What Qualities Really Set Winners Apart?

What Qualities Really Set Winners Apart? – You are not a loser when you lose, you are a loser when you fail to try neither are you a winner when you win rather because you took the bold step.

No one would love to be called a loser, besides everyone would love to associate themselves with winners to win to be successful but how many are ready to face the risks too?

Winners aren’t extraordinary creatures or beings who spring up from nowhere then break records, they are just ordinary people who decided never to rest till they had it done and dusted.

In the same manner, losers aren’t those who were breed as urchins, who had no proper education, who never had dreams, who lived in depression, losers aren’t ugly, non-gifted idiots you might imagine. For the records, you might be a loser as far as you are still whimpering in regrets over some mistakes you made instead of seeking means to solve them.

What Qualities Really Set Winners Apart?

What Qualities Really Set Winners Apart?

Qualities are attributes that differentiate a person, objects, goods, buildings, and arts from others.

I’m sure the name Joseph John Thompson rings a bell, he discovered the electron. I’m also sure George Paget Thompson does too, the son of J.J. Thompson recognized for his discovery of the wave properties of the electron by electron diffraction.

Well, does Joan Paget Thompson ring a bell? It may not really. Daughter of J.J Thompson and sister to George Paget yet how come the sight of that name did not ring a bell?

You see all siblings in the same family possess the same trait but there are qualities that set each one apart from the rest. In like manner, there are qualities that distinguish winners from losers. Halt!

A winner isn’t the best athlete that wins at the Olympic nor the best students in the math class nor a failure, that child who can’t speak in the assembly hall. The best athlete could turn out to be a failure.

From the family background above you’d be thinking, Joan Paget probably achieved nothing thus she isn’t recognized but hey George Paget isn’t a winner because he discovered the wave properties.

Different people have different passions and dreams. What if I told you that Joan lived a happier life putting smiles on faces of the poor and needy? Would you consider her a winner even though she isn’t famous for doing that?

I’m not a fan of fame neither do I bear the motion that famous people are the most successful. No, winning or losing isn’t in fame nor wealth, it’s a state of mind.

Qualities That Really Set Winners Apart.

Five qualities or more set winners apart from losers. Believe me, no one is born a looser.

1) Passion.

Zeal and love for a course ignite one’s drive to achieve or be successful in that endeavor. If you’ve got no passion for what you are doing at the moment then it could be one reason you haven’t really excelled. Passion drives to success, causes one to go extra miles for excellence.

2) Love

Didn’t see this coming? Winning isn’t only about your career but also in your daily lives, how you react or socialize with people. That warm act of love could actually set you out as a winner.

3) Discipline

Losers don’t have that virtue of discipline, they aren’t going to try or discipline themselves to succeed because they ain’t got no purpose.

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4) Purpose

Finding your purpose in life could actually give you a whole new reason to live on and a desire to win.

5) Fighting

One common trait in winners is that they don’t stop fighting until they get what they want.

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