50 Birthday Prayer Wishes for Your Friends and Loved Ones

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Birthday Prayer Wishes

Best friends are not just any kind of friends, they’re much more than neighbours, acquittances or just friends. They make so much impact in our lives, way of living and they also hold the key to so many decisions we’ve made in life.

Presenting to them gifts, cakes, cards, jewellery on their birthday doesn’t make them different from every other kind of friend you have, they deserve much more because they are your best friend and so your love and commitment should be with them on their special day-birthday.

Don’t think too much, we have some kind of ketchup in the form of Prayers to help spice up the birthday present you have for them. Send to him/her heavenly prayers from the best collection of happy birthday prayers for my best friend and seal the celebration with the heavenly blessing.

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Birthday Prayer Wishes for Your Friends and Loved Ones

Since your best friend deserves some accolades and blessings on his or her birthday, these birthday prayers and blessings for a Best friend are for that special friend of yours to enjoy on his or her birthday.

  1. Hey, sugar! Your birthday is a remembrance of God’s love for me. You’re the best of the best of my friends and I really appreciate and adore your strength. I wanna say a big thank you for being so awesome to me and I pray that your New age brings you into a new season of grace, Love, strength, upliftment, peace and a sound mind. Happy birthday, dear. You’re Much appreciated and loved.
  2. It’s an honour to be your friend and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate this year’s birthday with you, it’s been a year filled with so many activities for us and you’ve been a great help in my times of need. I pray that your good heart open doors of great opportunities for you, you shall continue to prosper in life, you’ll not strive to live. I love so much honey. A very happy birthday to you dear.
  3. I call you best girl, twinnie, best half, a partner in crime and best friend. Guess what? no one can ever take your place on planet Earth. So, you’re one year older today and my heart prays that you’ll continue to be a channel of Joy to your friends and family, you shall never experience sadness and disappointment all the days of your life. Happy happy birthday to you, sugar. God bless you and keep you.
  4. You’re someone I never pray to loose to any other friend, You make my life perfect. It’s your birthday sweetheart, I pray that help Shall locate you, help from heaven and help from man. I Shall never morn over you this year. Thanks for being an awesome sweetie. Happy birthday once again, dearie!
  5. You’ve invoked in me your awe of sweetness, I can’t deny it because it’s obvious. Happy birthday, honey mo! May you never lose your wonder and essence, I pray that doors of opportunities be open unto you from now on. You’ll be favoured in every area of your life. I adore you dear and I love you!
  6. Friendship was best defined to me since the day I met you! You’re awesome and loved my dear friend. It’s our birthday today (PS: my bestie’s day is also my day) and It’s my joy today that you shall be prosperous in all your endeavours, may you never be a castaway all the days of your life. Happy birthday, sugar.
  7. Getting you a birthday cake, Ice cream and a big birthday gift cannot match your worth in my life girlfriend. I pray your new age help you find love, may the spirit of excellence descend on you, you shall continue to be a blessing to everyone around you. Happy birthday, bestie. I love you to the moon and back.
  8. One reason I love this month is because it’s my bestie’s birthday and today is the day that the Lord has made! Happy birthday sugar pie, I pray that the blessings of the Lord continue to follow you, you Shall dig and find water. God bless you and keep you, dear. Enjoy your day honey!
  9. Hurray!! My best half is a year older today, my sweet girl and boo. I pray that the Lord grant all your silent prayers; you shall receive grace to do exploits as goodness and mercy shall follow you from now till forever. Thank you for being the best friend ever. I love you, darling!
  10. I am not the first person to greet you happy birthday, but you sure know that your birthday is as important to me as my birthday, happy birthday to my bestie and my love, may God continue to bless you and keep you, you shall never wander in a barren land. You’ll continue to be fruitful as you grow older. Enjoy your day, dear one. You’re Cherished.
  11. Hey birthday girl! I can’t keep calm on your special day, it’s doing me like to teleport to your side. Irrespective, it’s my heart desire that your day brings you more happiness and joy. Your destiny will never be cut short on planet Earth. I love you so much. Happy birthday to you once again!
  12. Somebody so special to me, that’s who you are. A man so dear to my heart and a soul I cherish, that’s what you are. Happy birthday, best friend, Grace and peace be multiplied onto you as you grow older today. You’ll draw from the well of prosperity and honour. Have fun dear. I adore you.
  13. I’ve decided to share stick sweet to everyone I meet today because it’s your birthday today, the stick sweet might not get to you though but happy birthday to my ever-smiling bestie. You’ll never lose your smile and sweetness. Enjoy your day to the fullest. I’ve got you covered.
  14. Gee! You are getting old oo, but then, happy birthday to you man! My partner in crime. I pray that your new age brings you into more season of prosperity and success. God bless you, dear! Enjoy your day.
  15. Ever since I’ve met you, you brought nothing but sweetness to my life, and its never too much if I send you best of wishes dear, so I pray that your new year is filled with sweetness and happiness. It shall be the best year ever for you and everyone around you. Keep basking in God’s glory dear. Happy happy birthday to you.
  16. Your success is one thing I’ll always pray for each time you celebrate your happy day. May you always find success without so much stress and hurdles. Happy birthday to you dearest friend.
  17. I pray that your heart is filled with so much strength and peace, may you never be too weary and weak to pursue after your dreams. Happy birthday to you dear friend.
  18. Hurray! Bestie is plus one today, I pray that her day brings her so much joy and happiness, peace and love. Have fun baby girl, you’re loved.
  19. Oya clear road for my sugar pie, it’s her birthday, thank you for being an awesome babe! I pray that your destiny in Life shall never be cut short, you shall continue to dig and find water without stress. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  20. This new year I pray that the heavens beautify your life with heavenly substances that you can’t comprehend. Happy birthday best friend. I love you!
  21. I pray that the Lord shower your new season with so much wisdom, knowledge and understanding, you shall experience a great dept of mercy and favour this new year. Happy birthday Bestest bestie.
  22. Hurray! Somebody’s getting older, better and smarter. Happy birthday sugar pie, bestie and honey, you shall continue to prosper as you journey in life, your destiny is secured. Have fun dear, you’re great!
  23. 23. Hey buddy! May this New year be your best year ever as the Lord will answer all your heart desires. Cheers to a great year, honey. With love from Moi.
  24. Happy birthday best friend, thank you for being awesome all these while, keep basking in God’s grace and mercy. You’re kept by the power of God. Have fun babes!
  25. Dear bestie, may your new year fill you with unending joy and happiness. God bless you, sweety! I know you know that love you so so much. Enjoy your day dear!
  26. Thank you for adding so much joy to my life, may your New year grant all your heart desires in multiple folds. Happy birthday, sugar!
  27. Birthdays are special moments to celebrate special people, may God continue to make your life a special testimony from today and forever. Enjoy your day dearest, Cheers!
  28. Cheers to a special friend who’s plus one today, may you continue to be the apple of God’s eyes. Congratulations dear. Happy birthday!
  29. May your New year be filled with unmerited favour bestie. May your life forever be decorated with happiness and joy. Cheers to your new year love! Happy birthday.
  30. As you step into your new year dear friend, may all unanswered prayers of the previous years be fulfilled and then, be poured into a bottle to be showered on you as a heavenly birthday gift. Happy birthday, sugar!
  31. Hurray!!! My honey bunny is a year older today, I pray that you shall continue to be prosperous in all your endeavours. God bless you and keep you, dear. Cheers to the best year ever!
  32. This new year, I pray that the peace of God Almighty take over your heart and make you perfect without worries and fears. Happy birthday, sweetheart! You’re a blessing to me.
  33. You deserve the heavens coming down from above to bless you with unsearchable riches and Joy. Happy birthday best friend. I hope you know how much I love you?
  34. It’s my heart desire for you this new year that you Shall not only live but thrive on planet Earth. Your labour shall be rewarded with prosperity and success. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart!
  35. I pray that this your new year makes you exceedingly fruitful and sweet like a berry in its season. Happy birthday special friend. I love you!
  36. It’s definitely not a big deal if I request from heaven, showers of blessing and honour for a special friend like you. Happy birthday, sugar! I love you to the moon and back!
  37. I pray that in this your new year, may you continue to grow in more wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, peace and Joy. Happy birthday, bestie.
  38. May you be Soo encompassed with unending joy and happiness in this new season. God bless your new age with more strength. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  39. May you forever be Happy as you celebrate your birthday today, you shall know no sorrow and sadness. Happy birthday to you dear!
  40. I pray you this new year, that your steps be aligned unto greatness, peace and joy. The Joy of the Lord will continue to be your strength. I love you so much bestie. Happy birthday to you!
  41. The Lord will lift the light of His countenance and give you peace from now till forever. Happy new age to you dear friend.
  42. I pray that the Lord God Almighty make you beautiful from the inside you. Your life will be a blessing to the world. I adore your strength and courage dear. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  43. Unmerited favour, unending peace and undeserved blessings us what I pray for you as you begin your new year. God bless your new age honey.
  44. May your joy never be cut short, your destiny will not be truncated and your purpose in life shall be achieved. Happy birthday happy child. You’re blessed!
  45. Distance wouldn’t stop me from wishing the best of my friends happy birthday, happy birthday gee, more money, more funds and more happiness to your new age. Have fun!
  46. It’s my heart desire that this new year, you become the apple of God’s eyes, the joy in His heart and the twinkle on the stars on His crown. Happy new year sweetie.
  47. The joy of the Lord will continue to be your strength, the peace of the Almighty will be your companion. God bless you and keep you this new year. Happy birthday, dearest.
  48. I pray that God shines his marvellous light on your path as you grow older today, you shall never wander in darkness. Happy happy birthday to you.
  49. I pray that the good shepherd, continue to direct your path unto greener pasture and also to greatness. You’re blessed beyond description. Happy birthday.
  50. I pray that the Lord strengthen you with strength and power in all your weaknesses. I adore you, dear. Happy birthday happy child.
  51. May the Arms of the Lord be upon you and may His eyes continually watches over you as you add up to your age today Happy birthday sister!

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