30 Road Signs With Names And Meanings Chart Worldwide

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

You’ve probably come across signage whose meaning you couldn’t figure out. Do you want to know the meaning of many triangular traffic signs? We’ve put together these 30 road signs with names and meanings to help you improve your knowledge and stay alert on the road. Continue reading for more information.

Road Signs and Their Meaning Chart

Road Signs With Names And Meanings

1. Stop Sign

Stop signs are designed to let drivers know that they must come to a complete stop.

2. Narrow Bridge Sign

The narrow bridge sign warns drivers that they are approaching a bridge that’s narrower than the current road.

3. Divided Highway Sign

Divided highway signs warn drivers of a divided highway ahead.

4. Road Narrows Sign

The road narrows sign is posted as a warning that the road ahead will be narrower than the current road.

5. Slow Moving Vehicle Sign

Slow moving vehicle signs warn drivers of vehicles they are approaching that can’t go more than 25mph.

6. Slippery Road Sign

The slippery road sign warns drivers they are on a road that’s prone to water and ice which cause a slippery condition.

7. Two Way Traffic Sign

Two way traffic signs mean the driver is on a road with traffic going in both directions.

8. Side Road Sign

The side road sign is a warning sign that indicates there is a side road that enters the highway ahead.

9. No U Turn Sign

A no U-turn sign is posted in areas where it’s illegal to make a 180 degree turn.

10. Men at Work Sign

Men at work signs indicate that there is road work ahead and drivers may need to yield to pedestrian workers.

11. No Passing Zone Sign

A no passing zone sign indicates a stretch of road that is not safe to pass other drivers.

12. No Left Turn Sign

No left turn signs indicate a road that should not be turned into.

13. Winding Road Sign

Winding road signs warn drivers of a curved road ahead.

14. Do Not Enter Sign

Do not enter signs inform drivers of roads that shouldn’t be entered, usually due to oncoming traffic.

15. One Way Sign

A one way sign indicates a road with traffic traveling in a single direction.

16. Pedestrian Crossing Sign

A pedestrian crossing sign warns drivers of potential pedestrians on the road.

17. Railroad Crossing Sign

Railroad crossing signs alert drivers of train tracks ahead.

18. School Crossing Sign

School crossing signs warn drivers of children on the roadway.

19. Merge Sign

The merge sign indicates that two separate roads and merging into one.

20. Interstate Sign

Interstate signs are posted at major intersections to denote the route number and direction. Learn more about the definition, location, and more.

21. Guide Sign

A guide sign provides mileage and directional information for drivers.

22. Do Not Pass Sign

The do not pass sign means it’s illegal to pass another car in the area.

23. Dip Sign

A dip sign indicates there is a low place in the road that you should approach with caution.

24. Deer Crossing Sign

Deer crossing signs warn drivers of areas that are known to have deers frequently crossing the road.

25. Dead End Sign

A dead end sign is posted at the entrance of a road ending in a dead end or cul-de-sac.

26. Crossbuck Sign

A crossbuck sign is posted at railroad crossings, indicating that drivers should yield to trains.

27. Keep Right Sign

Keep right signs indicate there is an obstacle ahead and the driver should keep right.

28. Speed Limit Sign

Speed limit signs set a maximum speed that vehicles must travel.

29. Yield Sign

The yield sign is a regulatory sign. At a yield sign, drivers must slow down and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and vehicles that are approaching from another direction.

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