conditions of the job offer, the terms related to the job title, the day you intended to resume or start working, the salary, and other related terms of your new employment. Some employers or hiring managers may request you send a physical copy of your acceptance letter while others may prefer it to be mailed. But, regardless of the required means or method of response as to the submission of your letter ensure your letter is clear, brief, very specific, and professional as possible.

How to write an Acceptance Letter?

Writing an effective acceptance letter can determine the tone of future interaction or communication, it also indicates how good your communication skill is, and cause a lasting impression on the hiring manager. Before writing an acceptance letter there are important points or details to consider before you prepare your letter which include;

1. Reviewing the employment terms: Here you need to consider if the employment terms satisfy your expectations or demands and your professional career and goals. Critically evaluate the job title, workstation (location), salary, duration of work or working time, and general employees’ welfare and benefits are to be considered and evaluated.

2. Request clarification: Wherever the need for clarity and transparency is needed, ensure you ask for more information and details from the hiring manager or recruiter.

3. Consider negotiation of job offer terms: You could consider negotiating more satisfactory and appealing terms if the terms are not favourable to you. The negotiation may include; salary, start date adjustment, working hours, vacation time, compensation, welfare, and benefits. etc.

After considering the above details and getting acquainted with them, then you can approach the acceptance letter following this procedure or steps;

  • Address the appropriate recipient: Here you include your name and contact information and that of your recipient when you’re using a written or typing format. But when you’re using an email format you address the letter to the recipient and include your name and the subject of the letter. There’s a need to properly address your acceptance letter to the professional who sent you the job offer. It could be the Human Resource Manager (HR), the hiring manager, or the department manager. Whosoever the recipient individual may be, address the letter accordingly to the rightful personality or professional.
  • State clearly and briefly why you’re writing: You need to state the reason for the letter and the specific position you were offered in the company or organization by the hiring manager or other person on a precise date. This section has to be brief and specific.
  • Express your gratitude for the job offer: Express your gratitude to the recipient for considering and offering you the job opportunity and position you applied for. You could also discuss details concerned with the hiring process. For example, you can say,” Thanks for your consideration of my application for the position of production manager in your company. I am grateful for the experience which you shared with me during the hiring process”. A polite and well-Mannered appearance and approach when accepting a job offer is essential as it increases your professionalism.
  • Agree on the employment terms: Here you agree to the job offer and make clarification and confirmation on details so doing it will help you understand your duties, responsibilities, and expected benefits as an employee, and avoid any form of misconceptions after reviewing the employment letter. Sometimes you may have had a verbal agreement during the interview, on how much to be paid as salary, how it’s to be paid (either monthly or weekly basis), the time of work, benefits, etc. and it doesn’t reflect in the contract or job offer sent to you. The hiring manager may have forgotten or overlooked that aspect especially if they were not present at the interview, so you take the chance to point out those overlooked or forgotten details and make appropriate negotiations where necessary. Ensure to be polite when asking your employer for clarifications of specific terms in your contract.
  • Use a professional sign-off: In this section of your letter, seize the opportunity to express gratitude to your hiring manager or employer for the job offer and also show your enthusiasm for the opportunity by expressing your excitement to start the job. This gives the impression that you’re a hard-working individual when you express your desire to start the job. Include a complimentary close, such as “Sincerely” or “Regards”. Finally, you sign your signature and write your name and precise date.

Sample of a Job Acceptance Letter in written form

Victor Robson


Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

July 25, 2022

Richard Donald


Uyo,Akwa-Ibom State

Dear Mr. Richards,

I am writing my acceptance in confirming the job offer you sent to me on july 18th and to express how excited I am to be joining Adex Beverage LTD as the advertising manager.

I am confident that I will make a notable contribution to the company,and I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me to work with your company.

As we negotiated,my starting salary will be #200,000 with full range of employees benefits of health and life insurance that will be provided after 60days of employment.

Thank you for the confidence that you have expressed in me. I look forward to a long and productive career with Adex Beverage LTD.


Victor Robson

Sample of Acceptance Letter in mailed format

Gabriel Efiok

Job Offer Acceptance

Dear Gibson,

I am pleased to accept your job offer position as the project supervisor at Triumphant Construction LTD.

I will like to express my utmost gratitude for the opportunity, consideration and confidence in me to contribute to the team.

I look forward to starting working with your company on September 4, 2022.

As we discussed, my starting salary will be #300000, with paid vacation for 3 weeks every year. I also accept the health benefits package the company provides.

If you need any further information or details from me before my commencing of duty, kindly let me know. You can contact me on (08148023456).

Thank you once again for this generous opportunity.


Gabriel Efiok


While sending or writing an acceptance letter either by mail or writing format, depending on the preferred or required method or means your future employer required, ensure to take note of essential information and details of your job as required by the organization or company hiring manager. Be brief and specific. Ensure to acknowledge all responsibilities assigned to your position and most importantly express gratitude for the job offer.

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